Twenty five medical conditions humourously illustrated. Coloured etching.

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The twenty five scenes all bear legends above them: "A burning inflamation!" "A galloping consumption!" "The dropsy!" "The scarlet fever!" "The cramp!" "Throw physic to the dogs. I'll none of it. Shakespear." "The gripes!" "Miss carrying!" "The stomach complaint!" "Very ill" " Sally our doctor said this morning chat I never look'd better in all my life." "Worse" "worser" "mercy on me, they say I am but a shadow to what I was" "worserer" "the smallpox" "shortness of memory!" "Indoor patient!" "Outdoor patients!" "The scurvy!" "A difficulty in breathing!" "The hooping cough!" "A mortification!" "Hypochondriacal! " "The last scene of all. Grave & gay, a coffin fit, grievings a folly, so let us be jolly. Rum ti iddidy iddidy rumti iddity I dow"

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1 print : etching, with watercolour

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Frontispiece to the doctor, the Lancet; medical gazette; gazette of health & c. ...



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Twenty five medical conditions humourously illustrated. Coloured etching.. Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY


Credit: Wellcome Collection

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