Saint Elizabeth of Hungary bringing food for the inmates of a hospital. Oil painting by Adam Elsheimer, ca. 1598.

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view Saint Elizabeth of Hungary bringing food for the inmates of a hospital. Oil painting by Adam Elsheimer, ca. 1598.

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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary bringing food for the inmates of a hospital. Oil painting by Adam Elsheimer, ca. 1598. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). Source: Wellcome Collection.

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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, with a halo, offers a bowl of food and a tankard of drink to a man who sits up in bed. Next to the bed in the left foreground is a table covered by a green cloth, on which is a glass jug of water, and underneath the bed is a chamber pot. Two other patients lie in other beds in the room. Above each bed is a framed painting of a sacred subject. A large statue of the Virgin and Christ Child is mounted on one of the end walls. Two ladies attending Saint Elizabeth of Hungary stand in the centre of the room, and other people stand or sit around. Beyond, an arch divided from the front ward by a curtain which is drawn back to reveal another ward with three beds, each holding one patient

Above left, a large arched window, with a coat of arms placed within the top of the window embrasure. The arms are those of Saint Elizabeth's family--the Árpád dynasty of Hungary--except that they appear to be in the wrong orientation: the cross is on the sinister side and the bars on the dexter side, whereas the reverse is found in reference sources



Physical description

1 painting : oil on copper ; copper 27.8 x 20 cm

References note

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