Performance-enhancing technologies in sports : ethical, conceptual, and scientific issues / edited by Thomas H. Murray, Karen J. Maschke, Angela A. Wasunna.

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Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009.

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xviii, 280 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm


Putting doping into context : historical and cultural perspectives / John Hoberman -- The context of performance enhancement : an athlete's perspective / Angela J. Schneider -- Reflections on the "parallel federation solution" to the problem of drug use in sport : the cautionary tale of powerlifting / Jan Todd and Terry Todd -- The role of physicians, scientists, trainers, coaches, and other nonathletes in athlete's drug use / Gary A. Green -- Performance-enhancing technologies and the ethics of human subjects research / Karen J. Maschke -- Toward an understanding of factors influencing athletes' attitudes about performance-enhancing technologies : implications for ethics education / Robert J. Donovan -- Ethics and endurance-enhancing technologies in sport / Thomas H. Murray --
Fairness in sport : an ideal and its consequences / Sigmund Loland -- Annotating the moral map of enhancement : gene doping, the limits of medicine, and the spirit of sport / Eric T. Juengst -- Genetic enhancement in sports : ethical, legal, and policy concerns / Maxwell J. Mehlman -- In search of an ethics for sport : genetic hierarchies, handicappers general, and embodied excellence / Thomas H. Murray -- Genetic doping in sport : applying the concepts and tools of gene therapy / Theodore Friedmann and Eric P. Hoffman -- Technologies to enhance oxygen delivery and methods to detect the use of these technologies / Larry D. Bowers.

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