C19 Chinese paintings of famous physicians: Zhang Zhongjing

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Portrait of Zhang Zhongjing from Gudai yijia huaxiang (Portraits of Ancient Physicians), created by Lin Zhong (Qing period, 1644-1911) and published in 1816 (21st year of the Jiaqing reign period of the Qing dynasty, Bing Zi year). Gudai yijia huaxiang is a collection of portraits in colour of celebrated figures from the history of medicine, including Shen Nong (the Divine Farmer), Lei Gong (Thunder Duke), Zhang Zhongjing, Feng Gang, Venerable Ancestor Chun Yang (Liu Dongbin) and Grand Tutor Dou. It also contains a set of Mingtang (Illuminated Hall) illustrations of the zang and fu viscera viewed from above and below.


IMAGE TITLE: The father of the myriad books


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