Drug advertising ephemera. Box 84.

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Box file containing items of ephemera in acid free sleeves. Includes adverts for Rogers Royal Nervine (signs of the zodiac series - contains no opium, mercury or potash), Roussel Laboratories' B.P. hormones, Amenorone (for menstrual disorders), Cortibiotic skin ointment, Decaserpyl (for hypertension), Dyandryl (insufficiency of male hormones in ageing, loss of libido, decreased potency, depression, fatigue, impaired memory), Mandrax (sleep disorders), Methandiol, Orencil, Pausandryl (non-masculinizing androgen), Prednisone, Prednisolone, Sofradex (red eye), Soframycin (eye diseases), Sofracort skin spray (with hydrocortisone), Sterogyl-15 (vitamin D), Triludan (hay fever - Merrell Pharmaceuticals Ltd.), Roux-behring's Sérum Antidiphthérique (diphtheria), Rumford Chemical Works' Horsford's Acid Phosphate (exhaustion, dyspepsia, tuberculosis night sweats), Rumford's Yeast Powder, Rush's Pills, Rush's Sarsaparilla and iron, Rybarvin and Rybarex inhalants (asthma : Rybar Laboratories, 1947?), Saccharin Corporation's Peristaltin 'CIBA' (constipation), Salmon Ody trusses, Salt Regal Works (Liverpool)'s salt regal (saline aperient for flatulence, nausea, heartburn, palpitation, feverishness, weariness), Salutaris (solvent for calculi, gout, etc.), Sandoz Chemical Works' Syrup Neo-Calglucon, Allisatin (diarrhoea, flatulence, dyspepsia, loss of appetite), Belladenal (relieves stress), Sanger's Tasteless Antibilious Powders (for improving the complexion), Russian Corn Plaster, Benzine Collas (cleaning preparation) from J. Sanger (150 Oxford Street, London), Sanol Schwarz Pharmaceuticals' Elantin (for angina.

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1 box ; 34 x 33 cm.


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