The anatomy of Dr Frederick Ruysch. Oil painting by B. F. Landis,1909-1910, after Jan van Neck, 1683.

  • Neck, Jan van, 1635-1714.
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On the right, Frederik Ruysch, in his capacity as Praelector Anatomiae to the Amsterdam guild of surgeons, lifts the umbilical cord of a dead infant to demonstrate its connexion between the infant's body and the placenta. On the extreme right, Ruysch's son holds one of Ruysch's mounted skeletons of a baby



Physical description

1 painting : oil on canvas ; canvas 75 x 91 cm

References note

Spectacular bodies, edited by M. Kemp and M. Wallace, London and Berkeley 2000, p. 62 (the painting by Jan van Neck)


Wellcome Collection 44584i

Reproduction note

After: painting in the Amsterdam Museum

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