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Correspondence with the Medical Research Council concerning Crick's Studentship Award and subsequent employment. In addition, there is a letter from A V Hill (11 March, 1949): "Thank you for letting me know about your decision ...."

The file includes Crick, "Interim Note: Studies on the physical properties of the cytoplasm of cells in tissue culture", in which he writes (p. 2): "It will be remembered that in my original application to the Council I stated that I wished to obtain experience in working on living material. The problem suggested to me by Miss Fell and Dr Hughes has now reached a stage when it can conveniently be written up. A very brief note on its present state is attached [not in file]. Although this technique has enabled the approximate elastic properties of the cytoplasm to be measured satisfactorily for the first time, and although many further experiments suggest themselves, both in the biological and in the corresponding physical-chemical field, I do not wish to continue working on this type of problem." Crick continues by expressing a wish to "take up X-ray crystallography, and to become attached to the MRC group at the Cavendish under Dr Perutz."

The final letter in the file is a personal communication (31 May, 1960) to Crick from Luis(?) [ ], of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, República Argentina - perhaps Luis Rinaldini (see PP/CRI/D/2/36).



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A digitised copy is held by Wellcome Collection as part of Codebreakers: Makers of Modern Genetics.

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