What's the right diet for you. An Horizon special. 2/3.

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The perfect diet for you 2


This programme looks at the nation’s dieting and eating habits by putting overweight volunteers on personalised diets tailored to their genes, hormones and psychological profile. Part Two observes the effects of the volunteers’ personalised diets upon leaving the Diet Lab at Liverpool Hope University and returning to everyday life. Geneticist Dr Giles Yeo conducts an experiment using eye tracking glasses to explore why volunteers in the Constant Cravers eater category might have a propensity to notice food more. Presenter Professor Tanya Byron explores eating disorders and emotional eating. Byron and Emotional Eater volunteer Alison Vaughan visit Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where Neuroscientist Dr Hisham Ziauddeen measures Vaughan’s brain responses to food in an fMRI scanner. Professor Fiona Gribble conducts an experiment using ultrasound focussed around vegetable digestion. Presenter Dr Chris van Tulleken and Gribble explain the role of nerve signals in the digestion process. Nutrition Scientist Professor Susan Jebb and Byron discuss the early stages of dieting. Van Tulleken explains water loss during dieting. Byron explains the role of exercise during dieting. Exercise Scientist Dr Jason Gill conducts an experiment using accelerometers to see how intensive exercise affects the volunteer dieters’ bodies. The volunteers are provided with pedometers to remedy compensation through non-exercise. Jebb conducts an experiment involving sleep deprivation to explore how tiredness and demotivation can affect the dieters’ progress.



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1 DVD (60 min.) : sound, color, PAL ; 12 cm.

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BBC Scotland Science Production.


Broadcast on 13 January 2015 on BBC2.

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Produced and directed by Tom Watt-Smith.
Presented by Dr Chris van Tulleken and Professor Tanya Byron.



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