Henry Wellcome v William Wilson: various loose papers

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Numerous loose papers, including:
copy Statement by Olive Chase Burroughs, confirming the registration of "Tabloid";
"Notes for Counsel";
list of journals advertising Tabloid products (1893-1902);
list of military campaigns and expeditions supplied with Tabloid products ("History Relic Cases"); copy "Statement and Declaration of Trade Mark No. 11,993, registered March 10, 1885" ("Tabloid" registration in USA);
details of advertisements including the term "Tabloid" in various American trade journals;
example of a printed circular for "Rheum Tabuloids" as sold by William Wilson;
printed leaflet: "Notes on History of Compressed Goods and Trade Marks and Titles applied to them" (no date - uses the term "the Plaintiffs" to refer to BW&Co, suggesting the leaflet was produced as a generic litigation resource);
typed extracts from The Lancet and British Medical Journal in which the word "Tabloid" is used.



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