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The sun rising with a yellow condom instead of the sun; representing protection against AIDS. Colour lithograph after M. Kolvenbach and G. Meyer, 199-.

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Guten Tag. Mach s mit. Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung, 51101 Köln. Konzept + Gestaltung: Marcel Kolvenbach + Guido Meyer. Bears series order number: Serie Bestell-Nr. 70800000. Bears order number: Bestell-Nr. 70806000. Bears logo of campaigns: 'Gib AIDS keine Chance' (Don t give AIDS a chance) and 'Mach's mit' (Join in) Translation of lettering: "Good morning. Join in"


    Credit: Wellcome Collection

    Free to use with attribution for non-commercial purposes

    CC BY-NC


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