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Retrovir - includes information on AZT - WF/M/PL/028 and ZIDOVUDINE - WF/M/PL/431. Indicated for the management of serious manifestations of Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections in patients with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or AIDS related complex (ARC).

Folder's 1-3 includes Retrovir product monograph's; Group Marketing 1991, May 1988, July 1988 March 1987, June 1987, April 1990.

Folder 4. includes dated material bundled into years. Information includes data sheet ; 1987;1988;

Folder 5 includes material from 1989; 1990;1991;1992. Information includes booklets.

Folder 6 includes training manual and the Retrovir story by B.W. & CO. People.

Folder 7 includes extracts from Publications; Abstracts; "Dear Doctor" letters; award of Distinction given to Wellcome re. fight against HIV, 1994 and some photocopies.

Folder 8 includes undated material.

Folder 9 Retrovir Basic Bibliography and floppy disc interactive database, 1992. (removed for digital curation)



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