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  • Henry, Thomas Anderson, 1873-1958.
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London, 1920-1945.

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Hyenanchin and other constituents of Hyenenche globosa. - Chenopodium oil. - Mercury compounds of hydroxybenzaldehydes. - Resolution of the dihydroxy-methyl-isopropyladipic acids. - Influence of the medium on the toxicity of certain alkaloids towards protozoa. - Observations on reputed dysentery remedies. - Mercuration of nitrohydroxybenzaldehydes. - Fermentation of salts of organic acids as an aid to the differentiation of bacterial types. - Bacterial action of some organic compounds of mercury. - Chenopodium oil. Part II, The hydrocarbon fraction. - Echitamine. - Mercuration of some alkylphenols and alkylphenolaldehydes. - Alkaloids of Picralima klaineana. - Bio-chemistry of alkaloids. - Action of Beckmann's chromic acid mixture on some monocyclic terpenses. - Alkaloids of some Indian aconites (A. Balfourii, A. deinorrhizum, and "Chumbi aconite"). - By-products of the Gattermann aldehyde reaction. - Assay of mixtures of cinchona alkaloids. - Action of the cinchona and certain other alkaloids in bird malaria. - Composition of cinchona febrifuge. - Mercuration of some polyhydroxybenzaldehydes and their monomethyl ethers. - Action of Beckmann's mixture on some monocyclic terpenes. Part II, Terpinolene and "Origanene." - Oxonitin. - Composition of modern quinetum. - Alkaloids of Picralima klaineana, Pierre. Part II. - Action of the cinchona and certain other alkaloids in bird malaria. II. - Modified cinchona alkaloids. Part I, Apoquinine and apoquinidine. - Modified cinchona alkaloids. Part II, The action of sulphuric acid on quinine and quinidine. - Iodo-3-hydroxybenzoic acid. - Modified cinchona alkaloids. Part IV, Constitution. - Action of the cinchona and certain other alkaloids in bird malaria. III. - Cyanogenesis in Lotus arabicus. - Modified cinchona alkaloids. Part VI, Niquidine. - Modified cinchona lakaloids. Part VII, The constitution of niquidine. - Quinamine. Part I. - [Covering letter].


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