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The arteries of the human body with a foetus in the womb. Watercolour by a Persian artist. Watercolour, with pen and ink ; image 31.3 x 21.7 cm.

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Diagram comparable to the "six picture series" or "Alexandrian series" pasted or bound in Persian manuscripts of the "Zakhirah-i Khvarazm’Shahi" ("Treasure of Khvarazm’Shahi") written by al-Jurjani (Isma‘il ibn Mu?ammad al-?usayn Jurjani) ca. 1110 AD, and the "Tashri?-i Mansur-i" ("Anatomy of Mansur" written by Man?ur ibn Mu?ammad ibn A?mad ibn Yusuf Ibn Ilya, ca. 1390 AD.


    Credit: Wellcome Collection

    Free to use with attribution

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