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Miscellany, 15-16th Centuries

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Letters and papers.


1. Receipt signed by Guillaume Ferrier, maistre en médecine, for a payment from a sum allotted to the prelates, nobles and others of Languedoc who attended the assembly of the three estates at Toulouse in February 1454, 14 September 1458, in French.

2. Lease from Carolus Saignet, Seigneur of Vaucluse, to Johannes Gondram and Petrus Genesquet, of land at ?Lagnes (in loco laneis) in the diocese of Cavaillon, France, 31 January 1475, in Latin.

3. Letter from Georges d'Amboise, Cardinal, to Louis XII, King of France, on European affairs, the health of Pope Julius II, and the death of Cardinal Pallavicini. Produced in Lyons, 25 September 1507, in French.

4. Note from Hieronymus de Lardis requesting his salary of 20 lire marchesane to be credited to Hieronymo de maestro Bartolomco Nigisolo, 29 May 1521, in Italian.

5. Receipt given by Hieronymus Schurpff, professor of law. Produced in Weimar, Dienstag nach dem Sontag Oculi, 18 March 1533, in German.

6. Letter from Robert Holgate, afterwards Archbishop of York, and other members of the Council of the North, to Sir Michael Stanhope, Lieutenant of Kingston-upon-Hull, requesting him to send 'maistir Stephenes doctoure of phisik' to attend Sir Robert Neville. Produced in York. 1 September, no year [c.1542], in English.

7. Letter from Filippo Thodi(?) and Alfonso Rossetto to Ercole II d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, on soundings of the river Po and dangers for navigation. Produced in Sabbioncello, 26 October 1542, in Italian.

8. Letter from Piermatteo Corvini to Giustino Mandosio in Amelia, on his illness and treatment with local medicinal waters. Produced in Orvieto, 20 June 1557, in Italian

9. Receipt signed by Melchior Fend, professor of medicine at Wittenberg, 1557, in German

10. Letter from Caspar Peucer, professor of medicine at Wittenberg, to Hicronymus Bomgartner, a senator of Nuremberg, 13 December 1558, in Latin

11. Letter from Thomas Francis, physician to Elizabeth I, to Bernard Gilpin, the 'Apostle of the North', concerning the Provostship of Queen's College, Oxford, 17 December 1561.

12. Letter from Caspar Peucer, professor of medicine at Wittenberg, to Thomas Matthias, a councillor of the Elector of Brandenburg, 3 Cal. Maii [29 April 1565], in Latin.

13. Fragmentary notes by Brunorus Petreus [? of Milan] on Pliny, zoology, astronomy, and on his own family, being marginalia cut from a printed book, 1566, 1582, in Latin.

14. Licence to practise as an apothecary, issued by Joannes Baptista Mosacchius of Viterbo, doctor of arts and medicine and Prothomedicus substitutus, to Delius Dierius. Produced in Orte [near Viterbo], 2 April 1568, in Latin.

15. Letter from Johannes Crato von Crafftheim, Imperial physician, to his friend Johannes Heinricus Heincelius of Augsburg, at Padua. Produced in Vienna, 14 Kl. Aprilis [19 March 1574], in Latin.

16. List of payments, including the salary of Giovanni Paolo Castagna, March 1574, in Italian.

17. Letter from Charles de L'Ecluse, or Carolus Clusius, physician and botanist, to Sir Philip Sidney, on European affairs. Produced in Vienna, 23 July 1575, in French.

18. Letter from Leonhard Thurneysser, alchemist and physician, to the Emperor Maximilian II, seeking a privilege for the publication of a herbal. With a note on the verso ordering a ten years' privilege to be issued, 3 July 1576, in German.

19. Letter to Carlo Emanuele I (1562-1630), Duke of Savoy, from the Health Office in the western part of the Duchy (Magistrat Général ... Sur la Santé de là les Monts) concerning plague precautions. Produced in Chambéry, 23 August 1581, in French.

20-21. Letters from Jakob Horst, afterwards professor of medicine at Helmstedt. Produced in Krems and Vienna, 19 April 1582, 31 January 1584, in German.

22. Letter from Johann Stromer, professor of law, to his friend Burgkhart. Produced in Weimar, 2 March 1584, in German.

23. Letters from Timotheus Mader [brother of Theophilus, see below] to Ludwig Lavater at Zürich. Produced in Frauenfeld, 8 March 1584, in Latin.

24. Letter from Joseph-Juste Scaliger, poet and scholar, to Gaucher (called Scévole) de Sainte-Marthe, poet, Trésorier de France in Poitou, 10 August 1587, in French.

25. Inscription by Johann Faber of Nuremberg [? Johann Faber (1566-1619), physician], probably a leaf from an album amicorum, written for Matthaeus Chypraeus, a theology student. Produced in Jena, 8 October 1593, in Latin and Greek.

26. Inscription by Theophilus Mader, professor of medicine at Heidelberg. Probably a leaf from an album amicorum, 24 July 1594, in Latin.



Physical description

26 items

Item 1: membrane. 76 × 253 mm.

Item 6: with a later transcript (watermark 1840).

Item 15: with an incomplete transcript, 1 f.

Acquisition note

Purchased from:
Item 1: R Bonnet, Viroflay, 1931 (acc.64442); Item 2: Charavay, Paris, 1928-29 (acc.63700); Item 3: Charavay, Paris, 1932 (acc.65657); Items 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 14 and 16: Sotheby's 3-4 April 1933, lot 392 (acc.67466); Item 6: Stevens', 30 Sept-1 Oct. 1930, lot 380 (acc.75574); Item 9: V A Heck, Vienna, 1932 (acc.65895); Items 10 and 12: Degrange, Paris, 1934 (acc.66597); Item 11: acquired before 1928, Museum reg. 10, A. 263; Items 15, 18 and 23: V A Heck, Vienna, 1934 (acc. 68527); Item 17: Degrange, Paris, 1932 (acc. 65659); Item 19: acquired before 1938 (acc.89255); Items 20-21: V A Heck, Vienna, 1932 and 1934 (acc.65895 and acc.68527); Item 22: Hintenburger, Vienna, 1935 (acc.69047); Item 24: Stevens' 3 March 1931, lot 437A (acc.56490); Item 25: Charavay, Paris, 1931 (acc.64700); Item 26: Charavay, Paris, 1935 (acc.68515).

Biographical note

Item 16: According to a note in a later hand, Castagna was the author of a plague tract published in Ferrara in 1572.

Finding aids

Database description taken from that in: Richard Palmer, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Wellcome Library for the History & Understanding of Medicine: Western Manuscripts 5120-6244 (London: The Wellcome Library for the History & Understanding of Medicine, 1999).

Language note


Ownership note

Item 3 was acquired from the Sensier collection by Alfred Morrison. See Catalogue of the collection of autograph letters formed between 1865 and 1882 by Alfred Morrison, compiled by A W Thibaudeau, 6 volumes (London 1883-92), Vol. 1, p. 17.

Item 13 shows ownership inscription 'Brunori Petrei ex munere Maximiliani Stampae Marchionis Soncini consobrini, Mediolani 1566'.


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