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Miscellanea XIV. Public Domain Mark. Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Three MSS. in one vol. The watermark on the paper of the first two items, seems to be Briquet. No. 6292 assigned to florence, 1509-10. An 18th century Catalogue slip is pasted down inside the cover. Contents:

1. ff. 1-16. Computus: in Italian and Latin (Beginning wanting): Contains circular and other figures and diagrams and tables in red, blue, black and yellow. Fol. 1 (Within a circular figure.) Per hanc regulam/sciri potest in quo die intrat/quilibet mensis anni... (Below the figure.) Congnitione di la regula infrascripta... 16, col. 2 (Proprietates signorum coelestium in membris humani corporis.) (End.) Piscis habet proprietatem super ambos pedes corporis humani.

2. ff. 16-32. Scotus (M.). Liber de signis et imaginibus coeli (End wanting) [c. 1510]: Illustrated with neat pen-drawings in black and red of zodiacal signs, astrological figures and animals illustrating constellations, etc. A new foliation in pencil has been added. Fol. 16v (red) Incipit tractatus ex libro quem/composuit magister michael scotus/subtilissimus doctor in arte astro/logiae de noticia doctrine insi/nuantis quando unumquodque signum/de duodecim signis coelestibus ori/tur et occidit. Et similiter de u/na quaque ymagine signorum coeli/tam de die quam de nicte. Et de modo/de regimine predictorum in omin parte mundi./OMnes ymagines/coeli numero quadragin/ta octo totum coelum/comprehendunt... 32v, col. 2 [De lira]... Et/super cordam disparem In textis/.

3. ff. 1-8. [Anon.] Geometrica cathoptrica. Arithmetica. Del misurare aqua [c. 1575]: Title is in red, and is illustrated with pen-drawings, a few partly coloured, of apparatus, etc. This MS. measures 30 x 20 cm. Fol. 1 (red) Geometric ca/thoptrica//Cioe modo di misurare/co specchi./5 Aritmetica/de numeri rot/ti/ordinarii e decimali 8 Del misurar le/acque.

4. ff. 1-23. M. (M.). Lettera sopra il nuovo Calendario Gregoriano. 1579: The last MS. measures 28 1/2 x 22 cm. Fol. 1 Dedicatory letter signed M. M. addressed to Antonio Justiniano from Padua. Thedate 1579 has been added in the margin by another hand, which has also written in the inner margin the dates of Gregory XIII's pontificate 1572-1585. 1v (Text begins.) Iv (Text begins.) Prime parte.///La necessita uera mader et maestra della industria humana ... 23v ...che deue tornar in maggior seruigio di sua Diuina Maestà.



Physical description

1 volume 32 ll. + 17ff. + 1 bl. 1. + 27ff. (last 4 bl.). folio. v. s. 18th century quarter-vellum binding. The beginning of the 'Computus', and the end of the work by Scotus are wanting: leaves are also wanting after ff. 10, 25, 26, and some leaves seem to be bound in wrong order. There is an early foliation from 304 to 335. This MS. measures 31 1/2 x 21 1/2 cm. It is written in an upright semi-gothic hand, in double column, 42-44 lines to a page, paragraph marks and headings in red.

Acquisition note

Purchased 1907.

Finding aids

Database description transcribed from S.A.J. Moorat, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts on Medicine and Science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library (London: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1962-1973).

Ownership note

The spine is lettered 'Misce[llanea] di Mate[matica]'. Ex-libris of Walter Sneyd. Catalogue entry from the Sale of Sneyd's Library at Sotheby's 16/12/1903, Lot 216 (?).


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