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Clinico-pathological conferences. 5, Is it my heart?

  • Nicholas, Simon C.
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The video is preceeded by a Ciba Laboratories infomercial for Transiderm-Nitro. Part 1 is entitled 'Mr Simon Presents'. Mr Simpson is having tests on his heart in hospital on a treadmill with cardiogram. He recounts how he started to feel unwell. Part 2 is entitled 'Mr Simpson is referred to a rheumatologist' with the view that his shoulder plan in muscular rather than heart related. Mr Simpson describes his symptoms and then awaits the results of the tests. Still worried, he revisits the GP who carries out a resting ECG test in the surgery. Another series of tests are carried out - this time an exercise ECG. There are a number of cardiac and non-cardiac possibilities. The viewer is offered 1. Typical angina, 2. Atypical angina and 3. Cardiomyopathy. The symptoms are recapped. Real patients recount how they experienced similar symptoms. For one patient, an angiogram revealed a heart problem and he is offered an angioplasty. Another infomerical for Transiderm-Nitro is inserted. The symptoms are recapped for an alternative diagnosis; a patient outlines his symptoms. An angiography shows that the heart is normal but a barium swallow reveals a number of defects which are the cause of the patient's chest pain. Part 3; Typical Angina; the diagnosis is presented by Dr Richard Sutton, Consultant Cardiologist, Westminster Hospital.A patient outlines his symptoms. An angiogram as before is carried out. Finally a diagnosis of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is offered. A patient with this condition describes the symptoms.



Physical description

1 videocassette (42:49 min.) (DIGIBETA) : mute, colour.
1 videocassette (42:49 min.) (One inch tape) : mute, colour.
1 DVD (42:49 min.) : mute, colour ; 12 cm.


The Clinico-Pathological Conference (CPC) series of programmes started in 1975 and was designed to provide the pharmaceutical industry who sponsored their production with educational material to promote discussion with the medical profession. The programmes are rich in clinical interest and provide an insight into medical practice in the 1980s and 90s. Much greater emphasis was placed upon case history and a physical examination before the prevalance of CT scans and ultrasound. Originally there were eight sets of five programmes supplied as a boxed set (both set one made for Merck Sharpe & Dohme and set four are missing). The series was originally shot on film and then subsequently transferred to video whereupon some programmes and film elements have been lost or not retained as it was not cost effective to store them when no longer in circulation.
This series was distributed on VHS and this format allowed for a much less rigid form of presentation. Following the clinical presentation the audience was provided with the opportunity to choose one of four alternative diagnoses. For each diagnosis chosen, whether or not correct, a patient was featured who had that diagnostic label and the similarities and differences between that patient and the one shown in the presentation were highlighted. This added to the educational value of the programme.

Creator/production credits

Directed by Simon Nicholas.

Copyright note

Ciba Laboratories.
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