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"Material for Croonian Lecture"

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Daley, Sir (William) Allen (1887-1969)
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Detailed list of notes and reprints gathered by AWD for writing his Croonian Lectures:

1, Ministry of Health. Voluntary Hospital Committee. Final Report, 1921

2, Morris, W E, 'The life of a hospital' lecture given at the Cavendish Club, 10 Jan 1923

3, 'A memorandum on the influence of existing hospital systems on the training and efficiency of the Gemeral Practitioner and on the conditions which ought to attach to grants in aid of hospitals' presented by the Medical Practitoners' Union to the conference on "The Hospital problem", Apr 1924'

4, BMA, Policy affecting hospitals (BMA), 1924

5, Ministry of Health. Voluntary Hospitals Commission. Report on voluntary hospital accommodation in England and Wales, 1925

6, 'The relationship between the voluntary hospital and the state-aided hospital', 1926

7, Scottish Board of Health. Report on the Hospital Services of Scotland (HMSO), 1926

8, Morris, E W, 'The present geographical distribution of hospitals in relation to community requirements' The Hospital Gazette, c. 1926

9, Little, Graham E, 'An address on the present notion of the voluntary hospitals' read before St Mary's Hospital Medical Society, 19 Oct 1927

10, 'A survey of childbearing in Britain. A preliminary report issued by a Joint Committee of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Population Investigation Committee', reprint from Population Studies, vol 1, no 1, Jun 1947

11, LCC circular on 'Care of the aged suffering from mental infirmity', 1950

12, 'What is a hospital for?' script of lecture by Professor James Mackintosh given at Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh, with correspondence from 1952, Feb 1951

13, Miles, Alexander and Cunningham, John, 'The convalescent rehabilitation hospital as an integral part of the National Health Service', c. 1951/2

14, Emmet, Evelyn, 'The hospitals should go back to the County Councils' from The Telegraph, 19 Jan 1952

15, 'Beds in hospitals. Need for policy to meet patients' requirments' newspaper cutting from The Times, 21 Jan 1952

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19, 'Crisis in the welfare state. II - Ends and means' The Times, c.Feb 1952

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33, Supplement to the BMJ, 22 Nov 1952

34, Notes from Roberts, Ffrangcon, The cost of health (Turnstile Press), 1952

35, Dept of Health for Scotland. Scottish Health Services Council. The General Practitioner and the Hospital Service, 1952

36, Notes [by AWD] on William Croone, [1952?]

37, Notes [by AWD] taken from various journals and books [1952?]

38, General notes by AWD

39, Buchan, George F, 'The hospital in relation to the public health', n.d.

40, Menzies, F N Kay, 'The auxiliary hospital, its financial aspect and the extent to which it can relieve pressure upon parent hospital beds', n.d.

41, Simmonds, B Sangster, 'The relationship of the voluntary hospital to the municipal authorities', n.d.

42, Eason, Herbert L, 'The future relationship of the state and municipalities to the voluntary hospitals' The Hospital Gazette, n.d.



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