Thomas Hodgkin DCL (1831-1913), also known as Thomas Hodgkin junior, and his family

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Within the Hodgkin papers: see also PP/HO/J for more material relating to the children of Thomas Hodgkin DCL.


Index to writers of letters held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

Abbot, Charles, 1st Baron Colchester: PP/HO/G/A310

Adams, George B.: PP/HO/G/A260

Airy, George Biddell: PP/HO/G/A311

Alford, Henry: PP/HO/G/A312

Allan, Henry Havelock, Sir: PP/HO/G/A227

Anglas, Boissy d': PP/HO/G/A313

Ashley-Cooper, Anthony, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury: PP/HO/G/A314-A315

Azy, Benoist d': PP/HO/G/A316

Backhouse, Edmund: PP/HO/G/A47, A49-A50, A61-A62, A80, A101, A115, A128

Ball, Robert S.: PP/HO/G/A242

Ball, William: PP/HO/G/A81

Balzani, Ugo: PP/HO/G/A171

Barclay, Robert: PP/HO/G/A108-A109

Baring, Francis Thornhill, Sir, 1st Baron Northbrook: PP/HO/G/A317

Barlow, Thomas, Sir: PP/HO/G/A253,A259

Barnes, Reginald H.: PP/HO/G/A142, A464, A489

Barnett, Robert: PP/HO/G/A100, A110-A111, A308-A309

Baynes, Thomas S.: PP/HO/G/A137

Beal, S.: PP/HO/G/A139

Beeching, H.C.: PP/HO/G/A224, A281, A285

Bennet, Charles Augustus, 6th Earl of Tankerville: PP/HO/G/A219, A229

Bennet, Olivia Montagu, Lady Tankerville: PP/HO/G/A505

Birrell, C.M.: PP/HO/G/A318

Blind, Karl: PP/HO/G/A319-A320

Bonomi, J.: PP/HO/G/A321

Bowring, John: PP/HO/G/A322-A323

Boyle, Courtenay, Sir: PP/HO/G/A233

Bradley, G.G.: PP/HO/G/A145, A225, A286-A287, A324

Braithwaite, J., junior: PP/HO/G/A114, A307

Braithwaite?, William: PP/HO/G/A327

Bright, John: PP/HO/G/A325

British Association for the Advancement of Science: PP/HO/G/A131, A326

Brodrick, George C.: PP/HO/G/A169,A209

Brown, J.: PP/HO/G/A326

Bruce, Gainsford: PP/HO/G/A211-A212, A215-A216

Bryce, James: PP/HO/G/A263, A270, A465, A487

Budge, E.A. Wallis: PP/HO/G/A205

Burt, Thomas: PP/HO/G/A195

Burton, E.: PP/HO/G/A328

Bury, J.B.: PP/HO/G/A180A-B, A191, A243, A266

Butcher, Charles H.: PP/HO/G/A466

Butler, H. Montagu: PP/HO/G/A231

Butler, Josephine G.: PP/HO/G/A479, A481-A483, A490-A491

Buxton, Thomas Fowell, Sir [3rd Baronet]: PP/HO/G/A234

Cailech?, H. Montagu: PP/HO/G/A329

Caird, E.: PP/HO/G/A330

Cairns, ?, Earl of Cairns: PP/HO/G/A331

Cavendish, Spencer Compton, 8th Duke of Devonshire: PP/HO/G/A332

Cecil, Hugh: PP/HO/G/A245-A246, A333-A334

Challoner, John: PP/HO/G/A335

Chalmers, John: PP/HO/G/A336

Chamberlain, J.: PP/HO/G/A148, A172, A198, A218

Charles, Elizabeth: PP/HO/G/A337

Church, R.W., Dean of St Paul's: PP/HO/G/A160, A168, A173

Cobden, Richard: PP/HO/G/A325

Cockburn, G.: PP/HO/G/A338

Collier, Robert, 2nd Baron Monkswell: PP/HO/G/A274, A485

Collin, ?: PP/HO/G/A339

Collin, ?J.V.: PP/HO/G/A133

Conybeare, William Daniel: PP/HO/G/A340

Conze, ?: PP/HO/G/A153-A154

Craig, Isa: PP/HO/G/A341

Creighton, Mandell, Bishop of Peterborough, Bishop of London: PP/HO/G/A220, A222

Cumming, Constance F. Gordon: PP/HO/G/A475

Cunningham, William: PP/HO/G/A185

Dale and Company (South Shields Bank): PP/HO/G/A73

Darwin, Leonard: PP/HO/G/A258

Davidson, G.?N.: PP/HO/G/A492

Davy, J.: PP/HO/G/A342

Delondre, Augustin: PP/HO/G/A343

Denison, ?, Archdeacon: PP/HO/G/A344

Dent?, W.: PP/HO/G/A174-A176

Dick?, A.V.: PP/HO/G/A271

Donaldson, J.W.: PP/HO/G/A288

Drummond, Henry: PP/HO/G/A345

Dumas, C., General: PP/HO/G/A346

Dyer, Louis: PP/HO/G/A250, A261

Edwards, Amelia B.: PP/HO/G/A188, A468-A469

Elliot, Arthur: PP/HO/G/A347

Evans, John: PP/HO/G/A217

Farrer, Thomas Henry, 1st Baron Farrer: PP/HO/G/A221, A223

Faure, ?, Abbé: PP/HO/G/A348-A349

Fawcett, Millicent, Dame: PP/HO/G/A493

Firth, C.H.: PP/HO/G/A273

Fisher, Hubert: PP/HO/G/A289

Fogazzaro, Antonio: PP/HO/G/A350

Forster, H.D. Arnold: PP/HO/G/A351

Forster, Josiah: PP/HO/G/A352

Forster, William Edward: PP/HO/G/A353

Foster, J.: PP/HO/G/A83, A102, A106

Freeman, Edward A.: PP/HO/G/A354

Freemantle, W.H.: PP/HO/G/A237-A240

Freeney, Edward A.: PP/HO/G/A140

Froude, J.A.: PP/HO/G/A161-A162

Fry, Edward: PP/HO/G/A484

Fry, Mariabella [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/G/A4, B2

Gardiner, Henry: PP/HO/G/A355-A356

Gardner, Alice: PP/HO/G/A213

Garrett, Charles: PP/HO/G/A357

Gavazzi, Alessandro: PP/HO/G/A358

Geddes, William D., Sir: PP/HO/G/A200, A204

Gemmellaro, Mario: PP/HO/G/B10

Giffard, Hardinge Stanley, 1st Earl of Halsbury: PP/HO/G/A359

Gillett, Charles: PP/HO/G/A79

Gladstone, W.: PP/HO/G/A360

Goddard, D.H.: PP/HO/G/A78

Goodwin, Harvey, Bishop of Carlisle: PP/HO/G/A170

Gordon-Lennox, Charles, 5th Duke of Richmond: PP/HO/G/A361

Goschen, George Joachim, 1st Viscount Goschen: PP/HO/G/A252

Graham, James R.G., Sir: PP/HO/G/A362

Greenwell, Dora: PP/HO/G/A494-A496

Greenwell, W.: PP/HO/G/A179-A180

Grey, Albert Henry George, 4th Baron Grey: PP/HO/G/A248

Grey, Edward, Sir, 1st Viscount Grey: PP/HO/G/A282, A284, A363, A474

Grey, George, Sir: PP/HO/G/A364

Grey, Henry George, 3rd Baron Grey: PP/HO/G/A210

Gurney, Henry Edmund: PP/HO/G/A80

Gurney, Joseph John: PP/HO/G/A365

Guthrie, Thomas: PP/HO/G/A366

Gutzloff, Ch., Dr.: PP/HO/G/A367

Hack, Maria: PP/HO/G/A368

Hales, John W.: PP/HO/G/A292

Hall, Anna Maria: PP/HO/G/A369

Hall, Robert: PP/HO/G/A370

Halliwell, J.O.: PP/HO/G/A293

Harrison, Jane: PP/HO/G/A497

Hemans, Felicia: PP/HO/G/A371

Herbert, Auberon: PP/HO/G/A159, A498

Herschel, A.S.: PP/HO/G/A269

Hoare, Joseph: PP/HO/G/A116

Hodgkin, John Eliot: PP/HO/G/A5

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/G/A1, A2, A87

Hodgkin, Jonathan Backhouse: PP/HO/G/B3

Hodgkin, Lucy Anna [Fox]: PP/HO/G/A3, A6?

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/G/A7-A41, A119, A300-A306, B1, B4, B7-B8

Holdsworth, Lucy Violet [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/G/A3

Hornby, Wilfred Burt, Bishop of Nyasaland: PP/HO/G/A193

Horridge, T. Gardner: PP/HO/G/A486

Horsley, Victor: PP/HO/G/A199

Howard, Alfred: PP/HO/G/B6

Howard, George William Frederick, 7th Earl of Carlisle: PP/HO/G/A372-A373

Howard, Luke: PP/HO/G/A43-A45

Howson, ?J.T.: PP/HO/G/A146

Howson, John Saul: PP/HO/G/A374-A375

Hübner, E.: PP/HO/G/A155, A157-A158

Hughes, F.M. Kenny: PP/HO/G/A208

Hutchinson, Jonathan, Sir: PP/HO/G/A236, A241

Huxley, T.H.: PP/HO/G/A376-A378

Ingestre?, ?: PP/HO/G/A456

Ireland, A.H.T.: PP/HO/G/A144

Jacob, Edgar, Bishop of Newcastle, Bishop of St Albans: PP/HO/G/A235, A262, A463, A477

Jex-Blake, Sophia: PP/HO/G/A379

Jex-Blake, T.W.: PP/HO/G/A380

Jukes, Andrew: PP/HO/G/A381

Kater, Henry: PP/HO/G/A382

Kitchin, G.W. , Dean of Durham: PP/HO/G/A226

Lake, W.L.: PP/HO/G/A207

Lambton, F.W.: PP/HO/G/A244

Lasteyrie, Lafayette: PP/HO/G/A382

Lawson, Wilfred, Sir: PP/HO/G/A134

Lee, James Prince, Bishop of Manchester: PP/HO/G/A383

Lefevre, Charles S.: PP/HO/G/A384

Lefevre, John George Shaw: PP/HO/G/A136

Lenthall, Arthur: PP/HO/G/A143

Lightfoot, Joseph Barber, Bishop of Durham: PP/HO/G/A141, A165

Lloyd, Arthur, Bishop of Newcastle: PP/HO/G/A480, A499

Lockwood, John: PP/HO/G/A113

Lubbock, John, Sir: PP/HO/G/A147, A164, A214

Ludwig, Prince Royal of Bavaria: PP/HO/G/A385

Lushington, Stephen: PP/HO/G/A387-A388

Lyell, Charles: PP/HO/G/A389

Macaulay, Z.: PP/HO/G/A390

Mahaffy, John Pentland: PP/HO/G/A391, A500-A501

Maitland, F.W.: PP/HO/G/A393

Markham, Clements: PP/HO/G/A202, A206

Martin, Samuel: PP/HO/G/A393

Martineau, Harriet: PP/HO/G/A394

Martineugo?, ?: PP/HO/G/A254

Maurice, F.D.: PP/HO/G/A502

Mercer, J.E., Bishop of Tasmania: PP/HO/G/A279

Merle, ? de, Dr.: PP/HO/G/A395

Mitford, Mary Russell: PP/HO/G/A396

Moore, Evelyn Stuart, née Vanderbilt: PP/HO/G/A488

Morley, John: PP/HO/G/A178

Müller, George: PP/HO/G/A397

Müller, Max: PP/HO/G/A398

Musgrave, Thomas, Archbishop of York: PP/HO/G/A399

National Association for the Promotion of Social Science: PP/HO/G/A341

Neukomm, Sigismond: PP/HO/G/A400

Opie, Amelia: PP/HO/G/A401-A404

Osborne, Bernard: PP/HO/G/A405

Outram, ?, Colonel: PP/HO/G/A406

Paget, V.: PP/HO/G/A503

Palgrave, Francis, Sir [Public Record Office]: PP/HO/G/A42

Palmer, Roundell, 1st Earl of Selbourne: PP/HO/G/A407

Paton, John G.: PP/HO/G/A408

Pease, John Beaumont: PP/HO/G/A51, A54, A59, A71, A83

Pease, John William: PP/HO/G/A60, A64, A68, A70, A77, A88, A107

Percival, John, Bishop of Hereford: PP/HO/G/A256

Percy, Henry Algernon George, Earl Percy: PP/HO/G/A265

Percy, Henry George, Sir, 7th Duke of Northumberland: PP/HO/G/A182, A190, A228, A232

Phillimore, Walter G.F.: PP/HO/G/A409

Phillpotts, Henry, Bishop of Exeter: PP/HO/G/A410-A411

Plunkett, Horace: PP/HO/G/A255, A476

Ponsonby, William Ashley Webb, 3rd Baron De Mauley: PP/HO/G/A283

Prestwich, J.: PP/HO/G/A412

Priestman, John, junior: PP/HO/G/A48, A52, A55-A57, A63, A65-A66, A92

Prothero, G.W.: PP/HO/G/A183-A184, A264

Pulsford, E.: PP/HO/G/A413-A414

Pusey, E.: PP/HO/G/A415

Ramsey, Robert: PP/HO/G/A112, A119

Rawnsley, J.H.: PP/HO/G/A267

Ricci, Corado: PP/HO/G/A416

Richard, Henry: PP/HO/G/A417

Right-Denes?, G.W.H.: PP/HO/G/A192

Ritchie, Anne, née Thackeray: PP/HO/G/A504

Ritschl, ?, Professor: PP/HO/G/A418

Roberts, George E.: PP/HO/G/A419

Roscoe, H.G.: PP/HO/G/A201

Ross, James: PP/HO/G/A420

Ross, Janet: PP/HO/G/A472, A478

Ross, Janet: PP/HO/G/B41

Rothschild, ?L.: PP/HO/G/A421

Russell, F. Scott: PP/HO/G/A422

Russell, W.H.: PP/HO/G/A423

Ryle, Herbert Edward, Bishop of Worcester: PP/HO/G/A249

Salmon, George: PP/HO/G/A196-A197

Sayce, A.H.: PP/HO/G/A275

Scrivener, F.H.: PP/HO/G/A424

Sinclair, John, Sir: PP/HO/G/A425

Smith, George: PP/HO/G/A461

Smith, J. Taylor, Bishop: PP/HO/G/A426

Smith, Richard: PP/HO/G/A138

Soulsby, Lucy H.M.: PP/HO/G/A427

South Shields Bank: PP/HO/G/A73

Spence, Robert: PP/HO/G/A53, A69, A72, A76, A84-A86, A89-A91, A93-A99, A103-A104, A117-A118, A120-A127, A129-A130

Spottiswoode, William: PP/HO/G/A131

Stanhope, Philip Henry, 5th Earl Stanhope: PP/HO/G/A433

Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn: PP/HO/G/A428

Stanley, Edward Geoffrey, 14th Earl of Derby: PP/HO/G/A429-A430

Stanley, Edward Henry, 15th Earl of Derby: PP/HO/G/A431-A432

Stanley, Edward John: PP/HO/G/A433

Stewart, J.: PP/HO/G/A470-A471

Stubbs, William: PP/HO/G/A151

Sumner, John Bird: PP/HO/G/A434

Swan, Joseph Wilson, Sir: PP/HO/G/A247

Taylor, ?: PP/HO/G/A177

Taylor, Isaac: PP/HO/G/A203

Thompson, Silvester P.: PP/HO/G/A194

Tischendorff, L.F.K. von: PP/HO/G/A435

Tregelles, S. Prideaux: PP/HO/G/A462

Trench, Richard Chenevix, Archbishop of Dublin: PP/HO/G/A436

Trevelyan, G.E.: PP/HO/G/A149, A156, A163, A506

Trevelyan, G.O.: PP/HO/G/A257, A276, A278

Tristram, H.B.: PP/HO/G/A132, A150, A437-A438

Tuke, H.S.: PP/HO/G/A439

Tylor, G.B.: PP/HO/G/A166

Tyndall, John: PP/HO/G/A440-A442

Vernon, William Warren: PP/HO/G/A277

Wade, Thomas, Sir: PP/HO/G/A189

Wallis, N.M.: PP/HO/G/A443

Walsh, Ross Spencer: PP/HO/G/A473

Warburton, John: PP/HO/G/A444

Warren, T.H.: PP/HO/G/A280

Watson, Joseph: PP/HO/G/A58, A67, A75, A87

Westcott, Brooke Foss, Bishop of Durham: PP/HO/G/A181, A230

Whates, M.L.: PP/HO/G/A445

Whewell, W.: PP/HO/G/A446

White, John Campbell, Baron Overtoun: PP/HO/G/A268

Whitworth, C.W.: PP/HO/G/A447

Whitworth, Catherine: PP/HO/G/A448

Whyte, ?: PP/HO/G/A251

Wilkinson, George Howard, Bishop of Truro: PP/HO/G/A187

Wilson, Arthur: PP/HO/G/A467

Wilson, Jacob: PP/HO/G/A152

Wilson, W.C.: PP/HO/G/A449

Wright, W. Aldis: PP/HO/G/A272

Index to writers of letters held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

[Unidentified: Bishop of Carlisle, undated]: PP/HO/G/B36

Alexander, William: PP/HO/G/B20

Baines, R., Reverend: PP/HO/G/A453

Barber, ?, Mrs: PP/HO/G/A345

Beeching, ?: PP/HO/G/A324

Bennet, Olivia, Lady Tankerville: PP/HO/G/A408, A440, A442

Brady, H.B.: PP/HO/G/A376, A419

Bryce, Elizabeth Marion, Lady Bryce: PP/HO/G/B24

Bryce, James, Viscount Bryce: PP/HO/G/B14, B23

Cavendish, Spencer Compton, 8th Duke of Devonshire: PP/HO/G/B13-B14

Chamberlain, Joseph: PP/HO/G/B13, B25

Clayton, J.: PP/HO/G/A301

Creighton, Mandell: PP/HO/G/B21

Croker, T. Crofton: PP/HO/G/A433

Crossfield, ?, Mr.: PP/HO/G/A394

Cullen, ?, Mr.: PP/HO/G/A366

Davies, ?, Miss: PP/HO/G/A341, A447

Davies, Emily: PP/HO/G/A312

Davies, Fanny: PP/HO/G/B26

Dickinson, ?, Mrs.: PP/HO/G/A396

Dodgson, Robert: PP/HO/G/A362

Dyer, Louis: PP/HO/G/B19

Dyne, William: PP/HO/G/A388

Engs, John S.: PP/HO/G/A422

Ewart, W., MP: PP/HO/G/A433

Fay, Edmund: PP/HO/G/A411

Foster, James: PP/HO/G/A308-A309

Fothergill, Eliza: PP/HO/G/A368

Fowler, Mr.: PP/HO/G/A456

Fowler, Robert: PP/HO/G/A429, A431-A432

Fox, A. Lloyd: PP/HO/G/A424

Fox, Alfred: PP/HO/G/A322-A323, A401, A421

Fox, Anna Maria: PP/HO/G/A397

Fox, C.: PP/HO/G/A397

Fox, Howard: PP/HO/G/A317

Fox, Maria: PP/HO/G/A402

Fox, Robert: PP/HO/G/A383

Fox, Robert Were: PP/HO/G/A327, A340

Gascoyne-Cecil, Roger Arthur Talbot, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury: PP/HO/G/B13

Gemellaro, Mario: PP/HO/G/B10

Giddy, Davies: PP/HO/G/A310

Giffard, Hardinge Stanley, 1st Earl of Halsbury: PP/HO/G/B27

Gladstone, William Ewart.: PP/HO/G/B22

Goddard, D.H.: PP/HO/G/A303

Gomez, Alice: PP/HO/G/B26

Green, R.: PP/HO/G/A410

Gresford-Jones, Elizabeth Howard Fox [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/G/A426

Grey, ?, Mrs.: PP/HO/G/A336

Grey, Anna Sophia, Lady: PP/HO/G/B40

Grey, Edward, 1st Viscount Grey: PP/HO/G/B17

Grey, George, Sir: PP/HO/G/B40

Gurney, ?, Mr.: PP/HO/G/A314

Gurney, Eliza P.: PP/HO/G/A346

Hartley, ?, Mrs.: PP/HO/G/A375

Harvey, ?: PP/HO/G/A326

Hodgkin, Ann Backhouse: PP/HO/G/A7

Hodgkin, Elizabeth Haughton: PP/HO/G/A20-A24

Hodgkin, John Eliot: PP/HO/G/A46

Hodgkin, John, senior: PP/HO/G/B28

Hodgkin, Jonathan Backhouse: PP/HO/G/B3

Hodgkin, Lucy Anna [Fox]: PP/HO/G/A8-A10, A12-A19, A25-A41, A157, A461-A505

Hodgkin, Mariabella: PP/HO/G/B2

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/G/A1-A6, A42-A299, B1, B4, B7-B8

Hodgson, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/G/A390

Holdsworth, Lucy Violet [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/G/A7

Howard, Alfred: PP/HO/G/B6

Howard, E., Miss: PP/HO/G/A439

Howson, J.S., Reverend: PP/HO/G/A384

Jacob, Edgar: PP/HO/G/B29

Keyworth, John W.: PP/HO/G/A377, A393, A454

King, ?: PP/HO/G/A391

Latless, ?, Reverend Mr.: PP/HO/G/A335

Lieder, ?, Mrs.: PP/HO/G/A445

Lieder, W., Reverend: PP/HO/G/A406

Lloyd, ?: PP/HO/G/A420

Lloyd, ?, Mrs.: PP/HO/G/A381

Lloyd, Arthur, Bishop of Newcastle: PP/HO/G/B30

Lloyd, H., Reverend: PP/HO/G/A446

Long, J.: PP/HO/G/A316

Magee, ?: PP/HO/G/A450

Maurice, F.D.: PP/HO/G/B31

Merz, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/G/A418

Oliver, ?, Miss: PP/HO/G/A455

Opie, Amelia: PP/HO/G/B32

Pease, ? , Mrs.: PP/HO/G/A363

Pease, John Beaumont: PP/HO/G/A300, A307

Pease, John William: PP/HO/G/A77

Penny, Harrison: PP/HO/G/A407

Percy, Henry George, 7th Duke of Northumberland: PP/HO/G/B16?

Ramsey, Robert: PP/HO/G/A119

Redwood, S.: PP/HO/G/A311

Ross, Janet: PP/HO/G/B41

Russell, John, 1st Earl Russell: PP/HO/G/B33?

Rutherford, V.K.: PP/HO/G/A214

Ryland, ?, Mrs.: PP/HO/G/A370

Salmon, G., Reverend: PP/HO/G/B37-B38

Schuster, ?, Mrs.: PP/HO/G/A400

Seebohm, ?, Mr.: PP/HO/G/A392

Shotton, ?, Mr.: PP/HO/G/A334, A351

Shotton, Sidwell: PP/HO/G/A310, A360, A413-A414

Simpson, ?: PP/HO/G/A399

Smiths, Payne and Company: PP/HO/G/A335

Society of Friends, London: PP/HO/G/A386

Spence, Robert: PP/HO/G/A302, A304, A325

Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn: PP/HO/G/B34-B35

Trench, Edith: PP/HO/G/A436

Tuckett, ?, Miss: PP/HO/G/A448

Tuckett, ?, Mr.: PP/HO/G/A354

Tuckett, ?, Mrs.: PP/HO/G/A337

Tuckett, F.J.: PP/HO/G/A441

Waterhouse, ?: PP/HO/G/A374, A430

Watson, J.: PP/HO/G/A364

Watson, Joseph: PP/HO/G/A87

Watson, Spence, Dr.: PP/HO/G/A319

Wigham, ?, Miss: PP/HO/G/A371

Willans, ?: PP/HO/G/A372

Finding aids

Correspondents in the collection's many letters are indexed at section level in the catalogue. Readers are advised to consult indices here, make a note of where relevant individuals occur and then navigate to the file or volume that includes the number cited there. Similarly, if a search for a particular name yields a hit in this section-level index then make a note of the relevant reference and navigate to it. Copies of the original typescript catalogue for the collection, which includes a single overall index, is available.

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