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Papers on Abortion

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42. K Hindell, M Simms: How the Abortion Lobby Worked.

43. 1972 EJM Hopkins, S Solomon: Abortion in a General Practice the Fourth Baby Syndrome.

44. 1972 A Hordern: Legal Abortion - The Act and its Effects, Part I.

45. Vera Houghton: Medical Termination of Pregnancy Bill.

46. 1968 L Huldt: Outcome of Pregnancy when Legal Abortion is Readily Available.

47. 1974 MGR Hull, C Garda, RW Beard: The Organisation and Results of a Pregnancy Termination Service in a NHS Hospital.

48. 1972 C Ingham, M Simms: Study of Applicants for Abortion at the Royal Northern Hospital, London.

49. 1971 I M Ingram: Abortion Games: an Inquiry into the Working of the Act.

50. 1971 W H James: The Incidence of Illegal Abortion.

51. 1953 Alice Jenkins: The Abortion Situation in England.

52. 1973 F D Johnstone, L Vincent: Factors Affecting Gestational Age at Termination of Pregnancy.

53. 1973 A P Jones, M R Grimoldby: Abortion Act in Somerset.

54. 1949 L A Kaprio, M Rouhunkoski: On the Marriage Guidance Clinics in Finland.

55. Harvey Karman: The Paramedic Abortionist.

56. 1970 John Kemp: Implication for the Family.

57. 1967 D Kerslake and D Casey: Abortion Induced by Means of the Uterine Aspirator.

58. 1974 F Lafitte: This matter of Breeding.

59. 1972 F Lafitte: Abortion in Britain Today.

60. S Lal, S C Lewis, E L Belsey, H S Greer, R W Beard: Contraceptive Practice before and after outpatient Termination of Pregnancy.



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