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Typescripts of unpublished papers by speakers at the First International Congress of Social Psychiatry, London, August 1964.

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Typescript reports provisions for the 'Educationally Sub-Normal' compiled by Miss Anne Piper for the Elfrida Rathbone Association as research for 'A Report to the Elfrida Rathbone Association', 1964 in brown labelled envelope.

[1] Covering letter to Dr Joan McMichael from Thelma Leigh, 1965

[2] 'Some Places Visited in England': the report documents provisions for the 'Educationally Sub-Normal' (other than in schools) via youth clubs, young peoples' consultation centres, adult training schools, creches and nurseries etc

[3] 'Short report on a journey to Scandinavia and Holland undertaken for the Elfrida Rathbone Association'.

[4] 'New Projects for ERA to Undertake': includes ideas for a pre-employment centre, special day nurseries etc.

[5] 'A Report to the Elfrida Rathbone Association': contains an overview of ERA's current activities and services, and suggests potential new projects, dated May 1964.

File 2/3

Typescripts of unpublished papers by speakers at the First International Congress of Social Psychiatry, London, August 1964.

[6] Cover sheet "New Approaches to Mental Health" treatment for low income people, prepared for 1st International Congress of Social Psychiatry, London, England, August 1964 and 2 page introduction.

[7] "Le Club Antonin Artaud" in French.

[8] "Social Forces and Patient-Progress in the Psychotheraputic Community" by Alexander Grainick and Frank G. D'Elia.

[9] "Industrial Work as Part of Occupational Therapy" by J.B. Chapman, Shenley Hospital, At Albans.

[10] "Trends in Socio-psychiatric Research in Poland" by K. Gerard, Psychoneurological Institute, Poland.

[11] "The Montefiore Psychiatric Program: A Working Model for a Community Mental Health Centre" by Robert L. Kahn and Seymour Perlin.

[12] "Words That Fail: An Empirical Study of Returns to State Mental Hospitals" by Dorothy Miller and William Dawson.

[13] "Schizophrenia in Two Urban Communities: An Epidemiological Analysis" by H. Warren Dunham.

[14]"An Illustration of Group Sensitivity Training With Psychiatric Inpatients" by Morton Beiser, Paul Wohlford and Martin Lakin.

[15] "What is Schizophrenia?" by R.D. Laing

[16] "Day-care for Psychiatric Patients in a General Hospital" by Bengt Berggren, Christian Rooth and Imre Szecsody.

[17] "Some Indications of Methodological Malaise in Social Pstchiatric Research" by Bruce P. Dohrenwend.

[18] "The Symptoms of Depression - A Crosscultural Survey" by H.B.M. Murphy.

[19] "Some Cases of 'Alienation' in Contemporary Society" by A. Giannelli and P. Morselli.

[20] "An Acute Treatments Ward as a Theraputic Community" by Roselyn B. Riek.

[21] "Present Trends in Psychiatric Treatment: Social Factors" by B.M. Mandelbrote.

[22] "A Social Club for Psychiatric Patients" by Frederik F. Wagner.

[23] "Community Development Through Social Psychiatry" by D.F. Muhich, W.F. Hunter, R.I. Williams, W.G. Swanson and E.J. DeBellis.

[24] "Community Treatment: An Occupational Therapy Service for the Mentally Ill" by Phillis C. A. Cass.

[25] [short document in Russian]

[26] "The Expression of Pathology in an Army Mental Hygiene Clinic" by Arlene K. Daniels.

[27] "The Epidemiology of Behavior Disorders in Children" by Rema Lapouse.

File 3/3

Continued from file 2: Typescripts of unpublished papers by speakers at the First International Congress of Social Psychiatry, London, August 1964.

[28] "The Psychiatric Treatment of Lower-socio-cultural Level Patients in a Union Medical Center. Socio-cultural Influences on Psychotherapeutic Treatability in Lower Social Levels" by N. William Winkelman, Jr.

[29] "Les Descordres Psychiques dans La Societe Tunisienne" booklet by Dr Sleim Ammar in French

[30] Schizophrenia in Trans-cultural Perspective" by Jason Aronson

[31] "Community Variables and the Prevalence of Schizophrenia" by H.B.M Murphy

[32] "Transmission of Psychotic and Neurotic Patterns in the Family" by Yrjo O. Alanen, Kalevi Takala, Juhani K. Rekola, Anneli Stewen and Matti Tuovinen

[33] "Social Considerations Arising from the Incidence of Neurosis and Other Psychiatric Manifestations in Persons with a History of Brain-damage in Earlier Life" by Stephen Krauss

[34] "Psycho-social Replication in Residential Treatment" by Donald A. Bloch

[35] "Concerning Social and Biological in the Etiology of Mental Disturbances" by I.V. Davidovsky and A.V. Snezhnevsky

[36] "Considerations Psychopathologiques et Medico-Legals sur le Problem de la Desertion (Psychopathological and medico-legal considerations on the problem of desertion) by A. Cirrincione and A. Semerari in French

[37a-b] 2 copies of "Home Care for Schizophrenic Patients: A Controlled Study" by Simon Dinitz, Benjamin Pasamanick, Joseph L. Albini, Frank R. Scarpitti and Mark Lefton

[38] "Different Aspects of Social Psychiatry" by E.K. Ledermann

[39] "Analyse phenomenologique d'un cas d'objecteur de conscience (Phenomenological analysis of a case of a conscientious defector)" by A. Cirrincione and A. Semerari

[40] "Phenomenologie des delires de reference sensitif en milieu militaire (Phenomenology of sensitive delusional states in the military environment)" by A. Cirrincione and A. Guerra in French



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Given to the library at Wellcome Collection by Mr Jonathan Carritt, October 2012.

Biographical note

Papers collected by Dr Joan McMichael, former Medical Officer of Health, campaigner for better housing and conditions for working people, and founder of Medical Aid for Vietnam.

Joan McMichael (nee MacPerson) was born in India on 8 February 1906. She attended Edinburgh University as one of the first women to study medicine there and graduated as a doctor in 1929. Her political views radicalised around 1926 when she became aware of the police physically assaulting people on the general strike, and later joined the Labour Party before joining the Communist Party in 1936. Later she became leader of the post-war squatters' movement.

Following her work involved in medical aid (initially during the Spanish Civil War and for China) McMichael became Medical Officer for Health for West London during WW2. Here, she was noted for her dedication to occupation health, children and workers' health rights and the mass X-ray screening for TB in Britain. After the war, she became Medical Officer of Health for London County Council and worked with children with disabilities in Fulham and Hammersmith and wrote a book on the subject.

Returning to medical aid, McMichael set up Medical Aid for Vietnam in 1965 and lived there until she died dedicated to the cause of peace - she raised some £2.5 million to send drugs and blood donations from Britain. McMichael used her expertise and experience to write a book on solutions to health problems in countries such as Vietnam. Joan died on August 6th 1989.

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