Ryzamin B and Ryzamin B' no 2

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Ryzamin B Rice Polishings Concentrate ( a rich source of Vitamin B). To promote appetite, aid digestion and supplement the diet in partial deficiencies of Vitamin B. Dietary reinforcement for patients of all ages. Ryzamin B is a lear golden brown syrupy preparation.
Ryzamin B' no 2. for the treatment of vitamin B 1deficiency caused by loss of appeitite, during pregnancy, lactation, convalescence, anemia and childhood. Ryzamin B' no 2 contains all the natural B vitamins found in rice plishings fortified by thiamine, riboflavin and nicotinamide, administered via milk or fruit juices, supplied in 2 oz. tubes and 8 oz. bottles.

Folder contains 2 pamphlets on Ryzamin B and Ryzamin B' no 2.



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