Water supply and sewerage ephemera. Box 2.

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Box file containing items of ephemera in acid free sleeves. Includes (water supply etc.) 'Tubor' water filters (early 20th century), silicated carbon filters (Battersea, London), water filters (esc, Fresh Water Filter Co., Doulton), RoSPA 'be water wise' advice on avoiding drowning, British Society of Dowsers, Manchester Corporation Water Works, Sargousette filters for water wells (1955 - Société nationale de Matériel pour la Recherche et l'Exploitation du Pétrole), Degrémont water processing services (1958), National Rivers Authority, Thames Water, OFWAT, water metering (2001), privitisation of water supplies (Italy, 2011), plumbing and drainage insurance. Sewage and sewerage ephemera includes: Edward Edwards (chimney sweeper, drain and cess pool cleaner and night man, Cheapside, London - 17th century?), Samuel Foulgar (nightman, unstopper of tunnels, cesspools and cleaner of sugar refiners' lime cisterns - St. Georges, Mddx. - 17th century?), plans to utilise sewage (Liverpool, 1866), Sanitary & Economic Manure Co. (Manchester) toilets and ash closets, John Fell & Company's (of Wolverhampton - taps, sinks, toilets, valves etc.) exhibit at the Universal Exhibition, Sydney, 1879, John Watts & Co.'s patent asphyxiator (for fumigating, disinfecting - 1882), Invicta Disinfecter (Rimington Bros. & Co.) destroys bad smells in water closets, urinals etc. (1885), Turner & Robertshaw's dividable closet or pail system toilet (1881), Albion Clay Co.'s Keith's patent water testing & flushing sewage gas trap (1894), 1897 Bakewell Rural District Council notice about domestic waste pipes under the Public Health Act of 1875, E.J. simmons (sanitary inspector, Guildhall, London, 1903 Guildhall Public Health Dept., London notice about defective soil pipes, overprinted samples of John Miller Ltd.'s 'perforated roll sanitary paper', Silkine, Globus, and Purolette (Edwardian?) toilet paper, with illustrations of holder units, Bowater-Scott's 'Softex', Andrex toilet tissue with aloe, San Bartolomeo public toilets (Venice, 1993), Eltex chemical closets, Walsingham Union Rural Sanitary Authority request for payment (1903), Compagnie des cornues et produits céramiques de Lyon-vaise: P. de Lachomette, Villiers & Cie. (1900?), Jennings' patent sewer pipes made by Robert Brown & Son (Paisley - 1892), Charles Hankin (sanitary engineer, Hampstead, London), A. Smellie & Co. Ltd. (ironmongers & sanitary engineers - Westminster, 1930s), Bostels Ltd. (sanitary engineer, London, 1939), Elsan chemical toilets, U.S. Dept of Health, Education and Welfare leaflet on septic tank care (1960), Clay Pipe Development Association's vitrified clay sewer pipes, Thames water's sewerage system and sewage treatment plants (1992), HoverAid (medical missons and clean water in Africa), Elsan indoor chemical toilets (1930), 'Instructions to men working in contact with sewage' : preventing leptospiral jaundice (London County Council, 1951), Horowhenua County Council plumbing, drainage & building inspector advert (1988), Poly-Tank (Rotoform Plastics Ltd. : 1987).

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1 box ; 34 x 33 cm.



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