Topics relating to transgender: Partners and people who fancy TGs

c. 1980s-1993
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Dr Dave King: transgender research materials
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Beaumont Society leaflet "Transvestites Partners & Families: Some Questions and Answers"
PJ Huxley, JC Kenna and S Brandon, "Partnership in Transsexualism. Part I. Paired and Nonpaired Groups", "Partnership in Transsexualism. Part II: The Nature of the Partnership", Archives of Sexual Behavior, 10/2, 1981; Thomas N Wise, Carol Dupkin and Jon K Meyer, "Partners of Distressed Transvestites", American Journal of Psychiatry, 138/9, Sep 1981; Ray Blanchard, Peter I Collins, "Men with Sexual Interest in Transvestites, Transsexuals and She-Males", Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 181/9, 1993
Randi C Ettner, "A Workshop Model for the Inclusion and Treatment of the Families of Transsexuals" - Germany Conference, 1995 [XIV Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Symposium, Kloster Iresee Germany: see PP/KIN/E/11]
Photocopy of handwritten essay "Project: Transvestism" for Diploma in Applied Social Sciences


c. 1980s-1993

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