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The family members represented here start with the children of Thomas Hodgkin junior (with the exception of a few letters to and from Thomas Hodgkin junior himself), and the others of their generation (great-grandchildren of John Hodgkin of Pentonville and Luke Howard) and continue to the late twentieth century, dealing in large measure with family history.



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There is considerable documentation relating to the family papers, i.e. commenting on items described elsewhere in this collection. See also PP/HO/O, for twentieth-century material on the Howard family.


Index to writers of letters held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

Arundel, Brian: PP/HO/J/A90

Baily, Leslie: PP/HO/J/A81-A86

Evitts, Ann: PP/HO/J/D110

Fox, Agnes: PP/HO/J/A11?

Fox, Anna: PP/HO/J/A57

Fox, O.L.: PP/HO/J/D41

Fox, R. Hingston: PP/HO/J/A21, A36, A40, A44, A52

Friends' Reference Library: PP/HO/J/A16, A34

Fry, Elizabeth: PP/HO/J/D125

Fry, Mariabella [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/A25, A39, A42, A49, A58, A62, D9, D19

Gatty, Horatia E.F.: PP/HO/J/A3

Godlee, R.J.: PP/HO/J/A35

Guy's Hospital: PP/HO/J/A14

Hale-White, W.: PP/HO/J/A55-A56, A66

Harrison, Janet: PP/HO/J/A92

Harvey, Ann: PP/HO/J/D113

Harvey, Mary: PP/HO/J/D114

Hodgkin, Adrian Eliot ["Jan", b. 1890, son of John Hodgkin 1857-1930]: PP/HO/J/A59-A60

Hodgkin, Alice Mary [1860-]: PP/HO/J/A64, A67-A69, A72

Hodgkin, Edward Christian: PP/HO/J/D36

Hodgkin, Howard: PP/HO/J/A24, A29, A38, A41, A43, A45, A50-A51

Hodgkin, Howard: PP/HO/J/A61, A64-A65

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/J/A61, D33, D35

Hodgkin, John, senior [1766-1845]: PP/HO/J/D117

Hodgkin, Jonathan Backhouse: PP/HO/J/A47-A48

Hodgkin, Lucy Anna [Fox]: PP/HO/J/A27-A29, A53

Hodgkin, Mary: PP/HO/J/D126

Hodgkin, Patrick Henry: PP/HO/J/A89?

Hodgkin, Robert Howard: PP/HO/J/A4, A73A, A78, A80, D29-D30, D44-D45

Hodgkin, Thomas [1666-1740]: PP/HO/J/D118

Hodgkin, Thomas Edward: PP/HO/J/A46, D39

Hodgkin, Thomas Lionel: PP/HO/J/A91, D20

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/J/A22

Hodgkins, Thomas S.: PP/HO/J/D103

Holdsworth, Lucy Violet [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/A29, A71

Howard, David: PP/HO/J/A23

Howard, Eliot: PP/HO/J/A30, D28

Howard, Henry S.: PP/HO/J/A73, A75-A77

Howard, Robert: PP/HO/J/A70, A72A, A74

Jones, Margaret: PP/HO/J/A63

Kass, Edward: PP/HO/J/A93

Keith, Arthur, Sir: PP/HO/J/A32

Kruta, Vladislav: PP/HO/J/A87-A88

Lyall, A.C.: PP/HO/J/A94

MacAlister, R.W.: PP/HO/J/A31

Matthew, Dorothy G.: PP/HO/J/A37

Millard, John: PP/HO/J/D116

Paget, V.: PP/HO/J/A8, A95

Penney, Norman: PP/HO/J/A16, A34, A60A, D125

Petrie, William Flinders: PP/HO/J/A13

Rawnsley, Hardwicke Drummond, Canon: PP/HO/J/A96

Ross, Janet: PP/HO/J/A33

Royal Society of Medicine: PP/HO/J/A31

Sabatier, Paul: PP/HO/J/A10

Sheward, Caleb: PP/HO/J/D111-D112, D115

Smith, E. Pye: PP/HO/J/A1

Suffe?, David: PP/HO/J/D31

Tristram, H.B.: PP/HO/J/A6

Tyler, E.B.: PP/HO/J/A7

University of London: PP/HO/J/A37

Vernon, William Warren: PP/HO/J/A9

Vinogradoff, P.: PP/HO/J/A15

Waterhouse, Elizabeth [Bessie]: PP/HO/J/A26

Wilks, Samuel: PP/HO/J/A2, A18-A20

Williams, Henry [clerk, Guy's Hospital]: PP/HO/J/A14

Index to writers of letters held in this section of the Hodgkin papers

[Unidentified]: PP/HO/J/A1-A2, A17, A26, A54, A56-A57, A63, A73-A78, A80, D65

Arundel, Brian: PP/HO/J/A91

Bosanquet, Ellen Sophia [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/A92; D136-D137

Fox, R. Hingston: PP/HO/J/A22, A37-A39, A43, A45, A49-A51; D11

Fry, Mariabella [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/A24, A47

Godlee, Rickman, Sir: PP/HO/J/D26

Gresford-Jones, Elizabeth Howard Fox [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/D136-D137

Harrison, George: PP/HO/J/D32

Hitchman, John: PP/HO/J/D110

Hitchman, Susanna: PP/HO/J/D110

Hochen, ?, Dr.: PP/HO/J/D10

Hodgkin, Alice Mary [1860-]: PP/HO/J/A71

Hodgkin, Andrew K. [great-grandson of Jonathan Backhouse Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/D129

Hodgkin, Charles Ernest [1861-1949; son of John Eliot Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/D128

Hodgkin, David K.R. [grandson of Jonathan Backhouse Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/D129

Hodgkin, Edward Christian [1913-]: PP/HO/J/A83, A85, D128

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Gibbs]: PP/HO/J/D117

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Howard]: PP/HO/J/D33

Hodgkin, Elizabeth [Rickman]: PP/HO/J/D125

Hodgkin, Howard: PP/HO/J/A27-A28, A31-A32, A35-A36, A40, A42, A44, A46, A48, A52, A55, A56?, A57?, A58-A60

Hodgkin, Howard: PP/HO/J/D12-D13

Hodgkin, Joanna [1949-, daughter of Edward Christian Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/D128

Hodgkin, John [1741-1815]: PP/HO/J/D116-D117

Hodgkin, John, junior: PP/HO/J/D31-D32

Hodgkin, Juliet K. [1949- ]: PP/HO/J/D128

Hodgkin, Keith: PP/HO/J/D128, D135

Hodgkin, Lucy Anna [Fox]: PP/HO/J/A29, D136-D137

Hodgkin, Nancy: PP/HO/J/D128

Hodgkin, Richard: PP/HO/J/D111-D115

Hodgkin, Robert Howard: PP/HO/J/A15, A60A-A62, A64-A65, A66?, A67-A70, A72A, A75?, A76?, A77?, A79, D65, D136-D137

Hodgkin, Rosemary: PP/HO/J/D128

Hodgkin, Stephen B. [1943-, great-grandson of Jonathan Backhouse Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/D129

Hodgkin, Thomas Edward: PP/HO/J/A4-A5, A11, A30, A53, A54?, D127, D136-D137

Hodgkin, Thomas Lionel: PP/HO/J/A81?, A82-A90, A93?, D126

Hodgkin, Thomas, junior: PP/HO/J/A7, A14, A18-A21, D136-D137

Holdsworth, Lucy Violet [Hodgkin]: PP/HO/J/A3?, A6, A8, A9?, A10, A12-A13, A17, A23, A33-A34, A72, A94-A96, D40, D136-D137

Howard, Robert: PP/HO/J/A73A

Hull, J. Fowler: PP/HO/J/D16

Kass, Edward: PP/HO/J/D21

Penney, Norman: PP/HO/J/D29-D30, D44-D45

Steinkopff, C.J.A., Dr.: PP/HO/J/D34

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Correspondents in the collection's many letters are indexed at section level in the catalogue. Readers are advised to consult indices here, make a note of where relevant individuals occur and then navigate to the file or volume that includes the number cited there. Similarly, if a search for a particular name yields a hit in this section-level index then make a note of the relevant reference and navigate to it. Copies of the original typescript catalogue for the collection, which includes a single overall index, is available.

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