The first international congress of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy.

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First congress of the World Confederation for Physiotherapy.


This film charts the First International Congress of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy which took place in London in 1953. The film was made as a record on the Congress by United Motion Pictures and shows clips of demonstrations which took place on the stage (a few feature groups of children performing in unison) and papers given during the conference as well as scenes of the many attendees enjoying the sights of London. Miss Mildred Elson, the president from the United States of America, speaks directly to the camera at the beginning about their shared vision. The Minister of Health, Iain MacLeod MP opened the congress and recorded a special address for the film. Amongst other practitioners, Mrs Madders teaches antenatal training and back exercises. Other activities included a trade show, demonstrations, watching films. Slough Industrial Health Service was also an optional visit. There were various evening social events. At the Guildhall, 1100 guests attended a formal gathering. Lord Horder received guests at Ciba's headquarters, Portland Square. The next evening event was held at the Apothecaries' Hall. Members are rewarded for their contribution to the discipline. At the final dinner-dance there is a display of Scottish country dancing.



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1 encoded moving image (16:51 mins.) : sound, black and white



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The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

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Photographed and recorded by United Motion Pictures.

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In English.


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