The love of divinity and wisdom and its effects on shameful love and indulgence. Engraving after Pietro da Cortona.

  • Pietro, da Cortona, 1597-1669.
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Above centre, a virgin raises a bowl of fire and a volume of sacred scriptures, representing the ardent love of wisdom. A winged youth protects her with an adamantine shield and promises her an immortal bough. Below right, Piety with a golden tripod offers a burnt offering to God; right, Chastity holding a white lily assails Love in its shameless form: a Cupid representing shameful love beats his shameless equivalent with his snatched torch. Bottom left, Silenus, satyrs and maenads, swollen with indulgence and drunkenness, represent gluttony as a companion to lasciviousness


Romae [Rome] (ad templ. S. M. de Pace) : Jo. Jacob. de Rubeis cu(m) priv. S. P.

Physical description

1 print : engraving ; platemark 29.5 x 60.9 cm


Virgo, quae altera manu ignem, altera volumen elevat, divinarum literarum ac Sophiae studium ardens ostendit. Hanc alatus e caelo iuvenis adamantino clipeo protegit, atque immortalem ramum ipsi pollicetur. Comes adest Pietas aureo tripode suffimenta offerens Deo. Castitas candidum lilium praeferens, impudicam Venerem molliter cubantem adoritur, eiusque nutu Pudicus Amor, erepta face, Impudicum verberat. Silenus satiri, ac maenades luxu ac compotationibus distenti ingluviem lasciviae comitem referunt. Eq. Petrus Berettinus Cortonen. pinxit in aula Barberina. Bears number: 2


Wellcome Collection 11595i

Reproduction note

After a fresco by Pietro da Cortona in the ceiling of the Palazzo Barberini, Rome


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