Dr Anthony James

1948 - 1963
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The Biochemical Society
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A biography, photographs of him and his colleagues at the Lister Institute, various graphs showing experiment results, diagrams of laboratory equipment, some with covering notes, and copies of the following articles by him with covering notes:

"A New Form of Chromatogram Employing Two Liquid Phases", The Biochemical Journal Vol.XXXV No.12 (1941) with RLM Synge.

"The Development of Gas-Liquid Chromatography" (1952).

"A New Technique for the Separation of Volatile Materials", Research Vol.8 (1955).

"Gas-Liquid Chromatography: the Separation and Identification of the Methyl Esters of Saturated and Unsaturated Acids from Formic Acid to n-Octadecanoic Acid", The Biochemical Journal Vol.63 No.1 (1956) with AJP Martin.

"The Separation of the Long Chain Fatty Acids by Gas-Liquid Chromatography", The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Vol.6 (1958).

"A Compact Radiochemical Gas Chromatograph", Analytical Chemistry Vol.35 (1963) with EA Piper.


1948 - 1963

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