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Miscellany, English

  • Nesmith, Robert, fl.1682
  • Archives and manuscripts

About this work


Collection of miscellaneous letters and papers in English, mainly to and from medical or scientific correspondents, 1655-1910.

1. Depositions relating to a case of attempted theft of a horse in Hertfordshire, 1655.

2. Order for pills from Robert Nesmith, addressed to 'Mathew Miller, apothicar in Kilmarnok', [Kilmarnock, Scotland], 21 February [16]82.

3. 'A List of the Regiments of Horse & Foot & Dragoons which came with the Prince of Orange and Landed in the west of England the 5th of November 1688'. Endorsed in an early 18th century hand: 'Note the Prince's forces Landed at Torbay near Exeter'.

4. Letter from Daniel Lopez Riz to David Steuart Erskine (1742-1829), Lord Cardross, thanking him for the favour shown to his son, David Riz. Kingston, Jamaica, 18 February 1766. Endorsed in a later hand: 'Daniel Lopez Rz, a Jew planter in the Island of Jamaica, father of David Riz FRS, a young man of real ?Science and merit introduced to Lord Cardross by Dr Jo. Marten Butt of Kingston in Jamaica & by J. Hyacynthe Magellan FRS' [John Hyacinth de Magalhaens].

5 Letter from John Armstrong, John (1708/9–1779), physician and poet, to Thomas ?Coutts, declining an invitation. N.p., 1 July n.y.

6. Letter from ?W. Meyrick to William Chippendale, [lawyer] of Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, on a legal matter. Leicester, 22 January 1803.

7. Note from 'R.B.' to an unidentified correspondent on a manuscript. Brighton, 12 August 1804.

8. Fragment of a letter from John Wolcot (1738-1819), poet and satirist, to an unidentified correspondent. Camden Town, 18 August 1804.

9. Letter from a certain ?Neuerich, evidently a German physician, to an unidentified English-speaking correspondent, on the suicide of Professor Justus Arnemann. Hamburg, 29 July 1806.

10. Letter from William Mott (d.c.1825) to Thomas ?Geffard, of Chollington [Sussex], on the pedigree of Sir Frederic Gustavus Fowke. Lichfield Close, 27 January 1814.

11-12. Letters from Count Luci to Henshaw Latham in Dover on Prussian diplomatic representatives in England. Albermarle Street, London, 17 June and 5 July 1821.

13. Request for 'sedative without spirit' from Dr Christopher Robert Pemberton (1765-1822), addressed to a Mr Belley, evidently an apothecary or druggist of Store Street. George Street, [London], n.d.

14. Letter from a General ?Sanquier to an unidentified correspondent on publications about Napoleon Bonaparte. London, 1 January 1824.

15. Letter from Edward Griffith (1790-1858), naturalist, to a Mr Parker, on his animal kingdom. Worthing, 1 October 1824.

16. Letter from William Farr to an unidentified journal editor on his technique for combating cancerous ulceration. Upper Montagu Street, [London], 12 February 1829.

17. Letter from 'D.V.' to Thomas Chapman, of Leadenhall Street, London, asking him to bring some quinine from Apothecaries Hall. Huntingdon, 22 July 1829.

18. Letter from H. Lowry to Robert Lowry in Dungannon, on family matters, and mentioning Dr Robert James of Somerset. Dublin, 1 December 1829.

19. Letter from J. Morgan, evidently a British physician in Paris, to a certain Mr Sloper in Place Dauphine, on a missing paper. Rue de Seize, [Paris], 8 November 1835.

20. Letter from George Samouelle (c.1790-1846), museum curator, to Mrs Lee, on insect collections. British Museum, 12 January 1836.

21. Letter from Peter Irving (1771-1838), physician, to Charles Cliffe. Fragment. N.p, n.d.

22. Note from Mrs Lyne Stephens to a Mr Jeffs, evidently a tradesman, on an unpaid bill. Roehampton, 4 August 1839.

23. Letter from R.H. Green to an unidentified correspondent on an appointment. Clement's Inn, [London], 26 June 1840. Annotated in a 19th century hand: 'an eminent Surgeon & Lecturer'.

24. Letter from H.?Durham to Josiah French of the Chapel Royal, Windsor, commiserating on a loss of property. Hart Street, [place indecipherable], 25 February 1842.

25. Letter from John Moultrie (1799-1874), clergyman and poet, to his publisher [presumably John Pickering] on publication of his work The Dream of Life, Lays of the English Church and other Poems. Rugby Rectory, 28 April 1843.

26. Letter from Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1773-1843) to an unidentified correspondent, declining an invitation. Kensington Palace, n.d.

27. Letter from W. Martin to his cousin in Woodbridge, on private and family matters, and mentioning mesmerism. Walbrook, [London], 7 August 1843.

28. Letter from Samuel Roffey Maitland (1792-1866), clergyman and historian, to an unidentified correspondent, on a minor matter. Corringham, Essex, 14 July 1845.

29. Anonymous review of selected publications on recent planetary observations, c.1845.

30. Letter from Charles Moore Jessop (d.1899), army surgeon, to Charles Roach Smith, antiquarian, on his publications. Ringwood, Hampshire, 31 December 1848.

31. Letter from William Smyth (1765-1849), historian, to an unidentified correspondent, on publications. Albion Street, Leeds, 31 December n.y.

32. Letter from J.H.S. ?Tregunter to an unidentified autograph hunter. Pall Mall, 17 January 1853.

33. Note from Sir James Grant accepting a dinner invitation from the Royal Medical Society. Shandwick Place, [Edinburgh], March 1853.

34. Letter from M.J. ?Maury, to an unidentified correspondent, on publication of the Sailing Directions. Observatory, [?Greenwich], 7 April 1856.

35-36. Letters from John Box, evidently a manufacturing chemist, to [Edward Henry Cradock Monckton] on chemical matters. Katesgrove, [Reading], 19 and 30 October 1860.

37. Letter from ?G. Spruys de Bay to [E.H.C. Monkckton] enclosing directions for producing ammonia. Katesgrove, [Reading], 2 April 1861.

38. Letter from Robert Williams Buchanan (1841-1901), poet, to William Hepworth Dixon, editor of The Athenaeum, submitting a poem [not present] for publication. Haverstock Hill, London, 7 June 1862.

39. Letter from Henry Grafton to [E.H.C. Monkckton] with directions on making liquid silk. Brompton Square, London, 30 July 1862.

40. Letter from Charles Boner (1815-1870), poet and journalist, to the writer James Dafforne, on his prospective journey to Transylvania. Munich, 16 September [?1863].

41. Letter from Henry Harcourt Hyde Clarke (1815-1895), engineer, to William Sandford, on personal matters. Piccadilly, [London], 7 May 1864.

42. Letter from John Chapman Hartnup (1806-1885), astronomer, to John Bond, clockmaker, on clocks for the new Liverpool observatory. Liverpool Observatory, 22 December 1864.

43. Letter from James Carpenter (1840-1899), astronomer, to Eneas Sweetland Dallas, journalist and author, on the stars in the Great Bear constellation. N.p, 26 March 1869.

44. Letter from Thomas John Capel (1836-1911), Roman Catholic priest, to an unidentified correspondent, enclosing a photograph [not present]. High Street Kensington, 9 January 1873.

45. Letter of thanks from Julius de Reuter (1816-1899), news agency founder, to Spencer Ponsonby. Kensington Palace Gardens, 20 May 1874.

46. Letter from Maria Mitchell (1818-1819), American astronomer, to Dr J.H.S. Fogg, on collecting autographs. Vassar College, [New York], 2 February 1875.

47. Letter from W. Allingham to a Mr Swain, probably a publisher, on printer's proofs. Limpsfield, [Surrey], 2 May 1876.

48. Letter from George White to ?T.W. Selon, on a presentation to Rev. E.J. Jackson. Reform Club, [London], 27 November [1879].

49. Dinner invitation from R. ?Harvey to a Mr and Mrs Jones. Regent's Park, 22 January 1881.

50. Note from ?W. Sergisham to a Mr ?Weir. Finchley Road, [London], 8 July 1881.

51. Postcard from J. Rand Capron (1829-1888), amateur scientist, to a Dr Francis on his work on the rainband. Ventnor, [Isle of Wight], 18 March 1882.

52. Letter from J.H. ?Stokes to a Mr Roper on Sir Algernon Borthwick. Warwick Road, South Kensington, 14 January 1886.

53. Letter from J. G. Hargreaves to R.W. Salkeld, journal editor, thanking him for a favourable review. Market Place, n.p., 9 June 1889.

54. Letter from Walter Crane (1845-1915), illustrator, to a Mr. ?Harris, declining an invitation to give a lecture. Shepherd's Bush, 7 November 1890.

55. Letter from James Templer to a Mr Horton on laboratory apparatus. Aldershot, 5 May 1893.

56. Letter from a professional correspondent [name indecipherable] to the surgeon Francis Manley Sims, on a suspected case of tuberculosis. Camfield, Hatfield, Herts., 9 September 1893.

57. Letter from Frederick Sleigh Roberts, first Earl Roberts (1832-1914), army officer, to Rev. A.W. Petrie, on his aversion to cats. Dover Street, London, 14 October 1893. With an accompanying press cutting to which the letter refers.

58. Letter from Clement Hill, diplomat, to a Mr ?White, on an application for employment. Foreign Office, [London], 5 December 1895.

59. Letter from Alfred Scott, medical practitioner, to an unidentified professional correspondent, on a case of pemphigus. Brighton, n.d. Pasted together with a report apparently by Scott concerning the same patient, dated 25 June 1897.

60-61. Letters from William Boyd Carpenter (1841-1918), bishop of Ripon, to a Mr Nelligan, on a proposed meeting. The Palace, Ripon, 13 and 16 November 1898.

62. Letter from William Holman Bentley (1855-1905), Baptist missionary, to the archaeologist Henry Laver, on prehistoric tools from the Congo. Baptist Mission House, Holborn, London, 4 March 1905.

63. Letter from an Islington resident [name indecipherable] to a Mr Abrahams, on the Islington Gazette. 18 Alwyne Place, Canonbury, [London].

64. Letter from Lewanika (1842-1916), King of Barotseland, to a Captain Birdgen [sic] thanking him for a gift. Mafulo, [Zambia], 11 May 1907. Subscribed: 'written by J. Kambai'.

65. Letter from Samuel John Gurney Hoare (1880-1959), later Viscount Templeton, politician, to Miss Mabel Hyde, on his health. Cromer, 7 October 1910.

66. Letter from W.S. Colman to [the medical historian Joseph Frank] Payne, thanking him for loan of a book. Wimpole Street, [London], n.d. [19th or early 20th century].

67. Lines of Middle English verse on medicine in an anonymous 19th century hand. N.d.

68. Draft table of contents for an unidentified work of comparative religion. [19th century].

69. Letter of thanks from James Duke to Richard Lucas. Sussex Place, [London], n.d. [19th century].

70. Letter from a certain ?Thurborn to an unidentified correspondent, on the Winchester Diocesan Society. N.p., n.d. [19th century].

71. Letter from ?N.H. Leathley, [sanitary inspector], to a Mr ?Darton, on a job application. Green Street, Cambridge, 2 December, n.y. [19th century].

72. Letter from ?J. I. James, a senior naval officer, to a Mr Ramsay of the Scottish Society, accepting an invitation, Admiralty, [London], 28 November, n.y. [19th century].

73. Letter from George ?Catlin to an unidentified correspondent on a book delivery. N.p., n.d. [19th century].

74. Letter from a certain Ricord [? Philippe Ricord, 1800-1889, veneriologist], to a professional colleague. Lancaster Gate, [London], 3 April, n.y. [19th century].

75. Note from Wilfred ?Carter. Buckingham Gate, [London], n.d. [19th century]. Letter headed by a House of Commons stamp, crossed through. Annotated in pencil by a later hand: 'ophthalmic surgeon'.

76. Letter from John Hunter to a Mr Smith declining an invitation. Hull, 4 ?November, n.y. [19th or early 20th century].

77. Letter from Greville MacDonald (1856-1944), physician and writer, to the surgeon Lord Moynihan, congratulating him on a recent speech. Haslemere, n.d. [20th century].

78-85. Miscellaneous autographs, mainly of medical figures, including the apothecary William Allen (1770-1843), the accoucheur Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke (1782–1857), and the laryngologist Sir Felix Semon (1849-1921).



Physical description

85 pieces in 2 files 85 documents of various sizes.


Acquisition note

The bulk of the documents were purchased at auction in London: at Hodgson's, November 1905 (acc.92289); Puttick and Simpson's, June 1921 (acc.67261); Stevens', September 1928-June 1931 (accs 56483, 56545, 63313, 68126, 68130, 68167, 73104, 76733, 78749, 89269, 90163); Sotheby's, July 1930-November 1933 (accs 56370, 65133, 65134, 65271, 65821, 67469, 67540, 67553, 76088); Hurcomb's, February 1931 (acc.76587); and Glendining's, December 1931- May 1935 (accs 67601, 67716, 67720, 67744, 67896, 67925, 67935, 67947, 67950, 68609). Nos. 29 and 68 were purchased from Degrange, Paris, February 1931 (acc.64699E). Other documents were presented by Mrs Fothergill, September 1927 (acc.67370), H.J. Fuller, April 1929 (acc.49838), and Mrs Barrett, March 1930 (acc.91327). Nos 35-37 and 39 (letters to E.H.C. Monckton) were transferred from WHMM offices in c.1936 (acc.91486), having presumably been originally acquired in 1920 with Monckton's other papers (MSS.3596-3613). Likewise no.59 was thus transferred in c. 1939 (acc.91800). No.77 was found in a copy of Culpeper's Complete Herbal (acc.347980). Nos 19-20, 33, and 43 bear accession numbers that cannot be be traced in surviving accession records (though it is probable that the accession number 67300 inscribed on no. 19 should read 63700, which was an accession of autograph letters purchased from Charavay, Paris, in 1928-29). The remainder of the documents have no recorded accession details.

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