History of Child-rearing: Notes and abstracts

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Deirdre LeFaye had been the research assistant of Dr Hugh Jolly (see GC/143) from 1975 until his death in 1986, and this collection represents material gathered by her for his projected history of child-rearing (babies/infants from birth to age five), primarily in the European/English-speaking world, with some ethnographic material for comparison. It includes extensive notes on books (advice on child-rearing, memoirs, biographies, works of social history) and abstracts from them, newspaper and magazine articles, some correspondence and interview transcripts. The material had been gathered into numbered lever-arch files representing periods of five years (except the 1960s, where a single file covered the whole decade, and the final file, which covers the period 1975-1983), each of which included a numbered list of the contents, followed by three files containing ethnological material arranged topographically and numbered in a single sequence. There is also a card index. Material has been refiled in acid-free folders. Unfortunately, the first 17 files of the chronological sequence were given to the British Paediatric Association in 1992 and it has not proved possible to ascertain what became of them



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Given to the CMAC in September 1998, by Deirdre LeFaye, formerly the research assistant of Dr Hugh Jolly

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