Transgender conferences: 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium on Gender Dysphoria Symposium, Stanford University, 1973

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Photocopy of published proceedings: Milton Edgerton, "Introduction", Virginia Prince, "Sex Vs Gender", Jon K Meyer, "Some Thoughts on Nosology and Motivation Among 'Transsexuals'", Anke A Ehrhardt, "The Etiology of Transsexualism", Joel Fort, "Philosophy and Problems in Establishing a Gender (and Sex) Program", RJ Gardiner, HC Brown, H Warnes, "Experience at the Montreal General Hospital with Transsexualism", BW Steiner and D Paitich, "The Toronto Gender Identify Project: A Preliminary Report", Joseph C Finney, Jeffrey M Brandsma, Murray Tondow, and Gress LeMaistre, "A Psychological Study of Transsexualism", IM Buch, R Pasen, C Overman, W Sadoughi, K Mellinger, and B Jayarom, "Method of Preoperative Evaluation of Transsexual Patients", MJ Pearson, "A Diagnostic Survey of 23 Patients Applying for Gender Surgery", Joseph C Finney, "Transsexuality and the Laws on Sexual Mores", David Clayton, "Legal Aspects of Transsexualism", J William McRoberts, "Sex Conversion Surgery for Biological Male Transsexuals", Georges Burou, "Male to Female Transformation", Ira M Dushoff, "Economic, Psychologic and Social Rehabilitation of Male and Female Transsexuals Prior to Surgery", Marie C Mehl, "Role of Public and Private Agencies in Transsexual Rehabilitation", Donald R Laub, "Total Management and Responsibility for Transsexual Patients", Patrick Gandy, "Follow-up on 74 Gender Dysphoric Patients Treated at Stanford", Charles Ihlenfield, "Outcome of Hormone-Surgical Intervention on the Transsexual Condition: Evaluation and Management", Donald Hastings, "Experience at the University of Minnesota with Transsexual Patients", Thomas Kando, "Socialization of Feminized Transsexuals", Alex J Arieff, "Five-Year Studies of Transsexuals: Psychiatric, Psychological and Surgical Aspects"



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