Preston and Son, musical instrument makers, music-printers, publishers, and dealers in second-hand musical instruments, at their wholesale warehouses, No. 97, Strand, and Exeter 'change, London, manufacture and sell the following, with every other article in the music branch, wholesale, retail, and for exportation: Chamber organs Barrel organs Harpsichords spinnets Piano-fortes Grand piano-fortes ... Harpsichord and spinnet hammers Crow and raven quills Desks for harpsichords New-invented portable music-desks Rosin boxex, wood or ivory Mutes, brass, box, or ivory Mouth-pieces for French horns or trumpets, brass or ivory Mouth-pieces for German flutes Pens to rule music paper Ruled books of all sizes Ruled paper of all sorts Bows for violins, kits, tenors, violoncellos, and viol de gambos Bridges for violins, kits, tenors, violoncellos, viol de gambos, guittars, &c. Pags or pins, and tail-pieces for do. Hinges and locks for harpsichords and spinnets Reeds for bassoons, hautboys, clarionets, vauxhumanes, and bagpipes Cases for reeds ------ for flutes and hautboys ------ for violins, violoncellos and guittars also import the best Italian and Roman strings for violins, tenors, mandolines, violoncellos, double basses, welch harps, &c. German wire for harpsichords, spinnets, piano-fortes, guittars, &c. Italian catgut and wire strings, silvered in the compleatest manner, and well proportioned for violins, basses, guittars, and piano-fortes. Harpsichords, Piano Fortes, and spinnets let out by the month, quarter, or year; and tuned in town and country, by the year, quarter, or per time, on the shortest notice. - Musical instruments repaired in the nearest manner.

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[London : s.n., 1790]

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