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The journal of mental science.

Bucknill, John Charles, 1817-1897.

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London : Longman, Green, Longman & Roberts, 1859-1962.

Physical description

104 volumes : illustrations ; 25 cm


Vols. 5-6 each contain 4 issues: Oct., Jan., Apr., Jul. Vol. 7 contains 6 issues: Oct., Jan., Apr., Jul., Oct., Jan. Vol. 8 reverts to 4 issues: Apr., Jul., Oct., Jan. Vol. 35 contains 3 issues (Apr., Jul, and Oct. 1889) From vol. 36 (1890)-v. 106 (1960), there are 4 issues, Jan., Apr., Jul., and Oct. From v. 107 (1961), there are 6 issues, published bimonthly
Issues from Apr. 1865 are also numbered according to the 'New series', reckoned from Apr. 1861 (old series, no. 37)
Special numbers: Vol. 90, no. 378 (Jan. 1944), 'Recent progress in psychiatry'
Imprint varies: v. 7-106, John Churchill [& Sons]; J. & A. Churchill; etc. ; v. 107- , H.K. Lewis & Co. Ltd
1858-Mar. 1872, Published by authority of the Association of Medical Officers of Asylums and Hospitals for the Insane; Apr. 1872-Jul. 1925, by authority of the Medico-Psychological Association of Great Britain and Ireland; Oct. 1925-Nov. 1962, by authority of the Royal Medico-psychological Association
Editors: v. 5-7, John Charles Bucknill; v. 8, C.L. Robertson; v. 9-15, C.L. Robertson and Henry Maudsley; v. 16-19, Henry Maudsley and John Sibbald; v. 20-23, Henry Maudsley and Thomas S. Clouston; v. 24-26, T.S. Clouston, D. Hack Tuke, Geo. H. Savage; v. 27-40, D. Hack Tuke and Geo. H. Savage; v. 41-44, H. Rayner, Conolly Norman, A.R. Urquhart, Edwin Goodall; v. 45, Henry Rayner, A.R. Urquhart, Conolly Norman; v. 46-52, as v. 45, with assistant editors, J. Chambers, J.R. Lord; v. 53, J. Chambers promoted to fourth editor; v. 54-57, H. Rayner, A.R. Urquhart, J. Chambers; v. 58-<60>, J. Chambers, J.R. Lord, Lewis C. Bruce, Thomas Drapes; , Douglas McRae, M. Hamblin Smith, Alexander Walk; -107, no. 449, G.W.T.H. Fleming (editor-in-chief); v. 107, no. 450- , Eliot Slater (editor-in-chief), G.W.T.H. Fleming and A. Walk (co-editors)#



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