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Zovirax for the treatment of herpes simplex. Ophthalmic Ointment first marketed UK 16.09.81. See ACYCLOVIR - WF/M/PL/004. Available in 10 g. and 2g.cream, tablets and suspension, Ophthalmic ointment and Zovirax I.V.

Folder 1 includes Clinical Reviews (1988); Normal values in medicine (Medicine Gp. Marketing Ltd.); Major Advances in anti viral chemotherapy (includes wall charts).

Folder 2 includes two editions of Wellcome Medical Division "Zovirax changes the course of histories", 1986.

Folder 3 includes Genital Herpes Digest with "Dear Doctor" letters; Herpes Viruses in the Hospital.

Folder 4 includes four editions of "Zovirax in the immuno-competent patient"; Herpes Zoster a review and Genital Herpes booklet.

Folder 5 includes Gential and Facial Herpes Simplex booklet and Zovirax Systemic Treatment of Herpes Simplex.

Folder 6 includes Herpes Virus Disease booklet; Herpes Virus Disease and Zovirax Topical Treatment of Herpes Infections booklet.

Folder 7 includes Zovirax acyclovir booklet; Zovirax cream, booklet on by GMD; Zovirax tablets, booklet by GMD. Zovirax Bibliography March 1986 Update.

Folder 8 includes representatives Lecture Kit with booklets, initial training course and colour slides for both Genital Herpes.

Folder 9 includes representatives Lecture Kit with booklets and colour slides for Herpes Infections.

Folder 10 includes information booklets on Zovirax Acyclovir for the treatment of herpes simplex keratitis; For intravenous infusion; The significance of herpes simplex resistance to Zovirax (Acyclivir) in clinical practice.

Folder 11 includes a booklet of Genital Herpes information booklet for patients; Zovirax 2nd International Symposium May 1983.

Folder 12 includes Zovirax 2nd International Symposium including Poster presentation Scientific programme May 1983.

Folder 13 includes leaflets and cards.

Folder 14 includes information sheets on herpetic infections- Genital herpes, direction cards for patients and instructive wall charts.

Folder 15 includes information on orofacial herpes and recurrent HSV.

Folder 16 includes advertising material such as 'Quench the fire of shingles' and cold sores.

Folder 17 includes Zovirax Bibliography June 1987 update.

Folder 18 includes Technical Manual 2. (GMD).

Folder 19 includes Technical booklet copy, cover design and page layout. Zovirax Bibliography 1983

Folder 20 includes background notes to the development of Acyclovir and herpes viruses dated 1985; abstracts and pack range.

Folder 21 includes "Dear Dental Surgeon/Sir/Pharmacist/Doctor" letters.

Folder 22 includes overseas material such as brochures, data information and packaging.

Folder 23 includes colour transparencies and one colour photograph, re marketing of Zovirax.

Folder 24 includes data sheets and brochures U.K. material, dated 1990-1992.

Folder 25 includes U.K. material data sheets and brochures dated 1989.

Folder 26 includes U.K. material data sheets and brochures dated 1988.

Folder 27 includes U.K. material data sheets and brochures dated 1987-1986.

Folder 28 includes U.K. material data sheets, presentations and dosages and brochures dated 1985-1983.

Folder 29 includes U.K. material data sheets and brochures dated 1982-1981 and Medical Advisers' Package, Zovirax Bibliography 1992.



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