An extended condom that has been tested with virus-infected fluid with a message that condoms can prevent AIDS; advertisement by HERO, Health Education Resource Organisation, Baltimore. Lithograph by Jeff McElhaney, David Foote and Allan Sprecher, 1986.

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Baltimore : HERO, 1986 (U.S.A. : Allan Sprecher)

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1 print : lithograph ; sheet 35.5 x 27.8 cm


Stops transmission-fluid leaks. Recently, top researchers filled condoms with AIDS virus-infected fluid and subjected them to pressure tests for three weeks. No virus leaked through. The fact of life here: Wearing condoms stops AIDS from spreading So try out this newfound bit of carnal knowledge: Using a condom can save your life. Use condoms. There's living proof that they stop AIDS. HERO Health Education Resource Organization. © 1986. Created by: Jeff McElhaney/writer David Foote/print production Allan Sprecher/Photography for HERO. Bears logo: HERO, Health Education Resource Organisation Includes telephone numbers

Copyright note

Jeff McElhaney David Foote Allan Sprecher Health Education Resource Organisation © 1986 1986 Created by: Jeff McElhaney/writer David Foote/print production Allan Sprecher 28/08/2008 USA UkLW Transcription from the item


Wellcome Collection 667921i



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