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Henry Wellcome Letter Book 1 ['HSW Private No.1']

Aug 1882-Mar 1888
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** The original item is too fragile to be produced. Please order the microfilm version quoting the reference AMS/MF/161 **

**Please note that the microfilm is incomplete. The original volume may be produced in circumstances where it can be demonstrated that the microfilm does not meet the needs of the researcher.**

686 pages of 995 pages were used. 18, 70-74, 312-313, 619, 626, 630 [the faint imprint is of bleeding text only], 670, 687-995 are blank pages. Pages 260, 345, 355-357, 466-474, 500-504, 545-551, 605 were removed. Pages 169, 442 were cancelled.
The following were illegible even in the original:
p.490-497 HSW used a blue ink which did not copy clearly, unreadable except for a few words, letters written on HSW's return from American trip Jul 1887, p.494 to Horton.
577-578 p.2 & 3 of a letter - very faint, unknown recipient.
603 very faint unknown recipient HSW wrote a cheque for the American Club Dinner.
604 too faint to read

Mr ADAMS 514-516, 523. All re. painting and condition of HSW's canoes, also 523 re. letter to Joe Paul
AMERICAN CLUB COMMITTEE 671 HSW endorsed nomination of Mr Brent Goode, New York
AMERICAN EXCHANGE, 437, 525-526, 538-542, 579. 437 to Manager Paris, HSW requested steel engraving of the Paris Bourse [stock exchange]; 525-526 and 538-542 to AD Dickinson re. problems with HSW's accounts - not receiving regular statements, bounced cheques etc; 579 enc. cheque
AMERICAN EXHIBITION to General CB [name unclear] 335, re. the siting of the exhibition in London - for which HSW was an 'Honorary Commissioner'.
AMERICAN NEWS CO, New York 614, 666-667. 666-667 re. book order and payment of account
Mr AUCHINACHIE, Herne Hill 608-609 re. contract of employment in laboratories- delay as HSW had been agreeing a standard contract.

Mr BAILY 59 re. meeting, agt with Mr Morton, enc. cheque.
Mr Wilson BARRATT 281-290, 299-300, 305, 310, 314-315, 320. see also Christie. re. purchase of Spanish play, 'La Passionaria', inc. synopsis, also re. WB's performance of Claudius. 314 requested copy of all Senor Cano's plays and colour sketches.
'The BEACON' Boston, The Editor - Mr CW Ernst, 482-483 letter signed by 'Saxon & Co', problem with 'pirate' advertising in Beacon magazine - infringement of S&Co trade mark.
Miss BELL 44 re. contract with Mr Morton for rental of Egyptian Hall, FL to pay 2/3 of rent, signed Frank Lincoln.
Mr BENNOCK 45-46 received tickets with thanks, sent complimentary Wyeth's tablets, enc. donation to Longfellow Memorial Fund, to send circulars to Mr Terry and Mr M Richards, also re. pictures.
Mr BISHOP 173, 339-340, 511-513. 173 HSW requested extension of £1000 loan due to building work at new factory would prefer to defer, additional letters re. payment of bills and how BW&Co prospered.
Inspector BLACKMORE, Wandsworth 583. 3 police officers to be employed as night watchmen at BW&Co Bell Lane.
Mr JW BODEN 190 reference for Miss Griswald as a tenant.
Mr Geo. E. BOWLES 62-63 re. terms for management of Frank Lincoln's 'entertainment' at Egyptian Hall.
Mr BRADFORD, Gardener 42 HSW gave notice and requested final bill.
Mr BUCK 51-54; 55-58; 145-146. 145-146 HSW offered Buck a post as a salesman, compared England and USA and slower growth of business 'The English people as a rule detest progress', SMB's travels, also re. Buck visiting Europe.
Mr Maurice de BUNSEN, Secretary, British Embassy Paris 623-625 re. search for Archibald McNeill 'no reliable trace since 20th December'.
General JW BUNTING 347 re. FB Power, also thanked JWB for opals.
Mr BURRELL 646-647 HSW apologised for not seeing B in America.

Silas Mainville BURROUGHS 1-17, 19-32, 33, 34-35, 36-37, 76-83; 84-107 [+10pg insert at 108]; 110-117, 139-140, 147-148, 152-153, 157-158, 163-169, 170-171, [172 copy of 170], 174-176, 177-182, 183-184, 185-189, 191-192; 193-201 [better copy of 185-192], 202-203, 204-212, 213-229, 230, 235-242, 243, 381-387, 388, 389-390, 393-397 [very poor copy], 398-401, 406-410, 411-414, 420-421, 422.
1-18 (25 Aug 1882) re. Kepler shares held in SMB's name and the agreed transfer to BW&Co, HSW -'I must express my very serious regret and chagrin at your proposal' to put off equal partnership for 4 years, HSW claimed full partnership from Sep 1882 as per their legal agreement, mentions 'Lockwood' in context of Kepler, enc. a draft agreement re. equal partnership;
19 - 32 (6 Sep) HSW responded to SMB's claim that HSW did not write 'social letters' indicated that he had been very social recently, mentioned various events, also re. Mr Sinclair, residence near Tussaud's private residence near Baker Street, HSW's early object collections, exhibition at BMA Manchester, mentioned Thoroughgoode, Rhodes and Reeves, visit to Ventnor, p. 23 refers to SMB's criticism of HSW beginning 'no truer friend', reference to Somerset House official fine of BW&Co re. unstamped Wyeth goods, HSW approached Wyeth's to purchase machinery and rights for countries other than America, Hazeline trademark infringed (use of 's') successful outcome, SMB and pricing issue overseas, mentions various friends and staff inc. Sudlow, reference to Fellows Syrup, hoped SMB had a successful extended stay in Australia - emphasised need to build up relationship with agents rather than a superficial tour;
33 re. SMB's sales work with professional medical men, such as chemists;
34-35 agents often neglected business, no point sending samples without some personal contact, but SMB needed to be more careful of agents paying for BW&Co goods;
36-37 addressed to Mr & Mrs SMB, SMB wanted to offer a service as an agent for foreign drug houses, HSW disagreed.
76-83 HSW's Spanish Formula Book [intent to enter Spanish market] and new English edition of same to be sent to medical men, re. business with Wyeth's inc. soap and compressed tablets, also re. progress of business with McKesson Robbins and Young Ladd & Coffin;
84-107 very lengthy business letter covering a range of topics. Began with new product 'Einoids', also 'Elixoids', discussed potassium iodide and mercury iodide, SMB's development of Australian market, referred to Kepler, beef peptones with extract of malt, halted Murdoch's Liquid food due to production problems, described progress of Wyeth's products, problems with infringement of trade marks - the importance of clarity and good design, also importance of protection of trade marks, difficulties in production of medicine cases, also problems with SMB's ammonia inhaler. Also re. the production of Beef & Iron Wine, and production of Quinine (for Australia and India see also p.103), HSW had discussed with Mr Goswell a possible extension to SMB's travels to China Japan, the islands and India, a BW&Co stand at the Calcutta Exhibition, extensive on SMB's visit and the contacts SMB needed to make, mentioned Mr Rankin, also BW&Co to possibly sell a small range of medical equipment, difficulties with new factory premises, rented Wandsworth factory - described site, opinion of Dr Witte (BW&Co Chemist), HSW referred to future expansion - possibly outside London, discussed Malt and Cod liver oil inc. competitors Allen & Hanbury and Savory and Moore, possible rental of Snow Hill office, progress of Mr Forest [BW&Co agent] in Singapore and South Africa, also re. supply of Fellows Syrup;
10pg insert at 108;
110-117 HSW's views on SMB's Chemist & Druggist article, Kepler order for Australia, SMB's suggestions re. new therapeutical notes and formulae book in Spanish and English, 27 pages of BW&Co adverts placed in Lancet HSW to send SMB 200 copies for Australia, agreed settlement re. Cleaver's infringement of BW&Co 'Edenia' trademark 'a great victory', lease of new offices at Snow Hill for 21 years HSW arranged furnishings, HSW visit to Paris re. import of Elisoids and Beef & Iron Wine and BW&Co advertising literature also re. Robert & Co (BW&Co suppliers), Calcutta Exhibition, HSW difference of opinion re. Mr Prentice and family, Dr Valentine's treatise, re. difficulties with [Reynolds] re. debts;
139-140 [to Mr & Mrs SMB], SMB's uncle very ill;
147-148 HSW received news of SMB's uncle's death, HSW still hoped to visit USA and meet SMB in Medina;
152-153 HSW enc. letters, quotes Mr Forest on SMB's success in Dunedin New Zealand, disagreed with SMB re. Mr Forest's payment as his trip had not been profitable;
157-158 ack. SMB's letter from Sydney & Steamer, fire in BW&Co building, enc. newspaper cutting, warned SMB not to say too much to Fellows in New York, best wishes for US trip;
163-169 HSW thanked SMB for £1000 cable transfer, wished to discuss Binghampton Co Petroline further, HSW regretted SMB's purchase of Fibre Lint from Parker without written agreement, new factory - water supply difficulties, Calcutta Exhibition, Christie severely ill in Spain, new building, private offices, 'agencies' better for BW&Co to produce new articles than benefit others;
170-171 re. arrangements with [L&K] also re. creating name for new product - variations on 'Equivalents' - need for clear trade mark to protect against infringements, £600 profit rather than £1800 in previous quarter - due to new buildings and factory;
174-176, enc. photographs of new building also re. River Wandle and improving the water supply for the factory;
177-182, re. possible expansion into eucalyptus, SMB had registered a trade mark in his own name in America - HSW asked that it be should be transferred to the name of the firm, Hazeline trade mark registered in several countries, refers to BW&Co business in Australia with Grimwade, Ridley & Co, India with Mr Rankin and agreement with Wyeth's, also products - 'Valoid' as possible name, compressed herbs, and dental powders, awaits SMB's return; 183-184 enc. letter from AJ Tompsitt - dispute re. SMB appointment of Grimwade as Australian BW&Co agent;
185-192 [191-192 from 'Arcadia Ranch', 193-201 better copy of 185-192] reassured SMB re. money, described marketing campaign of travelling agents, severe competition, new publication, business expenses for year were very high - Snow Hill rent high plus new factory, awaited SMB's return, HSW's friendships/relationships, HSW wanted SMB to write up some advertising material (HSW had written all the copy that Spring), urged SMB to postpone marriage (HSW unlikely to marry), Somerset House's action against BW&Co re. Hazeline, HSW unwell, HSW & SMB invited to Mr Bishop's house for Christmas day;
202-203 re. employment and salary of Dr Smith, Somerset House dispute, SMB suggested a series of medical lectures;
204-212 SMB had complained that HSW had not replied re. Eucalyptus and other matters, lengthy reply by HSW who apologised but pointed out that SMB rarely replied to HSW's letters, also re. Snow Hill flood, HSW sailing for America immediately;
213-229 HSW replied to SMB's letter from Detroit - SMB had entered into an agreement with Mr H John van Schaack re. BW&Co continental business, JVS was an old friend of HSW but HSW did not think him suitable for BW&Co or as a partner, HSW concerned about the position SMB had put the company in as Mr Monot already dealing with continent but esp. as the agreement was poorly written, HSW demanded the offer be withdrawn and SMB pay recompense to JVS to avoid dispute. Also Somerset House dispute resolved by altered label (removal of 'Burroughs') but BW&Co v. fortunate, complained re. 1812 Act. Also re. 'Edison electric light' at Snow Hill, SMB's relationship, Also re. Fellows & Co;
230 re. influence of 1812 Act upon BW&Co business, HSW looked into possibility of repeal.
235-242 HSW returned from Spain, apologised for delay in writing to SMB, congratulated SMB on marriage, SMB to visit Wyeth's before returning from USA, Christie engaged as BW&Co Traveller in Spain and Portugal, updated SMB on quarterly profits, van Schaak in London.
243 HSW managed to cancel SMB's agreement with Schaak without compensation,
381-387 HSW returned from Paris, tooth powder delayed, French BW&Co business poor, Spain business adversely affected by cholera, Fairchild developments going well, Dr Burrows working well, details of Travellers: - Maddox not doing well, Morris in Birmingham, Wells in north England, Shepperson doing well in Australia (though malt production there and in India faced problems), Beach returned from Spain. HM Stanley very pleased with metal medicine case, Dr Proctor's new venture in trouble. BW&Co finances 'comfortable' HSW awaited quarterly statement, HSW dined with Fellow family, HSW had been to the Henley Regatta and had enjoyed time on the river, problems with ankle. HSW worked on British Medical Association BW&Co exhibition. Eucalyptus labels in hand. HSW optimistic re. Fairchild's products. Wyeth to send cocaine tabloid samples to Beecher and 'Hay Fever Society'. Also mentioned Lancet July article;
388 refers SMB to recent letter (381-387)
389-390 details of quarterly balance sheet, HSW pleased with progress, HSW had instructed Christie to return due to cholera, congratulated SMB on daughter's name;
393-397 [very poor copy], re. 'Witchazeline Paper' (toilet paper), New compressed tablet machines to be delivered sooner, Dr Burrows had decided not to pursue 'a business life', BMA meeting, also Strophanthus. Copies of Colonial Druggist sent to SMB. Also re. development of eucalyptus, malt and cod liver oil, referred to funeral (not clear whose), drought in Australia probable, progress of BW&Co Travellers - Shepperson, Weld, Harris, Mattox, Christie (updated SMB on cholera in Spain). London hot and deserted - HSW rowing. HM Stanley - abusive newspaper letters.
398-401 HSW grief at death of Gladys, thanked SMB for photo, Dr Evans tooth preparation, American & English views on free trade, McKesson & Robbins - formed a new company - HSW wanted SMB to visit them to retain relationship with BW&Co, problems with Kepler Malt - Dr Witte hoped to have solved problem, Christie visit to South America, further details of canoeing - relates the rescue of Miss Wakeman by Boulters Lock, business good;
406-410, SMB suggested 'hole' for price lists to be hung up by, production of Eucalyptine, various trade mark infringements, Colonial Exhibition, Anna in poor health, quarterly balance showed small profit, HSW requested extension of loan from SMB, HSW injury after canoe accident required operation 'This overdose of water has proved an awfully expensive one for me';
411-414 dictated letter re, misunderstanding through mistake in a cable (HSW had asked SMB to send inhalers as stocks low), Eucalyptia marketing, SMB to visit McKesson & Robbins, also re. progress of Fellows and Fairchilds goods, discussion with Fairchilds re. 'Zymine', London fog, re. printing of a book [Salammbo] for Saxon & Co in USA, asked SMB for press cuttings, also re. book and play. 419 Lengthy 'PS' HSW did not want his connection with Salammbo to be generally known until after publication.
420-421 business account healthy, redwood chests, details of Travellers - Shepperson sailed for Colombo then India, progress of General Election, death of King Alfonso in Spain, Mr Miller and tricycle (SMB's friend), malt problems resolved, Dr Witte injured his arm, Vice-President Hendricke's death;
422 HSW thanked SMB for extension of loan for 6 months.
BURROUGHS WELLCOME & CO, FACTORY, Wandsworth, to the Watchman 585 copy of 584 to Mr Hansen.

CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER, 557 Parliamentary question on medicine stamp tax, urging repeal.
Mr CHESSON 505-506, 655-656, 669. All re. HSW's interest in Metlakahtla and native Indians, including thanks for Chesson's support, HSW withdrawal from the Aboriginal Protection Society Committee, and Lord Lansdowne's paper on North America.
Mr Carlos CHRISTIE 256-259, 294, 295-296, 297-298, 301, 307, 308-309, 311, 316-319, 321, 323, 330-332, 354. Mainly re. purchase of Spanish play, 'La Passionaria' and performance rights - see also Barratt. Also p.258 re. BW&Co orders in Spain, p.318 collect sketches of bullfighters costumes; p.332 purchase of bourbon whisky.
Colonel COCKERILL 554-555, 678-686. 554-555 HSW thanked CC for donation to Metlakahtla, also introduced Charles Williams journalist and Dr William Murrell medical journalist. 678-686 about Metlakahtla, letter to Duncan, unhappy that New York Committee came to nothing, refers to Mr Agnew, HSW's book, move to new town.
Alex. COLGER, New Inn Chambers, 457 enc. fee
Mr DS COVERT, Denver, Colorado 127-128 re. Mr Hutton's visit to USA, ack. postal order
Mr CRAWFORD 498-499, 613. 498-499 [poor copy, not copied on right side] re. church tithes; 613 re. Extract of Clover - Crawford unable to acquire any in England despite popularity in America.
Mr Edward CURTIS 440 re. closing account for press cuttings

DALTON 348 [poor copy] re. dispute, refers him to Markby Stewart HSW's solicitor.
Professor DIEHL 346 unable to attend American Pharmaceutical Association meeting
Superintendent DIGBY Wandsworth 568-570 re. engagement of 3 police officers to guard BW&Co factory at night, included rules for access and removal of items from factory, strictly forbade
DIGG &Co, 660 Regents Street Reference for Mrs [Lou Paey] widow of Dr Paey, Graley Arctic Expedition.
Dr DRESSER 349-350 enc. cheque.
Mr DOBBINS 60-61 thanked for 'panorama of I'm a Daddy', HSW had sent cut glass for WJM Gordon near Cincinnati, complained re. Wyeth's poor treatment of BW&Co, re. Mr Post, also re. visit to New York in November.
Mr DOUGLAS 662 letter of introduction to Mr JW Paine
Messrs DUDLEY, SHORE & Co 509-510, 522. re. making a wigwam for HSW, to be sent [to HSW?] via Messrs Fairchild Bros. and Foster in New York.
Mr William DUNCAN 672-677 [copy is very blurred, also torn] re. Metlakahtla, apologised for delay in writing, emphasised continued support, re. move to new town, refers to Mr Power, hope to visit - but unlikely.

Mr Frank E ELWELL, Massachusetts 142-143, 144 re. bas-relief and portrait of Mrs Lippincott, receipt for sale of 'Spring Shower' exhibited in 1883 Paris

FAIRCHILD 343, 361-362, 373, 376-380, 448a. 343 to 'Dear Boys', mentions Sam; HSW requested all press reports on their goods sent via McKesson Robbins or 'Young, Ladd & Coffin', Ben was to provide a lady's alligator bag; 361-362 HSW had been unwell, re. goods to be sent to HSW from de l'Orme; 373 'Dear Sam' best wishes re. weather, take care of SMB; 376-380 to Fairchild Bros. & Co and Foster, enc. translation of paper by Witte, also re. work on digestive ferments, technical results of tests on 'Extractum pancereatis' FB&Co needed to improve product, SMB back in USA, pills to be packaged using paper and cotton to prevent damage when shipping to England, use of word 'Zymine' which could be a registered trade mark in conjunction with 'Extractum pancereatis' or 'peptonising powder' which could not be registered, ; 448a 'Dear Sam' agreement between McKesson Robbins and BW&Co expired - not profitable so not extended, Sam to get HSW quotes for gelatin coated pills from McKesson, Schiffle Warner's, and Parke Davis for specific pills (details given); 533-537 to 'Dear Sam & Ben' strictly confidential letter giving details of difficulties with SMB and possibilities for a future without the partnership 'in all probability Mr B & I will separate ere long' - also mentions difficulty with Witte; 562 to 'Fairchild' introduced Frederick C Penfield;
Mr FITCH, Kentucky 129-130, 265. 129-130 HSW returned Roman coin as being of no interest to him, also re. SMB's travels; 265 letter of introduction left whilst HSW was in Spain.
Prof. FLUCKIGER 366 -369, 391-392 HSW had contacted friend in Central America to gain information required by F, friend died hence delay, mentions Dr Witte student of F's, introduced Fairchild re. possible visit, p.369 'pharmacy in England is not advancing and shows little prospect for early improvement', 391 thanks for information re. 'sugar of milk' [identified via Mrs Fluckiger in last line p.392],
[FOREIGN OFFICE] 631-632 HSW complained re. British Embassy in Paris and French Government's lack of action re. McNeill murder.
Chief Frank J FRANCIS Indian Village, Andover, New Brunswick 520-521 re. order for HSW's canoe, also pictures of hunting scenes.
Prof. Thomas R FRASER, University of Edinburgh 430-431, 432. HSW thanked TRF for Strophanthus formulae and details (mentions Moir), HSW was keen to assist TRF obtain American Materia Medica specimens for his museum.
FRENCH 538 re. proofs of 'Story of Metlakahtla'
FW FRIGOUT 436 re. Mr Melbourne who had not repaid HSW a loan.

Mr Henry F GILLIG, New York 433-435, 458-460, 527-530 433-435 re. failure to place notices in American press re. 'Salammbo'; 458-460 re. Salammbo, also problems with American Exchange; 527-530 return of cheque, referred to Mr Dickinson, berated Gillig for allowing HSW to go over his balance [at the American Exchange] and mismanagement of account.
Messrs GRANGE & Co 328-329 Mr Winch reception, catering for 400 guests.
Mrs GUSTOFSON 159, 573-574 very faint copy of 575-576. 159 HSW pressed for repayment of loan; 159; 575-576 turned down Mr Chappell for a position at BW&Co;

Messrs HALLING, PEARCE & STONE 405 reference for Miss A Wakeman's application for credit.
Mr HANSEN 571-572, 584. 571-572 re. Dr Witte's leaving BW&Co - HSW curtailed access to the factory and suggested Hansen immediately leave London for a few days; 584 arrangements for Dr O Witte and Mr Smith to access the factory to collect OW's belongings.

EP HARKINS 326-327 Mr Winch reception - hire of piano
Miss Dora HENNINGS, Cleveland Ohio 1 pg. insert at p.133 receipt for loan to Miss Warner.
Mr HOBSON, c/o American Exchange 2pg insert at 133; also 1pg letter 133; inserted letter - Raymond's cheque to be sent to the Bank, also lanterns for HSW's next party; 133 HSW apologised for Raymond's behaviour re. money;
Dr F HOFFMAN 68, 427-428. 68 letter of introduction to Dr Otto Witte 'our valued chemist' who will visit USA on BW&Co's behalf; 427-428 reference for Mr Somers, also encouragement for 'Otto' [son?] re. college education.

Mr JONES, San Salvador 661 letter of introduction to Mr JW Paine
Mr JUSTICE 588-590 2 letters, both copied on 591-592. 1st Letter HSW unwell and going to the countryside. 2nd letter Dr Witte to hand all items to J, also re. model machine.

Colonel KNOX [Lotus Club] 560 & 562 introduced Frederick C Penfield, ex vice-consul in London, also FP's friend Captain Carl A Thimm, requested 'privileges of the club'

JH LAMBERT, solicitor 633- 635, 637-639 (top), 657-659. 633- 635 instruction re. McNeill murder, re. Foreign Office - Lord Salisbury to make representation to the French government, also re. 'brown overcoat'; [not named, assumed to be Lambert] p.637-639 (top) re. the McNeill case, also mentions 2 cases referred to by Mr Gardiner. 657-659 re. progress of case also other assault cases on British subjects in past year;
John P LEE, Chicago 487 re. 'McAlister's Mixture' also re. HSW's bachelor life and illness.
LIELL, of Caswell, Hazard & Co., 425 introduced Mr Frank G Somers.
LILLARD 262, 293. HSW awaited L's visit to London - gave advice on hotels, business depression in London although BW&Co progressing, re. advertising also ordered copy of Lillard's book 'Practical Hints & Formula'.
F LINCOLN, New York 306, 322 cables re. FL's arrival in London, 322 'corage' (sic).

Mc[Nary] 49-50 advised any man wishing to enter the English market selling American goods to have 4 times the assets that would be required in America, emphasises SMB and his experience also 'the English people as a whole detest progress and novelty.... salaries are too small for a white man to live position would be the last'
James McCLEAN 324-325 re. Mr Lincoln reception - various comments re. HSW's social life.
Messrs McKESSON & ROBBINS 275, 292, 351, 599-602. 275 McK&R to pay Franklin, Radford and [Tinker] on BW&Co's account; 292 introduced Mr Mason of Evans, Mason & Co; 351 introduced FG Howe; 599-602 re. transfer of trade marks, disagreement as to which company was to pay the expenses for the transfer.
Mr MADRE, RueVictor Hugo, Boulogne 637-639 (bottom), 641- 644. 637-639 (bottom) HSW thanked him for important information re. the McNeill case - urged secrecy. 641- 644 mentions 'Secretary of the McNeill Committee' also re. anonymous letters, 'bank notes' and Vermasch as possible suspect.
Prof JM MAISCH 66-67, 291, 371-372. 66 introduced Dr Otto Witte 'our valued chemist' who visited USA on BW&Co's behalf; 291 introduced Mr Mason of Evans, Mason & Co; 371 HSW congratulated Mr & Mrs JMM on silver wedding, sent gift via SMB.
MARKBY STEWART & CO 558- 559, 563, 586. 558-559 re. partnership dispute with SMB; 563 to Charles Stewart, question for Radford 'in the event of a dissolution how would the existing contracts, trade marks, agreements and agencies be treated'; 586 awaiting news re. Tinlin.
RS MARTIN, Secretary to the 'Order of Elks', Bowery [New York?] 365 reimbursed HSW for coat
SA [MEATON] Editor of 'The Graphic' 636 HSW thanked SM for image of McNeill sent to Boulogne
Mr MERRIDENT 648-654 re. McNeill murder, reward to be lodged with Rothschilds.
Messrs CL MITCHELL & Co 429 re. pills enquiry
Mr MOFFATT, British Consul, San Salvador 668 letter of introduction to Mr JW Paine
Mr MORSE, Charleston, South Carolina 261, 462-463 thanked for Christmas card, also re. Mr Dowie's death [had been connected to M's father]; 462-463 sent copy of Salammbo.
Mr MURRAY, Charleston 620-622, 627-629. 620-622 (p. 1 is on 622) re. search for Archibald McNeill, requested costs for photographs etc used in the fruitless search; 627-629 re. investigation by Murray, reliability of witnesses, HSW complained M published too much information.

NATIONAL PRESS INTELLIGENCE CO, New York 612 re. payment for service.
S NEPLES [estate agent / house owner] 108-109, 118-119, 160. All re. rental and decoration of house - enc. cheques.
Mr NORTON 441 re. N's support for Salammbo, London snow.

Mr Max O'RELL letters of introduction to: 594-595 (top) Colonel John Foster; 594-595 (bottom) Major Handy, copied to Charles Nordhoff, CE Hanington, Colonel Cockerill; 596(top)-597(bottom) Colonel Knox; 596(bottom)-597(top) WE Curtis.

Mr Joe PAUL 302, 517-519, 523. 302 HSW apologised for not inviting P to small social at his home - lack of space, 517 Paul had made a good canoe for HSW but some dispute as to the original agreement, HSW withdrew future custom [right hand side of letter was not copied properly]; 523 re. price of a Mic Mac canoe
Frederick C PENFIELD enc. letter of introduction to Knox and Fairchild.
Mr POST, Paris 47 re. Wyeth's 20% royalty and BW&Co's independence from them, mentions possible visit to New York.
Mr PIATOWSKI 565-566 draft attempt at letter; 567 arranged meeting;
Mr George W PLANT 333-334 declining invitation to join Provincial Branch of Directors
Mr PLUMMER, of Bartlett & Somer, Pharmacists, New York 426 introduced F Somers, thanked P for cutting re. HSW's canoe rescue.
Mr Fred B POWER 64, 155-156, 244-255, [244-247 are pasted in reverse order] 304. 64 letter of introduction for Dr Otto Witte; 155-156 congratulations on appointment as professor; 244-255 HSW congratulated FBP on marriage and enc. gift, HSW hoped to visit America, SMB's recent marriage; 304 re. Fluckinger's work on Cinchona and references to FBP

Messrs RADFORD & FRANKLIN [also spelt FRANKLAND] 38-39, 375, 507. 38-39 HSW won costs in a court case; 375 & 507 re. partnership dispute with SMB, enc. copy of will and HSW forwarded letter to his solicitors.
Russ Edgar RAYMOND 120-121, 135-136 RER did not honour payments, inc. cheque to Hobson. Col. WH REYNOLDS 122-123, 125-126. re. default of loan to Charles J Reynolds WHR's son, ack. receipt of cheque with thanks and a receipt.
Dr RICE 1pg insert at 133 HSW enc. 2 samples of red paper.
Mr RICHARDS 40-41, 42-43 re. Mr Thompson, a customer who BW&Co had wronged, also re. 'malting'.
Mr WS RISING 124, 134, 137-138; 141; 149-150; 263; HSW dispute re. 'broken pledge' - money not repaid so insisted on watch and jewels to be passed to HSW, also re. WSR's wife's serious illness, 150 Jewellery receipt.
Mr ROBBINS 231-234 re. possible repeal of 1812 Act (stamp duty on medicine), HSW asked R to gain details of attempts to repeal stamp tax in America.
Messrs ROMEIKE & LEAMITT 531- 532 HSW's bounced cheque from American Exchange account - apologised for inconvenience.
Mr WH ROWE 606 & 607 [2 poor copies of same letter] enc. £150 in notes.
AG RUSSELL 593 HSW thanked him for engineering work.

Mark H SAMUEL 645 re. inquiry of possible success for an American Hotel in London.
SCOTLAND YARD, Superintendent of Police 402-404 re. incident involving a 'brute' of a cab driver scaring a lady into paying an excessive fare.
Mr SCHLAEPFER 551-552, 556 HSW thanked S for contribution to Metlakahtla fund, congratulations on new building; 556 copy of letter to editor 'The World' from Shclaepfer re. Metlakahtla.
Dr SHELDON JACKSON, Education Department, Washington 610-611 re. Native Americans and education, 'Story of Metlakahtla'.
Mr SIELL 75 letter of introduction to Dr Otto Witte
SNOW HILL POLICE STATION, Superintendent 580-581 instructions to police not to allow anyone on the premises out of hours [re Dr Witte dispute]
Mr Frank SOMERS, of Messrs Fraser & Co., New York 358-360, 423-424 FS introduced to HSW's friends - Fraser, Fairchilds, WJ Hill, Plummer, and Dr F Hoffman.
Mr SOMERVILLE, 664 requested final bill (Messrs Root & Tinker)
Messrs SQUIER & DOUGLAS 352-353 re. ranch and mines - possible meeting.
Mr STAMMERS Boulogne 615-618 re. a case involving Archibald McNeill [who died in mysterious circumstances, Stammers to work with Mr Pay, gives details of last sightings of McNeill, thanked Mr Palmer and Mr Jarrett for assistance. [ctd LB2]
Miss STEEN 151 re. purchasing a dog pug puppy

TAGG & SON 598 enc. cheque
Mrs TENNANT 449 re. Salaambo.
'The TIMES', Editor 640 HSW thanked him for leading editorial on McNeill murder.
Mr Franklin H TINKER 276-279, 415-419, 443-445, 450-451, 452-453, 454-456, 475-480, 488, 489. All re. printing of, and American publicity for, Flaubert's 'Salammbo' translated by May Sheldon, published by Saxon & Co. Also re. HSW's visit to USA, 450 loss of mail sent by HSW due to shipwreck of 'Oregon'; 443-445 pictures of Paris Bourse and Bank of England.
TINLIN, Clapham 582 telegram 'will see you here 9 o'clock Monday'.
Mr TOIZER 564 re. extension agreed by Gillig HSW wished to pay part of the bill with an extension for the remainder.

Mr VAN SCHASEK 338 re. HSW's visit to Chicago and meeting with his family, also best wishes on VS's leaving BW&Co.
Mr VIDAL 663 letter of introduction to Mr JW Paine

Mr WADE 448 enc. cheque.
Leopold WAGNER, Sydenham 508 request to reprint part of Salammbo
Mr WAKLEY 543-544 HSW Listed articles re. Stamp Tax, in medical journals such as the Lancet, BMJ, and the Medical Press Circular, in national newspapers e.g. The Times, and local papers such as Liverpool Daily Post.
Governor WALLER 446-447 HSW requested letter of introduction for Mr Christie, BW&Co agent, soon to be travelling in West Indies, Mexico central and South America
Joseph F WARING 374 HSW ack. payment.
Mr WELD 336-337 re. meeting Weld's family and their money problems, progress of W's work on peptonising powders and pancreatic extract by BW&Co
Cecily WELLCOME 266-274. 271-273 letter to CW, enc. HSW's personal notes (p.266-270) on travelling in Spain 'Hotels of Spain', details of interest for various cities inc. Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Toledo, Cordova, Seville, Grenada, Burgos. [NB part of 274 has been torn out]
George WELLCOME 161-162 HSW enc. money for family, wished to know of family's expenses and debts, HSW mentions own need to be careful with money due to business demands, re. fire at BW&Co, also local news in America.
Henry S WELLCOME 370 [Very faint copy] agreement signed by HSW and SMB re. capital of the business [begins: 'It is agreed between us.....']
p.461 [sent by HSW to BW&Co Snow Hill] telegram 'Domestic, New York. Issued here last Friday Successful'.
Mr WHITLEY 341-342 re. the possible site of the 'American Exhibition' in London
Mr WHITFIELD, Chicago 154 HSW hoped to visit America, also re. FB Power's new Professorship at Wisconsin and resignation of Philadelphia College.
Mr WICKHAM, McKesson & Robbins 65 Dr Witte to purchase items required, all orders to be placed through McK&R. HSW interest in cork cutting machines.
Dr O WITTE 69, 587, 588. 69 OW to maintain secrecy re. BW&Co new factory during US visit; 587 from BW&Co,' deliver to bearer all the drawings patent application and other literature and material that you have in connection with Compressing Machines as we want to make use of them early Saturday morning'; 588 arranged collection of Witte's articles from factory; Mr WICKHAM 344 quotation for Japanese art.
Charles WOODWARD [WOODLAND?] Portland Oregon 463-465 enc. copy of Salammbo, success of BW&Co.
Mr WYETH 131-132, 363-364, 438-439, 484-486. 131-132 re. amount BW&Co could send Wyeths; 363 re. accounts, delay due to 'catarrh of the bowels'; 438-439 re. supply of Chlorate of Potash and competition from Parke Davis re. same; 484-486 re. Wyeth -v- Kelley case, HSW's illness, Fluid Extracts, business poor - competition in compressed drugs, gave Chlorate of Potash as example, sales of Fairchild Digestive Ferments successful, copy of Salammbo to follow.

Mr [J] ZACHENSDORF, Catherine Street, Strand, London 481 HSW enc. copy of 'Salammbo'

p.303 part of a letter to unknown recipient - re. visit to Spain, Miss Griswald, Calcutta Exhibition BW&Co awarded 11 medals.


Aug 1882-Mar 1888

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