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Modern culture : its true aims and requirements, a series of addresses and arguments on the claims of scientific education

Youmans, Edward Livingston, 1821-1887

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London : Macmillan & Co., 1867.

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viii, 423 pages ; 20 cm

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Contents: On the importance of the study of physics, by J. Tyndall. -- On the importance of the study of chemistry as a means of education, by C. G. B. Daubeny. -- On the educational claims of botanical science, by A. Henfrey. -- On the method of studying zoology, by T. H. Huxley. -- On the importance of the study of physiology, by J. Paget. -- On the influence of the history of science upon intellectual education, by W. Whewell. -- Observations on the education of the judgment, by [M.] Faraday. -- On the importance of the study of economic science, by W. B. Hodgson. -- On political education, by H. Spencer. -- On college-education and self-education, by D. Masson. -- Observations on the scientific study of human nature, By E. L. Youmans. -- Appendix [Extracts]



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