Transgender conferences: Harry Benjamin 4th International Conference on Gender Identity, Stanford CA, 1975

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Photocopy of conference proceedings as published in Archives of Sexual Behaviour 7/4, Jul 1978: Charles L. Ihlenfeld, "Dedication", Harry Benjamin, "Response", K. Roy MacKenzie, "Gender Dysphoria Syndrome: Towards standardized diagnostic criteria", Arthur James Morgan Jr., "Psychotherapy for transsexual candidates screened out of surgery", Lloyd Siegel , Arthur Zitrin, "Transsexuals in the New York City welfare population: The function of illusion in transsexuality", Elliott Blackstone Sergeant (Retired), " Non-Medical aspects: A police officer's view", Joel M. Noe , Ronald Sato , Clifford Coleman, "Construction of male genitalia: The Stanford experience", Donald Hastings, Colin Markland, "Vaginal reconstruction using bowel segments in male-to-female transsexual patients", David R. Wesser, "A single stage operative technique for castration, vaginal construction and perineoplasty in transsexuals", Donald Hastings, Colin Markland, "Post-surgical adjustment of twenty-five transsexuals (male-to-female) in the university of Minnesota study", Bangalore N. Jayaram, "Complications and undesirable results of sex-reassignment surgery in male-to-female transsexuals", Wanda Sadoughi , Bangalore Jayaram, "Postoperative changes in the self concept of transsexuals as measured by the Tennessee self concept scale", Norman M. Fisk, "Five spectacular results", Anthony Gottlieb, "Three atypical results", A. Dixon Weatherhead , Suzanne Powers, "Sex reassignment program: The Cleveland clinic foundation", Richard Green, "Transsexualism: A research note", John Money, "Open forum"



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