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The following is an interim description which may change when detailed cataloguing takes place in future:

Papers generated by NAM in the course of collating the available information on HIV and AIDS for the manual. Includes correspondence, press releases, newsletters, conference papers and information, articles, grey literature, papers relating to NAM strategy, factsheets, presentations. Coverage includes disease symptoms, drug trials, drug treatments, conferences, protest groups, censorship, alternative therapies, drug pricing, prevention and protection, benefits and allowances, guides for overall management of condition. Also materials produced by NAM for those affected by HIV as well as service providers; includes manuals, directories, reports, factsheets, periodicals and other informational materials of varying technical complexity, primarily focused on treatment.



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Uncatalogued: 40 transfer boxes, 102 cassette tapes, 5 VHS tapes, 85 CDs, 44 CD-ROMs, 1 floppy disks, 1 mini CD and 592 digital files

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Accession 2213 was acquired 17/08/2015, accession 2254 acquired 16/11/2015, and accession 2520 acquired 04/07/2019.

Biographical note

NAM was founded by Peter Scott in 1987 when there was much misinformation about HIV and AIDS. Scott and a group of volunteers set about creating a source of calm, authoritative and trustworthy information on which those living with HIV in the UK could rely. This became known as The National AIDS Manual. NAM was one of the first organisations to produce accurate information on HIV and quickly became the UK’s primary source of HIV information. Since then, NAM’s users have grown and diversified within the UK and worldwide, so information is constantly revised, rewritten and adapted to take account of new needs and developments. NAM currently publishes more than just the 'Manual', a wide range of print, online and other digital materials for all communities affected by HIV and those working to support them.
(Adapted from the NAM Aidsmap website).

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