Articella. In an abbreviated verison of the first printed edition, and with the 'De regimine acutorum' omitted

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view <i>Articella.</i> In an abbreviated verison of the first printed edition, and with the 'De regimine acutorum' omitted

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<i>Articella.</i> In an abbreviated verison of the first printed edition, and with the 'De regimine acutorum' omitted. Public Domain Mark. Source: Wellcome Collection.

About this work


Written in a neat gothic script 20 lines to a page, in the last section 24 lines to a page. Part of a large ornamental capital on fol. I in blue and red, other initials in red and blue, and blue and red alternately. In the last section (Receipts), the iniitials in red only. Headings in red. A foliation in pencil has been added.

1. Johannitus. Isagoge ad Tegni Galenii: 19 ll. Fol. 2 eadem membra reguntur et eorum qualitas constar/... 21v, line 2 qualitate. tempore, quantitate, ordine. boni, ma/liue discretione.

2. Hippocrates. Aphorismi: 23 ll. Fol. 21v, line 3 (red) Incipiunt ipocratis amforismi. /[V]ita breuis, ars uero longna [sic]... 44v, line 17 deglutire non possit. mrotale. (red) Pronosti/ca ipocratis incipint.

3. Hippocrates, Prognostica: 14 ll. Fol. 44v, line 19 Omnis qui medicine artis studio ... 58v ... nostro quoque exposite sunt / ordine preceptorum. (red) INCIPIT liber / urinarum a uoce theophili.

4. Theophilus, Prostopatharius. De urinis: 18 ll. Fol. 59. De urinarum differentia negotium multi ueterum me / dicorum aggressi sunt ... 77v, line 4 ... et secundum / genera et species et differentias conuenienter exposuimus. (red) In / cipit liber philareti de negotio pulsuum.

5. Philaretus, De pulsibus: 5 ll. Fol. 77v, line 7. Intencionem habemus in presenti conscripcio / ne ... 82v et hec nobis sufficiant ad presencia. (red) Ex / plicit. Incipit prologus tegni.

6. Galen C., Ars parva: 48 ll. Fol. 83. Tres sunt ['omnes', superscribed] doctrine que ordine habentur / ... 131v ... et prescri / bens quot sunt et qualia determinancio [sic for 'determinabo'] / orationem in eis. EXPLICIT.

7. Rhazes, Antidotarium: 85 ll. Fol. 132 Incipit An[ridotarium Rasis ... ]. The rest of the line is erased, and the text begins on the verso of this leaf. 132v Confectio tincture capillorum denigrantis... 140v [Confectio medicinalis ad fluxum sanguinis e naribus] ... et suf / fletur in nasum et mictatur in eo licinium. 1463.



Physical description

1 volume 140 ll. 8vo. 18 x 12 1/2 cm. On vellum. 16th cent, stamped calf binding over wooden boards, both clasps wanting. The second leaf is wanting, and all but a fragment of the first.

Acquisition note

Purchased 1910.

Finding aids

Database description transcribed from S.A.J. Moorat, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts on Medicine and Science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library (London: Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 1962-1973).

Ownership note

There are many marginal and interlinear notes by contemporary hands, some of which have been erased.


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