Sixteen unnumbered lectures, often also without title

c. 1780
Part of:
Cullen's Lectures on the Practice of Medicine
  • Archives and manuscripts

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Their subjects are as follows:

Inflammations, Nephritis (fo. 68-76);

Inflammations (fo. 76-81);

Erysipelas (fo. 81-87);

the same (fo. 87-95);

Rheumatism (fo. 95-102);

the same (fo. 102-109);

the same (fo. 109-117);

Hæmorrhagie, Epistaxis (fo. 117-126);

Hæmoptysis (fo. 126-134);

the same (fo. 134-142);

the same, and Hæmotemesis (fo. 147-151);

Menorrhagia (fo. 155-159);

the same (fo. 159-166);

Hæmorrhois (fo. 166-174);

Hæmoturia (fo. 174-182);

Epidemics: Varriola (fo. 182-191);

Ringworm (fo. 191-204).

The last is unfinished and part of folio 204 recto and the whole of the verso, left blank.


c. 1780

Physical description

fo. 68-204

Finding aids

Described in: Warren R. Dawson, Manuscripta medica. A descriptive catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of the Medical Society of London (London, 1932).

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