Elizabeth Hodgkin (née Howard) (1803-1836)

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Index to writers of letters held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

Herbersky, Vincent: PP/HO/L/ B:39

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Howard]: PP/HO/L/A29, A68-A197, A222-A224, B1

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/L/A87, A146

Hodgkin, John, senior [1766-1845]: PP/HO/L/A113

Howard, Ann E.: PP/HO/L/A217

Howard, Elizabeth [sister of Luke]: PP/HO/L/A211, A220-A221

Howard, John Eliot: PP/HO/L/A16-17

Howard, Joseph: PP/HO/L/A8, A29, A31, A35

Howard, Luke: PP/HO/L/A1, A10, A36, A50, A59-A59A, A63-A65, A67

Howard, M. [Crewdson ; wife of John Eliot Howard]: PP/HO/L/A38, A52

Howard, Mariabella: PP/HO/L/A6-A9, A11-A14, A18-A28, A30, A32-A34, A36-A37, A39-A49, A51, A53-A58, A59A, A60-A62, A64-A67

Howard, Rachel: PP/HO/L/A12, A27, A65, A69

Howard, Rachel "Robert" [Lloyd]: PP/HO/L/A5, A203, A219

Howard, Robert: PP/HO/L/A2-A4, A15

Kilham, Hannah: PP/HO/L/A200-A202, A205, A209

Lay, A.: PP/HO/L/A199

Rowntree, H.: PP/HO/L/A212

Society of Friends: PP/HO/L/ B:1

Steinkopff, Anne: PP/HO/L/A204, A207-A208, A210, A213-A216, A218

Stephenson, Deborah: PP/HO/L/A206

Index to writers of letters held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

Allan, ?, Mr.: PP/HO/L/B3

Baker & Dimond: PP/HO/L/B35

Bianchini, Joseph: PP/HO/L/B45

Bonola, Pietro: PP/HO/L/B4

Bracciano, ?, Duchess of: PP/HO/L/B7

Bracciano, ?, Duke of: PP/HO/L/B5-B6

Brunelli, A.: PP/HO/L/B8

Byerley, S.: PP/HO/L/B9

Ciceri, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/L/B10

Coster, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/L/B11

Crawford, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/L/B12

Crescimbeni, Giulio: PP/HO/L/B13

Dachenhausen, H., Baron: PP/HO/L/B14

Dionizi, Marianna: PP/HO/L/B15

Dusgate, Robert: PP/HO/L/B16

Egerton, C.C.: PP/HO/L/B17

Etter, Baron de: PP/HO/L/B18

Farrar, William: PP/HO/L/B19

Finch, ?: PP/HO/L/B20

Gazzeri, Giuseppe: PP/HO/L/B38

Graham, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/L/B21

Grottanelli, Dr.: PP/HO/L/B30

Hauff, Guillaume Auguste: PP/HO/L/B22

Herberski, Vincent: PP/HO/L/B39

HM Government: PP/HO/L/B1. See also Hope.

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Howard]: PP/HO/L/A1-A67, A199-A221

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Rickman]: PP/HO/L/A84, A87-A89, A97, A101

Hodgkin, John Eliot: PP/HO/L/A35, A54

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/L/A10, A36, A50, A64, A85, A110, A124

Hodgkin, John, senior: PP/HO/L/A76, A87, A89, A107, A111, A125, A127-A128

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/L/A35, A126

Hodgkin, Thomas, MD: PP/HO/L/A86, B3-B45

Holst, Frederick: PP/HO/L/B39

Howard, John Eliot: PP/HO/L/A68-A75, A77-A80, A82-A83, A118, A129-A130

Howard, Joseph: PP/HO/L/A81

Howard, Luke: PP/HO/L/A90, A98, A102-A105, A108-A109, A113, A116, A131

Howard, Maria (née Crewdson): PP/HO/L/A100, A115

Howard, Mariabella: PP/HO/L/A91-A96, A99, A106, A112, A114, A117, A119-A123, A146

Howard, Rachel "Robert" [Lloyd]: PP/HO/L/A1-A3, A8, A132-A197, A200

Howard, Robert: PP/HO/L/A29

Humboldt, Alexander, Baron: PP/HO/L/B24

Jackson, M.: PP/HO/L/B25

May, George, Reverend: PP/HO/L/B26

Millingen, ?: PP/HO/L/B27

Nisbett, ?, Major: PP/HO/L/B33

Orell, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/L/B40

Perey, L.: PP/HO/L/B28-B29

Richard, R.: PP/HO/L/B30

Richi, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/L/B4

Rickman, Josephina: PP/HO/L/A224

Rönner, ?, Baron de: PP/HO/L/B41

Savenko, Petrus: PP/HO/L/B39

Schielin, Henry: PP/HO/L/B42

Sheil, John Barclay: PP/HO/L/B31

Shew, T.: PP/HO/L/B32

Stephenson, Ann: PP/HO/L/A222-A223

Tredennick, William: PP/HO/L/B33

Walsh, Joseph: PP/HO/L/B34

Walton, ?: PP/HO/L/B35

Were, Joseph: PP/HO/L/B36

Wilkinson, J.: PP/HO/L/B37

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Correspondents in the collection's many letters are indexed at section level in the catalogue. Readers are advised to consult indices here, make a note of where relevant individuals occur and then navigate to the file or volume that includes the number cited there. Similarly, if a search for a particular name yields a hit in this section-level index then make a note of the relevant reference and navigate to it. Copies of the original typescript catalogue for the collection, which includes a single overall index, is available.

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