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Songsheets on medical and health-related themes. Includes: 'He won't be happy 'till he gets it!' (Frank C. Burnand, Edward Solomon), 'The soldier's friend' (C.F. Bathurst, Edward L. Hime. About Florence Nightingale), 'Banting' (Howard Paul), 'the Belphegor polka' showing tooth extraction (Victor Andrante), 'Laughing gas' (W. Smith), 'The rifle fever' (Henry Walker), 'L'Elixir' (A. Bonnomet, Alphonse Varney), 'Complaints or the ills of life with their remedies' (Edward Terry), 'Twigg's botany for the million' (F. Leslie Wood, Walter Dowling), 'The times are hard, a chant for the present' cover illustration outside a drug market (Robert Baker), 'The death of King Dirt and triumph of "Borax", health and beauty...' (arranged for the Patent Borax Company), 'The Borax pet' (Edward Sabine), 'The quack doctor' (Francis Panormo), 'Two maidens sat complaining' from 'the doctor and Apothecary' (C. Dittens), 'Petra, who is she so lonely wand'ring' (Lewis H. Lavenu, sung by Signor Ivanoff), 'Doctor Compus Mentis' (Tom Haines, sung by Harry Richards). Songs are about: Pears' soap, Florence Nightingale, obesity, laughing gas, doctors, the medical profession, quacks, nostrums, vegetables and fruit, disinfectants, medicines and elixirs. Songs are often of a humorous nature and were mostly published in the 19th century. Only the cover remains of some.

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