Tabloid defence registration: memoranda and other documents

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detailed memorandum (18 August, 1938, "re The new Trade Marks Act [1938]") from WNL to Pearson: "I propose we should effect 'defensive' trade mark registrations for 'Tabloid' in all the 34 classes before October 1944";
memorandum (8 July, 1941) listing firms in "other trades" to be approached to make a Declaration on behalf of Burroughs Wellcome & Co;
complete copy of The Australian Official Journal of Patents, Trade Marks, and Designs, Vol 6:40 (1936), with slip inside (stamped 8 August 1941) noting "Exhibit with Case";
Copy Declaration by Albert Ernest Warden (14 August, 1941);
Exhibit A (draft, 10 October, 1941) referred to in Declaration by Warden;
memorandum (22 January, 1942) listing all Classes in which Declarations filed to date, and those outstanding;
memorandum (25 June, 1942), noting "total number of declarations on file is now 96 and there is one more to come";
two memoranda (21 September and 7 October, 1942);br> memoranda (December 1942) suggesting a short note be placed in Wellcome News of successful defensive registration, with draft text to that effect.



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