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1953 - 1981
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Articles written by Hartree:

"On the Configuration of the So-called Dihydroxymaleic Acid", Journal of the American Chemical Society 75 (1953).

"Cytochrome in Higher Plants: Its Role in Photosynthesis", Biochemical Journal 85 (1962).

"Sialic Acid in the Bulbo-urethral Glands of the Boar", Nature Vol.196 No.4853 (1962).

"Stray Light in Ultraviolet Spectrophotometers: the need for a standard criterion", Photoelectric Spectrometry Group Bulletin 15 (1963).

"Observations on the Determination of Hexosamines in Hydrolyzates of Glycoproteins", Analytical Biochemistry 7 (1964).

"A Comparison of Horseradish Peroxidase and Manganese Ions as Catalysts for the Oxidation of Dihydroxyfumaric Acid", Biochemical Journal 107 (1968).

"Cambridge: Molecular Biology", Science 160 (1968).

"Lysosomes and fertilzation", Of Microbes and Life (1971).

"Determination of Protein: A Modification of the Lowry Method That Gives a Linear Photometric Response", Analytical Biochemistry Vol.48 No.2 (1972).

"The Discovery of Cytochrome", Biochemical Education Vol.1 No.4 (1973).

"Invading the Unknown", Science 181 (1973).

"Cytochrome Updated", Nature New Biology 246 (1973).

"The Acrosome-Lysosome Relationship", Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 44 (1975).

"Sialic Acid and Reproduction", a bibliography and review.

"Ethics for Authors: A Case of Acrosin", Perspectives in Biology and Medicine Vol.20 No.1 (1976).

"Spermatazoa, Eggs and Proteinase", The Eleventh CIBA Medal Lecture (1976).

"Keilin, cytochrome, and the concept of a respiratory chain", Of Oxygen, Fuels, and Living Matter Part 1 (1981).

"Metabolism of Plasmalogens", reprinted from Metabolism and Physiological Significance of Lipids (no date).


1953 - 1981

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