Jamblichus De mysteriis Ægyptiorum, Chaldæorum, Assyriorum. Proclus in Platonicum Alcibiadem de anima atque dæmone. Idem de sacrificio et magia. Porphyrius de divinis atque dæmonibus. Psellus de dæmonibus. Mercurii Trismegisti Pimander. Ejusdem Asclepius / [Translated from the Greek by M. Ficino].

  • Iamblichus, approximately 250-approximately 330.
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Also known as

De mysteriis. Latin


Lugduni : Apud Joan. Tornaesium, 1577.

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543 pages ; (16mo)


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"Marsilius Ficinus ... se commendat": p. 3
Signatures: a-z⁸, A-L⁸.
Copy 1. Supplier/Donor: Med. Soc. Lond. This book was formerly part of the collection of the Medical Society of London, which was deposited for safekeeping in the Wellcome Library in 1964. It was eventually purchased by the Wellcome Trust in 1984, with assistance from the National Heritage Memorial Fund and other charities.

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