Dr Franck's "Grains de santé" for the digestion: their role in ensuring "freedom of the belly", compared with other freedoms (of speech, of hunting, of marriage, and of labour). Colour lithograph.

[between 1890 and 1899?]
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In the upper left corner, an illustration of the boxes in which the product is sold: on the left, a multicolour box, on the right a blue box

In the centre, a self-satisfied man smiles as an unsmiling serving girl brings a tureen of soup to his table: he enjoys a good digestion ("freedom of the belly"), thanks to Dr Franck's pills. Around are four roundels illustrating other freedoms: (top left) freedom of speech, in which a speaker on stage exchanges insults with a heckling crowd; (bottom left) freedom of hunting, in which hunters with guns and hounds look for birds or rabbit; (top right) freedom of marriage, in which one scene shows many women pressing around one man and the other shows one man proposing to a woman with many admirers; and freedom of work, in which an idler lies in the fields outside an industrial town and tells his wife and child that he only works on Sundays


Paris (91 Rue des Petits-Champs) : [publisher not identified], [between 1890 and 1899?]

Physical description

1 print : lithograph, printed in colours ; sight 37 x 45.5 cm


Véritables Grains de santé du Docteur Franck. Stomachiques. Apéritifs. Dépuratifs. Purgatifs. En fait de libertés, la meilleure est encore celle du ventre. ... Dépôt ici. Lettering on the roundels: Liberté de la parole: chacun exprimant son opinion. Liberté de la chasse: on demande a voir un oiseau ou un lapin. Liberté du mariage: toutes pour un, une pour tous. Liberté du travail: je me repose toute la semaine, je ne travaille que le dimanche


Wellcome Collection 537104i



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