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Henry Wellcome Letter Book 5

Jan 1899 - Aug 1901
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** The original item is too fragile to be produced. Please order the microfiche version quoting the reference AMS/MF/163 and AMS/MF/164. **

539 pages - all used except 105, 195, 254, 257, 276, 302, 304, 356, 436, 491, which are blank, though some have marks 'bled' from adjoining pages.
The vast majority are typed copy letters.
NB 508 and 509 contain typed copy letters, the originals are very faint. It is not clear when these copies were inserted. Some letters, such as 510 have been overwritten in pencil - again it is not clear when this happened.

Dr Phineas S ABRAHAM, Freemason 470 donation to Mark Benevolent Fund
Moustapha AHMED [Cairo] 513, 514. 513 blanket was to be sent to HSW, it had been stolen. 514 reference for MA who had been HSW's servant in Cairo.
ALABASTINE COMPANY BRITISH LTD, MB Church 270 HSW recommended suppliers of Zinc
ALBANY CLUB 51, 262, 448 enc. subscriptions
AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION 243, 336, 341, 458. 243 to Prof Chas Caspari HSW ack. receipt of certificate of life-membership; 458 Dr HM Whelpley re. Annual meeting; 336 & 341 to GW Kennedy, enc. obituary & photograph of Richard Reynolds.
W ARMSTRONG Jukes Testimonial 294 enc. donation
ARTICLE CLUB 221, 287, 416 enc. subscriptions.
ATLANTIC TRANSPORT CO, Thomas Feild 227 re. print of the Maine.

GA BAKER 372 reference for GB, valet, by HSW
Harry S BALL, Umballa 144 re. possible BW&Co vacancy for HSB's son.
Dr BARNADO'S HOMES 'The National Incorporated Association for the Reclamation of Destitute Waif Children' 386, 478, 495. 386 enc. donation; 478 enc. cheque for Miss Barnado's trip to Cairo; 495 re. Albert Hall Celebration
WL BARRATT 435 handed BW&Co's votes for the London Commercial Travellers' Benevolent Society.
Driver R BASHAM 339 enc. clothes for RB
Rev Lee W BEATTIE 363a enc. tickets for Thanksgiving Banquet
Henry L BEDFORD 307 HL recommended George Thompson for a job at BW&Co
Mrs BIGELOW 192 HJ informed her of HSW's absence
F BLABER 510 enc. cheque
BONIWELL & Co, Estate Agents 285, 297, 311, 346 HSW leased a cottage in Surbiton, to Oct 1900, enc. cheques. Also to Stanley A Martin 349 re. same.
BJ BONNELL 132 re. meeting
Surgeon Captain BRACKERIDGE, Canonbie 473 re. visit to WPRL prior to taking over Gordon College Khartoum
JH BROUGH, Freemason 277, 290 re. Columbia Lodge.
DF BROW 362 enc. list of successful Chemistry students in Dartford UDC.
AK BROWN, Great Yarmouth 323, 327-328, 334, 406 rental of yacht
Dr WL BROWN 71 re. Medical History of Scotland commissioned by HSW.
Dr Lennox BROWNE 380 enc. donation to Central London Throat & Ear Hospital
BULL HOTEL, Mr Russell, Dartford 301 reclaiming unused champagne after dinner.

Mrs M CALHOUN, Nashua, USA 487 ack. letters.
Gaetano CAMPAGNA DU STANAO, Naples 531 HSW complained re. poor packing of vases resulting in damage. Letter copied to Thos Cook 532
Captain Kenneth CAMPBELL, Kumasi 46 HSW asked for examples of local weights and measures from KC's travels, also re. Mounteney.
William CAREY, New York 79 HSW unable to meet FH Lungren, Tabloid entry in the Century Dictionary caused difficulties.
Samuel CARR 1, 56, 73c [ctd LB4] requested appliance for grinding glass stoppered bottle, again; 56 same request, also needed Carr to see why Messrs Johns & Porter, attorneys, had not written to HSW re. a case HSW had lodged with them; 73c thanked - still waiting for grinding appliance.
CARLYLE HOUSE TRUST, GA Lumsden 8, 224. HSW unable to attend meetings.
CECIL HOTEL 277 HSW booked a room for FW Wellcome.
WR CHALMERS, Oban 142, 389 [ctd LB4] Ordered clothes.
Mrs Joseph CHAMBERLAIN 210a Enc. donation to Colonial Nurses Fund
FH CHEESEWRIGHT 108 Enc. No 3 Harp.
CHEMIST & DRUGGIST 146, 189. 146 re. Pelletier-Caventon Monument; 189 thanked for C&D diary.
CHEMIST'S BALL, W Warren or Ernest W Hill 168, 198, 398. Purchased tickets
CHEMISTS' ASSISTANTS' ASSOCIATION, J Fothergill or A Latrielle 72, 155, 252, 431 [ctd LB4] enc. subscriptions.
Winslow CLARKE 5 a friend of Robert Hardie, HSW unable to meet him.
S COHEN & Son 274 enc. cheque.
Robert COLSELL, Freemason 343 enc. votes for RMIG
COLUMBIA LODGE SECRETARY, WJ Spratling [Also one to J Morgan Richards and 2 to Arthur W Chapman re. subscriptions] 23, 25a, 65a, 91, 94, 109, 128, 177, 230, 231, 387, 435. re. Columbia Lodge business, enc. subscriptions. Several refer to the Bayard Fund controversy and HSW's break with the Lodge; NB 94 is indexed as 'Whitefriars Club'. 128 re. possible BW&Co job for WJS's son.
Thos COOK & Sons 456, 468, 476, 493, 517, 538. Mainly re. claim for robberies of cases from Cairo; also 456 re. possible inspection and damage of pastel pictures by customs; 493 re. monkeys HSW bought in Cairo to be sent to Snow Hill.
Thos COOK & Sons Naples, Italy 479, 496, 524, 532, re. purchase and delivery of vases and subsequent damage to items due to poor packing (see also 531).
JW COOPER, Freemason 358 re. Fidelity Jewels
Mrs JE COPE 342 enc. complimentary Saxin, Tabloid Bismuth and Soda Bicarb.
Dr Ward COUSINS, President British Medical Association 55b, 394, 414, 438, 439. 55b re. BW&Co display at Portsmouth BMA meeting 1899; 394 re. meeting; 414 & 438 issue of reprints of BMA article on WCRL.
Frederick J COX, Freemason 220 returned copy of 'Hole Craft & Fellowship of Masonry' (sic).
GT COX, Freemason 355 re. Fidelity Jewels.
John Watson COX 266 congratulations on birth of JC's son.
R Newton CRANE Freemason 3, 38, 165, 441, 449, 450. 3 enc. donation; 38 sent copies of letters re. Bayard Fund controversy and HSW's break with Columbia Lodge; 165 re. membership question; 441 enc. American Society subscription, 449 HSW elected to American Society for further 3 years; 450 re. American Society Victoria Memorial Committee.
CREASEY, SON & PARSLOW 250, 378. Ordered trousers.
CREMER & CO 307, 310, 460. Enc. cheques, ordered shoes.
Miss Caroline CROATE 417 re. Wyeth order.
Senator CULLOM 121 re. presentation of Pocahontas portrait to US Senate
James CURRIE, Education Office Khartoum 474, 486, 516, 520, 521. re. HSW's visit to Cairo, and the subsequent building of Gordon College; also 486 re. visit of Sirdar to London; 520 requested Sudan salt.
F CURRY 411 re. Mr Matthews
William Elroy CURTIS 29, 62. HSW thanked Curtis for arranging a gift from HSW of a portrait to the US Senate; 62 enc. copies of the first English Sunday papers for 'historical interest'.

Marcello DALMAZZO 204 re. MD's wife's death
Senator DANIELS 119 thanked SD for presenting portrait of Pocahontas to the US Senate on behalf of HSW.
Dr Ludwig DARMSTAEDTER 247, 265, 269. re. HSW's visit to Berlin, sent a fountain pen as and autograph of Herbert Spencer as thanks
DARTFORD & DISTRICT CRICKET LEAGUE, Frank Lee 248 HSW accepted position as Vice Chair and enc. a donation.
DARTFORD VOLUNTEERS, Corporal Clarke & Lieut. TL Price 165, 338. Enc. donations
W Urqhart DAVEY 251 enc. cheque
De CASTRO & SONS 147 enc. cheque
WH DENNY 74 purchased tickets for theatre.
JM DENT & CO 175, 188a, 190. Ordered 1070 copies of 'Song of Hiawatha' - Christmas staff gift;
HS DICKENS, High Wycombe 414 re. Kirby Memorial
DIENDORNE HOTEL 498 reserved private dining room.
DIXEY, opticians, Brighton 352, 390 ordered glasses
Sister E DIXON 206 enc. cheque [re. nursing fees]
DIXON, ELKIN & DIXON 250, 509 250 enc. cheque; 509 injunction was to be served upon Dr Brown.
Lawrence D'ORSAY 477 re. Imperial Mansions
Dr J Fr DRYSDALE 40 donation to Kanthack Memorial Fund

EASTMAN PHOTOGRAPHIC CO aka KODAK LTD [ctd LB4] 139a, 187, 287, 387, 400 [v faint], 440,452, 459 re. development of HSW's films many enc. cheques.
ECCENTRIC CHAPTER, WS Hooper [Freemason?] 198 HSW unable to attend meeting.
Benj EDGINGTON 522 3 Egyptian tents to be cleaned.
J Passmore EDWARDS 95-96, 462, 507. 95 HSW unable to attend opening of 'Passmore Edwards Convalescent Home for Railway Men, Herne Bay' asked PE to open the WC&I.; 462 & 507 invited PE to WC&I fete which was accepted.
Benjamin A ELKIN 13, 363b. Enc. catalogue, 363b enc. donation to Actors' Benevolent Fund.
ELKINGTON & CO Birmingham 150 [ctd LB4] re. completion of Stanley Shield and medallion
ELKINGTON & CO, London 3, 219, 246, 248, 411, 454, 497, 533.[ctd LB4] re. Stanley medallions and payment, also 533 re. mislaid Peruvian Gourd.
EMULATION LODGE OF IMP, Joseph Russell, Freemason's Hall 15, 228, 412 enc. cheques re. dinners.
EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY 177, 351, 354, 372 re. policy 250766.
Sister EVA, Her Majesty's Hospital for Sick Waifs, Stepney 489, 499 enc. cost of outing.

SW FAIRCHILD 271, 306. 271 enc. copy corres. re. 'Wilson and Tabloid'; 306 introduced Dr TJ Barnardo
Joao FERREIRA, Funchal 191, 232-233, 317-318, 431, 530, 537. [LB4 ctd] Mainly re. purchase and shipping of furniture from Madeira to England. Also 537 HSW ordered shoes.
FIDELITY LODGE, SK Lovett, 211a, 243, 449 enc. subscriptions, also 211a enc. donation to George Low Fund.
WJ FISHER, Freemason 65 [63 cancelled copy of this], 87, 470. 65 HSW able to attend Savage Club Lodge meeting; 87 enc. donation to masonic fund; 470 [v. faint] donation to Mark Benevolent Fund;
Mrs EJ FLEET [USA?] 393 shipped wedding gift.
Dr A Chune FLETCHER 53, 108, 162, 167, 385, 432, 450, 494, 500. 53 thanked ACF for 2 volumes and formula of Eucaine; 108 renaming of North Surrey Golf Company Ltd to North Surrey Golf Club Ltd; 162 enc. gift - history of Charterhouse; 167 re. Dr Fox's letter; 385 enc. cheque for fees; returned loaned statue; 450 meeting re. April 'Practitioner'; 494 HSW invited ACF to Barnardo's Homes 35 years celebration at the Royal Albert Hall; 500 re. Cairo trip.
J FOAKES, Hairdresser 205 enc. cheque
FOOT & SON 492 repair of HSW's trunk
Noel C FORSYTH, Edinburgh 299 NF to 'work through Halliburton's book' at WPRL.
Hon John W FOSTER 353-354, 359 Thanked JF for gift 'A Century of American Diplomacy' and advised it be sent to prominent papers for review.
Mr FOUNTAIN 483 enc. cheque for umbrellas
Daniel FRASER & CO, Edinburgh 363c, 365, 368 HSW sent rifles to have telescopic sights added.
JM FRESHWATER, Freemason 12, 42. Votes for RMIG
G Taylor FULFORD 269 asked GTF to carry present to JW Cox.

H Bellamy GARDENER, 201 anaesthetist's fee for HSW's operation.
GAVEL CLUB, Henry Pritchard 22, 226, 441 enc. subscriptions, 441 also re. Old King's Arms Chapter.
FL GILL 45, 162, 294. Personal letters, declined an invitation, returned a borrowed coat, sent regrets upon death of FG's mother.
Dr Carlos GIONGO, Milan 385a progress of Milan joint business venture.
EG GOBY, Station Hotel Stables, Sidcup 523, 535, 539. HSW disputed high charge for hired carriage and horses.
Ahmed GOMAH 514 reference for AG, waiter to HSW during Cairo trip.
JF GOODHART 335 HSW confirmed meeting.
GS GRANT & CO 42, 73a, 97a, 136, 187, 216, 285, 296, 321, 366, 369, 406. [ctd LB4] Enc. cheques and called on order of champagne.
Mrs Hugh Reid GRIFFIN 68 ms letter enc. donation
Fils de S Moses GUERSON, Pera, Constantinople 10 enc. cheque

GE HAITE 471 donation to Hogarth House Fund
HALLETT & SON 274 enc. cheque.
Robert Gordon HARDIE, USA 122, 186, 392, 534 [ctd LB4] mainly re. Washington portrait for Freemason Grand Lodge. 186 & 392 congratulations & gift re. RH's wedding.
HART & CO, Boat Builders Surbiton 391 enc. cheque
Dr ZG HARRINGTON 130 re. meeting
EF HARRISON 114, 145, 210, 347. re. WC&I, the first 'Wellcome Club Magazine', the WC&I resolutions and the first lecture meeting.
William HAYES, Dublin 28, 135. 28 apologised for treatment by BW&Co junior staff, 135. enc. donation for Harold's Cross Church Fund.
JH HEAP 89 no current vacancy in BW&Co
Alec B HECTOR, BW&Co Sydney 225, 392. 225 re. staff outing; 392 shipped a wedding gift to AH.
Robert Philip HEILJERS, Heidelberg 113 decline business proposition re. food products.
HERNE HILL BOWLING CLUB, AJ Slade & JA Manson, 253, 386 re. club.
Walter E HESS 370, 371, 374, 375. Engagement of Hess, as travelling valet and servant to HSW, HSW asked the following for a reference 370 HJ O'Brien, 374 Dr TS Wever, Kansas, and 375 Dr MAW Shockley, Kansas.
Aubrey J HILL, Phoenix Mills, Dartford 212, 293 301, 348, 506. Hill took over much of the administration re. Dartford inc. 212 HSW forwarded John Underhill's request for a donation for the Martyr's Memorial Hall and all subsequent local subscriptions to go through A Hill; 293 re. opening bathing to public at Dartford WC&I, relationship with Council; 506, 3 Egyptian tents to be returned to Snow Hill, 3 Egyptian couches to be placed in WC&I Ladies Library Room;
James A HITCHCOCK, Chicago, Freemason 126, 239. Thanked for gift of Garden of Gethsaemane earth; re. Dr H Webster Jones.
W HOFFMAN 388 Refilled WH's medicine case
EH HOLDEN 77 re. meeting, on Markby's advice.
W Stanley HOLLIS, US Consul, Delagoa Bay, South Africa 179-180, 193. re. need for medicines in Pretoria and difficulties in sending parcels to Charles Macrum (CM resigned to be replaced by Adalbert E Hay).
Frederick HOLLYER 11 Enc. cheque for Morris photographs.
EM HOLMES 169, 188. re. opening lecture to WC&I 'Technical section', on plant life.
Robert HOVENDEN, Freemason 50, 363. 50 HSW invited to Emulation Lodge; 363 HSW asked RH to support CJS Thompson's application to become a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.
WH HOWE 55 thanked for copy of 'Korea & Her Neighbours' by Mrs Bishop with its notice of Tabloid Tea.
Mrs HUNT 310, 379 310 enc. cheque; 379 reference for GA Baker

Harold IMRAY, Freemason 357 re. Fidelity Jewels

Dr JAEGER Sanitary Co 99, 432 enc. cheques
JAPAN SOCIETY, Paul Bevan 215, 455 enc. subscription.
SF JELLEY 444 HSW absent.
AJ Mounteney JEPHSON 390, 494. HSW returned books and personal items.
Elias JESSURUN Freemason 43 re. Sudlow Jewel.
AW JOHN, Agra 183 re. AJ's brother's death,
JOHNSON, WALKER & TOLHURST, 503 re. Morocco case.
RF JOWERS, Brighton 401 enc. cheque
T Heath JOYCE 292a [member of Whitefriar's Club] re. Archibald McNeill, refers TJ to an article in the Lancet 18 Feb 1888 by Chune Fletcher.
JUNIOR PHARMACY BALL, Ralph L Cassie 196, 399. Purchased tickets.
PM JUSTICE 220 re. trade mark 51994

KEITH, PROWSE & CO 140, 308. Enc. cheque
KEMYS TYNTE & TEMPLE CRESSING, J Percy Fitzgerald 72, 263 enc. subscriptions
KENNING & SON 444, 502, 508. re. HSW's Savage Club Mark Lodge Jewel.
GB KENT & SONS 24, 25 [ctd LB4] further problem with dressing case.
Imre KIRALFY, Freemason Columbia Lodge & Savage Club Lodge 30, 32, 47, 57, 58, 65b, 73, 111, 343, 453, 472. 30, 32, 57, 58 & 73 re. freemason jewel for Sudlow; 32 & 47 donation for Mark Benevolent Mason fund; 65b re. HSW's ill-health; 111 HSW declined invite to be a founder member of the Empress Mark Lodge; also votes for RMIG & RBI for Aged Freemasons & Widows of Freemasons.
KIRBY LODGE OF INSTRUCTION, FH Ward, W Baker & T Whittingham 57, 125, 157, 166, 184, 213, 215, 216, 340, 364, 442, 443, 496, 501. Enc. subscriptions and donations inc. RMIG; 215 HSW Elected KL Treasurer 501 re. HSW's absence.

LAFAYETTE LTD 256 enc. cheque for photograph of the Maine hospital staff.
Mrs LAKE 373 returned testimonials.
HJ LAMB 99, 249a, 391, 498. [ctd LB4] metal soldering and repair work: keys for BW&Co, Fidelity Harp and Columbia Lodge Seal for the Freemasons, and a watch for HSW.
LANKESTER & SON, Southampton 340 enc. cheque.
William LAVIN 433 Introduced to HSW by letter from Hardie
Dr F LAWRENCE, Freemason 116, 241 subscriptions etc for Hiram Mark Lodge also 116 re. death of Raymond H Thrupp.
Miss M Martin LEAKE 14, 34, 88, 93, 289, 300, 309, 326a, 349, 352, 382, 389, 467. [ctd LB4] re. plans for WC&I, the club committee, staffing, the Girls' Rooms, grounds and gardens, also 88 construction of 'temple' and good conduct of members; 289 re. extension of Packing Rooms; 300 WC&I Maypole butterflies; 309 Leakes' fear that she may have to give up work due to her mother's failing health; 382 'The Use of Life' by Lord Avebury to be staff Christmas book; 467 hamper for Mrs Taylor
LENNON'S LTD, RA Fairclough 59 BW&Co sympathy re. death of Mr Tabb, South Africa..
Edward LETCHWORTH, Freemason 25, 33, 61. 25 re. Sudlow Testimonial; 33 re. Washington portrait also that the new American Ambassador was not a mason; 61 masonic election rules query.
LLOYDS REGISTER 87, 279, 492 enc. cheques for inclusion on yacht register.
Ernst L LOEWE 265 best wishes re. EL's illness
LONDON ARMOURY CO 367, 433 purchased gun.
LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Henric B Murray 60, 155, 443, 445, 451 enc. subscriptions, purchased dinner tickets. 445 re. Banquet for the New York C of C.
George S LORD, Chicago 238, 397. re. Dr H Webster Jones, also list of 7 main drug stores in London with more than one outlet.
LOTUS CLUB, New York, HH Harrison 217, 305, 410 enc. cheques, also 305 Dr TJ Barnardo introduced to Club as an honorary member.
John A LOWELL 127 thanked JL for Admiral Dewey portrait
Fernand LUNGREN 152, 455, 461, 463, 464, 465, 469, 480, 505, 518, 528-529. Mainly re. cases forwarded from HSW in Cairo, which arrived damaged and robbed (inc. HSW's, FL's & 'Miss Barnados') subsequent insurance claim. Also 52 thanked for gift of Santa Clair 'Tauaja' for the WC&I; 480 returned FL's gun.
CM LYMAN, Buffalo 66 re. meeting

JYW MacALISTER 90, 156, 325. 90 lent Savage Club two flags for a dinner; 156 complimentary medicine case for JMA's son who was travelling 'to the East'; JMA enquired after Mr OW Power.
Peter MacEWAN 163, 322. 163 re. death of Lloyd Williams; 322 re. shape of Dixon's suppositories.
James MacLEAN 499 HSW absent
Charles MACRUM, US Consul Pretoria 181 [173 is a cancelled version of this letter] sent Taloid Medicine Cases
WJ MANSELL & SON 267, 275, 311. [ctd LB4] re. Souvenir Thanksgiving Albums.
Albert MANSFIELD 154 purchased concert tickets
Col Fleury MAPLESON 48 HSW unable to join syndicate.
Claude MARDON 138 enc. cheque for cycle repair, thanked CM for river photographs.
Miss Effie MARDON 137, 350. Enc. donations.
Heber MARDON 149 re. meeting
MARKBY STEWART & CO 135, 286, to Charles Stewart 64, 161, 329 and to Thomas Markby 164. 135 enc. letter re. Saxon & Co; 64 re. CS's interviews with Mr Gwyther & Mr Holden; 161 enc. gift of a book; 164 re. W Lloyd Williams will, which offered HSW first refusal on WLW's library; 286 re. charges for SMB legacy to firm employees and revision of HSW's will; 329 unable to visit CS in Scotland;
Reg H MARDON 5, 45, 107, 145, 203, 245, 298, 330, 484. [ctd LB4] Also to G Darcy 364, 383, 440, 481, 520. 364 and to John Radcliffe 298, 345, 416, 457, 482, 485. All re. 34 Imperial Mansions, mainly enc. cheques. 457 Jun 1901 HSW terminated lease which passed to Mr Darcey. Also 330 unable to visit RM for a regatta.
Eminent Sir Knight MATIER, Freemason 67 HSW declined masonic office as 'First Great Captain of the Guards' [no reason given]
MEDICAL ELECTRO THERMIC GENERATOR CO 384 enc. cheque [re Greville Baths, in original index]
Wm S MEIGGS 334 HSW absent from office.
Mrs MORBY, Philadelphia 118 re. visit to London
Mrs MOON, Dartford 140
John MOSS 112 re. limited invites to the WC&I opening
J Fletcher MOULTON 282 HSW Requested passes for FW Wellcome to visit the Houses of Parliament.
H MUNT, Lloyds 497 re. claim against shipping company for repair of trunks.
Dr Wm MURRELL 75 re. Westminster Hospital, use of compressed tablets, manganese product sample sent, refers to new research laboratories, May 1899.
David Christie MURRAY 78 old friend, death of Richard Gowing, unable to find DCM's brother a job immediately.
Nurse Lilian MUSTARD 141 advised her re. registration as a military nurse for the Transvaal - enc. complimentary hypodermic case and nurses diary.

Lt Colonel FJ NASON 512, 536. HSW gave books, medical cases and medicine for FN's return to Berber.
Captain Robert H NELSON 526. 526 to FW Lawson, Lord Mayor of Leeds. HSW requested details of RN's family and executors, so that HSW might pass on a Stanley Medallion, as RN had been a principal officer with Stanley.
James NEWMAN 434 enc. cheque
NEWLYN Postmaster 252 asked for name and address of Newlyn naturalist [Pollard].
HJ NICOLL & CO 510 enc. cheque
Dr Reginald NITCH SMITH 55, 223. 55 re. meeting; 223 re. HSW's absence enc. complimentary 5 bottles of Tabloid Thyroid Gland 5 gr.
Col HH NUDING, Freemason 240 votes for RMIG

OCEAN ACCIDENT GUARANTEE Co 100, 288, 421, 428-429, 468, 484, 489, 495, 504. 100 Enc. cheques re. policy 165508; 421, 428-9, 468 claim for injury to right leg whilst in Cairo
OLD KINGS ARMS CHAPTER, JA Farnfield 242 enc. subscription
ORTNER & BOULE 1 Enc. cheque
Mrs SF ORTON, Chicago 326 enc. donation to Dr Goodwin's Testimonial Fund.

Dr Robert PARK, Glasgow 170 thanked for book and comments re. diary.
Miss Florence K PARKE, Roscommon 527 requested details of Surgeon TH Parke's executors, so that HSW might pass on a Stanley Medallion, as TP had been a principal officer with Stanley.
Rev. J Rupert PATTERSON, Freemason 230 re. Fidelity Lodge donation
GE PEARSON 136 congratulations on Pearson's marriage [nb - not the routine letter sent out for staff marriages]
Hon George PEEL 515 re. Gordon College Khartoum.
Captain Charles PELHAM 44, 54, 61, 74, 76, 80, 81, 131, 153, 206, 253, 255, 258, 259, 260, 273, 275, 280, 291-292, 312, 314. Several enc. cheques. Also 44 instructions re. trip to Selsea; 54, 61, 74, 76 & 81 order of 4 x 14ft boats for Acacia Hall, Dartford [WC&I?]; 131 put boats in storage; 206 re. loaned book; 255, 258, 259, 260, 273, 275, 280, & 291 cataloguing of figureheads, and transfer from Selsea to Dartford, 312 a fire at a BW&Co warehouse had destroyed a number of these items; 314 to Mrs Pelham.
PELLETIER-CAVENTON MONUMENT, Bocquillon-Limousin 146 Enc. donation
Major PENTON BEY, War Office, Cairo 475, 488, 536. re. building of Gordon College Khartoum. Also 486 recommended a local man for a job in the Egyptian army - he had saved HSW from an attack by 'a fanatic'.
PERRY & CO, decorators 154 enc.cheque
Exmo Illmo Sr MG PESTANA, Porto Santo, Madeira 319-320 Sent Pestana money for school prizes, also 'Dragon Palm' seedlings for transplanting (local tree under threat of extinction)
Miss Edith PRETTY 176 enc. medicine case
PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY, Richard Bremridge 261, 271, 478. Bought annual dinner tickets.
Harry PHILLIPS 49 HSW's condolences re. illness
HJV PHILLPOTTS re. Cube Ice Co and Star Ice Co, London 17, 268, 316, 437 [ctd LB4] re. writ against BW&Co from CIC; also to DG Browne 218 re. same.
CE PICKERING 333 HSW unable to attend meeting.
Richard POLLARD, 'Naturalist' Newlyn 272 enc. book on taxidermy
Dr Saul OL POTTER, Major & Brigade Surgeon, US Army, Manila 236, 237. Thanked SP for comments re. 'Featherweight Medial Equipment supplied by BW&Co to the US Army in the Philipinas, asked for more details and suggested improvements especially for most suitable packing for the tropics, suggested orders should be put through US Despatch Agent BF Stevens.
Cyril PRESCOTT (Schulz) 460 purchased theatre tickets.
John PROCTOR 284 JP to advise chemist to apply to HSW for a job.

RAFFO, DALMAZZO & CO, [BW&Co Agents] Genoa 7. HSW apologised for RD&Co letters not being dealt with. Agreed to send BW&Co samples for Palermo doctors.
Fred REYNOLDS 70, 160, 203, 335, 394. FR was an artist who sent HSW sketches for commercial use, also 70 re. Ipecac sine Emetin in dysentary; 335 details of FR's father for an American Pharmaceutical Assoc. obituary.
Messrs E&G RICE 69 re. GMS Horton
Mrs J Clifford RICHARDSON 256 redirection of trunks to Paris
R RINGWOOD 451 enc. donation to Presentation to Mr Buller
ROBBINS & APPLETON, The American Ealtham Watch Co Holborn 363 enc. cheque
Sam ROBERTS 288 re. meeting
Lt Col E ROGERS 209 referred ER to Newbury & Sons, Importers
John Douglas ROLLAND, Golf club & ball maker 132 enc. cheque
Mrs RONALDS, American Women in London 158 enc. donation for hospital ship for South Africa and offered medicines.
ROSE & CO 503 HSW absent.
ROWE & CO, Gosport 321 enc. cheque
ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY 213, 342, 388, 467 Enc. subscriptions.
ROYAL LONDON YACHT CLUB 209, 308, 398. Enc. subscription.
ROYAL TEMPLE YACHT CLUB Harry Vandervell 52, 210, 214, 483. Enc. subscriptions & bought concert tickets.

Ibrahim SAAID 515 reference for IS servant to HSW for 5 months in Cairo trip.
A Gordon SALAMON 2, 115, 402. SE Railway Co fares too high for local employees in Kent and Dartford; 115 re. Newlyn naturalist; 402 returned trousers.
SALVATION ARMY, William Turner 362 enc. donation
Dr AG SANDBERG, Freemason 241, 361 re. votes for RMIB and Fidelity Jewels
J McConnell SANDERS, Dartford 323
H SANTEN, Berlin 345 enc. cheque
Dr R SAUNDBY, Birmingham 395 & Dr Andrew CLARKE 396 [copy] re. 400 copies of BMA article on WCRL to be distributed to academic institutions, not for 'trade purposes'.
William SAUNDERS 385 thanked for Canadian Central Experimental Farms reports
SAVAGE CLUB Secretary EE Peacock 90, 148, 208, 412 enc. subscriptions also 90 loaned flags for dinner.
SAVAGE CLUB LODGE Walter J Ebbetts, Freemason 51, 68, 262, 263, 466, 490 enc. subscriptions. 490 re. HSW's Savage Lodge Jewel.
HJ SCHAFER 292 enc. donation for the Calcott Fund
Isaac SELIGMAN 480 enc. donation to American Society Benevolent Fund.
Oscar W SELIGMAN 110 re. meeting
Prof J SENIER 23 re. possible job for Dr Walker with WCRL.
William SENIOR 406a returned reel loaned to Mrs French Sheldon.
Prof R Bowdler SHARPE, Freemason 222, 344 re. Savage Club Lodge
William SHEPPERSON 4 refused social invitation, also no need for second Hammond machine.
SHOOLBRED & CO 133, 422, 423, 424, 430, 437. [ctd LB4] Ordered boxes from warehouse with items to be delivered to Acacia Hall, inc. claim for damage to item, delivery of all HSW's good to Dartford and Snow Hill.
Corporal W SILK 339 enc. clothes
Dr Charles A SMITH 55a HSW sent BW&Co order, thanked for comments re. Tabloid Congo Medicine Case
SOCIETY FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF ARTS MANUFACTURES & COMMERCE, Sir H Truman Wood 125, 303, 509 enc. subscriptions.
SPIERS & POND, 106, 283, 295, 338 [ctd LB4] enc. cheques, also 106 congratulated on catering for 1100 people at the WC&I opening, inc. 'Goddard has served Mr Wellcome regularly and satisfactorily at luncheon time during the past seventeen years'; 295 [faint and blurred] ordered hampers to be delivered to Henley.
Lt WG STAIRS 525 letter re. 525 to the Mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia [very blurred] HSW requested details of WGS's family and executors, so that HSW might pass on a Stanley Medallion, as WGS had been a principal officer with Stanley.
Sir Henry M STANLEY 272a, 376-377, 378. 272a enc. silver shield and medallions. 376 HSW thanked HMS for introductions [re Nile trip] asked HMS to write supporting the WC&I against a proposed railway that would cut across the grounds, also thanked Lady Stanley re. Home office matter [Nov 1900]; 378 enc. donation to Livingstone's Memorial at Chitembo, British Central Africa.

BF STEVENS, Freemason 8, 26, 39, 41, 52, 64, 82-86, 92, 101, 120, 123, 174, 202, 204, 207, 211, 215a, 233a, 234, 235, 243a, 245, 246, 249, 264. 8 HSW unable to attend Carlyle House Trust AGM; 26-41, 64, 82-86, 92, 123-124 re. HSW's reluctance to continue as a Columbia Lodge member whilst in conflict with other members over the Bayard Fund controversy, 82-86 detailed description of the 'facts of the case' there was a dispute as to whether HSW, as he asserted, had guaranteed the cost of the cup and not the Testimonial as a whole. HSW declined BFS's offer of arbitration.; 52 re. American Society. 101 re. opening of WC&I and BFS ill health [102 cancelled copy of 101]; 120 enquiry re. unnamed person; 174, 202, 207, 211, 215a, 233, 234, 235, 243a, 245, 246, & 249, all re. Columbia Lodge seal (HSW designed it) 204 HSW's absence due to illness; 264 HSW thanked BF for sweet corn kernels for planting at Dartford;
[nb 211 - ms letter has bled through, 235 ms copy-letter pasted in LB];
Mrs GW Stevens 281 HSW asked to keep the late GW Stevens' medicine case which Mrs S had sent in for re-filling [author of 'With Kitchener to Khartoum'].
Bertrand STEWART 199-200, 259, 360, 511. 199 advice for BS on his journey to South Africa, re. rifle practise, books, Boers and military manoeuvres; 259 enc. silver tinder box, 360 re. South African campaign and BS's return; 511 HSW unable to lend telescope as he gave it to a Sudan officer, also re. dinner with Mrs HSW.
R Clay SUDLOW 98, 500. 98 re. RCS's ill health; 500 enc. donation to Mark Benevolent Fund
EF SUFFLING 331a enc. cheque
SUN INSURANCE OFFICE 373 re. policy No. 100004
Messrs SYMONDS 49 Enc. cheque for 'Victory' pictures

TG TAGG & SONS 100, 205. [ctd LB4] reserved Canadian canoe for Henley, enc. cheque.
JL TAYLOR 41 36 re. Bayard Fund controversy and HSW's break with Columbia Lodge;
Charles TENNUCI 324 [BW&Co employee] referred to Sudlow.
CJS THOMPSON 6, 10, 69a, 73, 107, 129, 161. [ctd LB4] enc. cheques re. book purchases, sent book sale catalogues, and books, 129 the book room to be extended and CJST to help Johnson with 'weeding' the books;
Frederick THORMLEY, Australia 153 Regret that FT had to resign his job.
THORNHILL & SON 448 enc. cheque
Raymond H THRUPP, Freemason, Hiram Mark Lodge 27 Enc. subscription.
Mr TRACEY, Dartford 137 HSW's wishes for T's daughter, a Dartford employee's speedy recovery
Frederick TREVES 350 enc. cheque, fee for BW&Co legal case.
TUSCAN CHAPTER, Rose Croix, A Gordon Smith, or Harold Burke or Fred W Coles, Freemasons 27, 31, 148, 229, 384, 422, 452. enc. subscriptions, absence from meetings. 31 accepted position in Tuscan Chapter
Mrs B TUSSAUD 453 HSW abroad.
Louis TUSSAUD 315 HSW thanked LT for tour of exhibition.

W URQUHART-DAVEY 47, 73b. re. meeting and enc. cheque.

FC VAN DUZER Freemason & American Society, 36-37, 40, 97, 149, 170, 235, 242. Mainly enc. subscriptions, donations to funds or purchasing dinner tickets (Thanksgiving & Independence Days). Also, 36 re. Bayard Fund controversy and HSW's break with Columbia Lodge. Sir JR Somers VINE 278 HSW enc. a complimentary medicine case, specially put together for JV's trip to South Africa, noted that JV would easily be able to replace Tabloid products in SA.

Thomas WAKELY, The Lancet, 172, 251, 261. 172 re. Maine the American Hospital Ship for South Africa, also thanked for WPRL article in the Lancet; 251 re. meeting; 261 re. Dr Brown's employment by The Lancet.
WALKER & MEIMARACHIN, General Merchants, Cairo 466 enc. cheque
Fred C WALLIS 313 enc. cheque
A Lee & Miss Genevieve WARD 222, 381. 222 re. HSW's absence, enc. 24 bottles of Wyeth Beef juice; 381 thanked for letter on behalf of WC&I against proposed railway scheme, also regret for death of father - Mr Lee Ward.
WH WARD & Co 50 Returned Bayard Cup Plates as in poor condition.
David WALSH 178 re. message for a committee.
FH WELLCOME 331, 337 re. FHW's European tour.
FO WELLCOME 434 informed of HSW's trip to Cairo
Rev GT WELLCOME 194, 217, 410, 442, 454, 508. Mainly brief with enc. $200 cheques also 194 Christmas greetings.
HS WELLCOME, from HF Johnson 134, 244, 403-405, 407-409, 413, 418-420, 425-427, 446-447. 134 forwarded letters; 244 HSW in Hastings, enc. Tabloid Quinine; 403-5, Jan 1901 Cairo trip, re: HSW's rifles, HFJ designs for [company] seal, Jephson Medallion, letter from Dr Brown in the Gold Coast, Wyeth Beef Juice to be sent to Howard Paul for review, Weld's return from Italy & Dr Giongo, Sudlow's objection to a 'Clay Sudlow Lodge'; 407-9 re. money for HSW, forwarded 'Nile Notes of a Howadji', lists journals held by HSW at Imperial Mansions - to be sent to the WC&I or London hospitals, Hess returned to USA; 413 & 415 re. GT Wellcome, BF Stevens seriously ill, Death of Queen Victoria, Sudlow Testimonial; 418-20 re. FO & FH Wellcome, BF Stevens recovery, J Ferraira, Jephson Medallion, CJS Thompson unable to locate theatrical jewellery; 425-27 re. HSW's accident and policy claim, Mardon, Tuscan Chapter, 'W' stamps [Company seals?], R Hardie, Freemason Thomas Fenn's death, Edward VII's resignation from Grand Lodge upon becoming King. 446-7 re. American Society Queen Victoria Memorial, Hogarth House, TA Wall, also reference to Stanley and HSW in 'Eccentricities of Genius' by Major JB Pond.

WELLCOME CLUB & INSTITUTE, 104, 185, 504, 518. 104 to WD Astill & CE Saunders, Secretaries, WC&I Opening Ceremony Committee HSW thanked staff for success. 185, 504 & 518 to Sydney Bendall or WH Fowkes . 185 re. 'Piscatorial Society'; 504 tea given by Mr & Mrs HSW; 518 HSW congratulated staff on Photographic Exhibition.
WESTERN CHEMISTS ASSOCIATION, Herbert Cracknell 166 bought tickets for dinner.
WHEELER & CO 16, 151 enc. cheques
WHITEFRIARS CLUB, GH Perkins, Arthur Spurgeon, J Farlow Wilson or AG Browning 94, 97, 133, 171, 208, 273, 280, 297, 382, 399, 400. enc. cheques for Whitefriars' dinners and subscriptions. 97 bought Whitefriars' Club Mark Twain Dinner ticket; 382 enc. donation for Spurgeon Testimonial; 399 Donation to Whitefriars' Supper Fund for Fleet Street news boys.
Gilson WILLETTS 197 Introduced to HSW by Tennyson Neely (by letter)
Charles WILLIAMS 507 refers briefly to Tabloid Lithin
Dr Dawson WILLIAMS, British Medical Journal 159 meeting to 'give you the particulars of the cases'
JH WILLIAMS, Freemason, Bournemouth 240, 344. Votes for RMIB
W Lloyd WILLIAMS 12a, 15, 18-20, 35. 12a [3pp] & 18-21 [p19 cancelled copy] re. difficulties in the Analytical Department BW&Co which WLW did not report to HSW [staff shortage and delays to work], refers to Mr Sayer and Wilson, HSW emphasised necessity for sufficient staffing. HSW also accused WLW of obstruction re. the A Dept.p. 18-21 HSW further criticised WLW's management style, sent Sudlow to WLW to offer practical advice; 15 re. Mr Keys; 35 re. WC&I Committee
Dr Andrew WILSON 12, 294a. Enc. cheques for £10-10-0 re. AW's testimonials for BW&Co products, also enc. copy of WCRL report.
J Farlow WILSON 457 donation to Friar Irwing Montague Fund
William WILSON, New York 139 HSW warned WW, an 'old friend' against the use of term 'Tabuloid' as 'Tabloid' patented
PK WISER [Minnesota?] 117 Enc. English Jubilee Coins;
WOOLFE & SON 283, 313 hired landau for Mr Nelson, enc. cheque
Samuel W WOOLLEY 523 re. MJ Comein's collection of pharmacy pots.
AC WOOTTON 103, 151. Congratulations on retirement as editor Chemist & Druggist, thanked ACW for portrait photograph.
WOOTON Complimentary Dinner, Messrs W Edwards Junn & WS Clyde Jones 143, 157. Purchased tickets
JC WRIGHT 290 [re complaint?]
Stuart WYETH 159 & 168 re. Mrs Ronalds' appeal for South Africa Hospital Ship

YACHTS for the BROADS 299a HSW sent letter to 8 suppliers.
Edmund S YATES 22 donation to Coplestone Fund
YWCA, Mrs LM Hamilton Dartford 16, 268, 332, 333. [ctd LB4] Enc. donations.

ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY's GARDENS, Thompson Regents Park 519 HSW sent the zoo 2 monkeys from Egypt to look after for 2 weeks - to be presented to an unknown gentleman.

Only one standard letters enc. wedding gifts sent to Dartford employees appears in this Letter Book: Mrs Harry MAGRATH 142

259a Unindexed, loose page with 5 lines of shorthand in pencil ms


Jan 1899 - Aug 1901

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