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Experimental Physiology was first published in 1908 as The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology and Cognate Medical Sciences, a name it retained until 1990. The Physiological Society acquired this journal in 1980 and the first issue under its ownership was published in January 1981.

Experimental Physiology is now published monthly online and bimonthly in print. It publishes original research articles in most areas of physiology and papers are expected to embrace the journal's orientation of translation and integration. They are required to deal with both physiological and pathophysiological questions that investigate gene/protein function using molecular, cellular and whole animal approaches. In addition pertinent methodological papers are encouraged, as are manuscripts that use computational models to further our understanding of physiological processes.

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SA/PHY/F/8 also contains information about the The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology/ Experimental Physiology, and in particular, dealings with Cambridge University Press (CUP).

The papers of E. Sharpey-Schafer (PP/ESS/E.6-7) include correspondence about the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology, 1919-1934.


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