Report by E G Clayton FCS on Kepler cod-liver oil and malt extract

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Report (manuscript) of E. G. Clayton, F.C.S, Member of the Society of Public Analysts, on Kepler cod liver oil and malt extract. Dated 16 May, 1885. Report on headed paper, Chemical Laboratory, 54 Holborn Viaduct, London. The file also contains 3 enlargements on card of micro-photographs of emulsions.

Report begins: "Gentlemen, I now have the pleasure of sending you an account of some observations made, & experiments carried out, in the course of an investigation, the object of which has been to ascertain, if possible, the real state of admixture of the ingredients...." The report concludes that "the mixture of cod liver oil & malt extract is not an emulsion...but that its constituents are in a condition of more intimate admixture, viz., that of solution." Clayton then qualifies his conclusion by the suggestion that the "solution" might be "conveniently described as a semi-solution."



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1 file 3 x micro-photographs on card (each 270 x 210mm). Plus 1 double sheet folded (small tear to central fold-line).

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