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Henry Wellcome Letter Book 9

May 1905 - Feb 1906
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Wellcome Foundation Ltd
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** The original item is too fragile to be produced. Please order the microfiche version quoting the reference AMS/MF/167. **

400 pages used. Many of the letters in this volume are very faint - a light blue ink was used in some of the letters, which did not produce a good copy.

Duke of ABERCORN 97 HSW invited DoA to the 25th Annual Fete for the employees - interest in employee welfare.
ALLEN & HANBURYS, to W Ralph Dodd 102 re WC&I Garden Party.
ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, C Carroll Meyer 70 enc. cheque.
AMERICAN BUREAU, London 317 ordered 'The American Blue Book'.
AMERICAN PUBLISHING CO. 11, 317, 326 enc. cheque (and information) for 'Bancroft's Americans in London'.
AMERICAN SOCIETY IN LONDON, FC Van Duzer 66, 76, Also Benevolent Fund to Seligman Bros. 284. Re. Society dinners and enc. subscriptions, donations.
Mr Minoji ARAKAWA, London 312 re missing items purchased from Isoda at the St Louis Exhibition.
Prof HE ARMSTRONG 134 re. 'special train' to Dartford.
ASSOCIATION OF ECONOMIC BIOLOGISTS, Herbert Stone 357 enc. subscription
ASSOCIATION OF INDUSTRIES, to F Schloesser 44, 132, 141, 149, 151, 156, 161, 170, 205, 223, 243, 270, 275, 291, 314, 330. Also to Kemp Welch 127. Re. meetings; also 44 enc. papers re. 'The Advertisers Protection Society Ltd.'; 127 & 149 loans to the Ass. inc. re. Morgan Richards; enc. Aug. copy of Chemist & Druggist article on substitution; 223 forwarded 'Drapers Record' article 'Trade Morality'; 243 enc. 'British & Colonial Druggist' article Sep 1905 re. Vinolia;
EE AUSTIN, Natural History Museum 220, 342 enc. drawing by Mr. Muir, for Balfour.

Miss S BAKER 110 enc. cheque
Dr BALFOUR, WRL, Khartoum 54, 127, 184, 237, 252, 294, 322, 323, 334, 336, 344, 347, 356, 358, 363, 364, 372, 377, 382, 383, 396, 402, 403. Mainly re. the distribution of the 1st WRL report and the subsequent writing of the 2nd WRL report - provision of articles, (by AB & Beam) illustrations (by Theobald and Muir); Also 54 re. termination of both Neave and Mr Bright's employment; 184 enc. items from WC&I 25th fete; 237 & 252 re. Verascope camera for WRL.
Dr BARGER 224, 228 enc. Chemist & Druggist article; and thanked B for copies of various chemical papers.
H BARHAM & Co, E Blake 134 ack. letter
Mrs BARANADO 254, 259, 261, 264 re. TJ Barnado's death - sympathy letters etc. Also to Miss PLIMSAUL, c/o Mrs Barnado 245, 249, 260, 307, 308, 318. re. Barnado's death, funeral and sympathy messages.
CG BARNADO, Oxford 390 enc. photograph of TJ Barnado
WSC BARNADO, Trinidad 367 enc. photograph of TJ Barnado
BARNADO'S HOMES, to CF Baker 253, FM Scoone 255, 260, Claude Wright 249, 255, 258, 346, 354; JP Dawbarn 305. 249 re. TJ Barnado's funeral, obitutary etc. 305 re. Dr Barnado photos.346 re. memorial album.
Dr William BEAM 166, 384 re. meeting and work at WRL, Khartoum.
Miss Mollie BENNETT, Grenada 222 enc. copies of 'Farmyard Series' pictures.
V BENOIST 139, details of Henley luncheon;
J BLABER 96 re. Empire Clock left for HSW by Jephson.
William BLAIR, Greenock 91 re WRL report, the climate in Cairo region and malaria
Mrs BLANDY 304 HSW's private address.
Victor G BLOEDE, Catonsville, USA 348 ack. letter
Prof RW BOYCE, School of Pathology, Thompson Yates Laboratories, Liverpool, 109 enc. donation.
BRETANO'S, Booksellers, Washington 221 enc. cheque
HL BRIDGMAN, Brooklyn 64 enc. WRL report.
HG BRIGHT 222 re. WC&I inventory
Guilio BRITI, Genoa 131 ack. receipt of 'Il Corriers di Genove' re. HSW's historical exhibition.
BRITISH COLONIAL DRUGGIST, W Philip Want, 94 104, 130 re. loaned photograph.
BRITISH INSTITUTION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES 14 HSW accepted the Earl of Meath's invitation to the opening of the offices and library
BRITISH VACUUM CO 103, 143 re. carpet for cleaning.
BROMLEY COUNCIL George Stone 252, 256, 369, 398, also to JF Croome 379; re. rates for The Nest, 379 re. taxes
BROMLEY GAS CO 20, 232, 234, 320, 395, enc. cheques re The Nest.
BROMLEY RECORD 219, 258, 289 ordered copies of paper.
B BROOKS 115, 126, 155, 173 re. items to be sent to and removed from The Nest;
Prof Orville H BROWNE, Medical Dept, St Louis University, USA 353 re. donation of chemicals to university exhibition.
Sir Lander BRUNTON 62 re proposed 'National League for Physical Education and Improvement',
J BRYANT 386 ack. letter

F CAPON 4 enc. cheque
CARLYLE'S HOUSE MEMORIAL TRUST, Gl Lumsden 375 re. annual meeting
James CARTER & Co 326 enc. cheque
H&W CARR 368 enc. cheque
CASSELL & CO., FJ Cross 253 re. meeting
Dr E CAUTLEY 79, 120 enc. cheque; 120 re. attendance at WC&I 25th fete
CHEMISTS' ASSISTANTS' ASSOCIATION, AR Arrowsmith 395 enc. cheque
TH CLARK (BW&Co page boy) 8, 13, 32. 7 to Mr Clark's father re TH Clark's return to London from Bournemouth where he had stayed due to ill health (paid for by HSW), also 32 enc. cheque.
C Godwin CLAYTON Chemical Laboratory Holborn 219 ordered memoirs of the late Dr Arthur H Hassell 218
Rev G CLOWES, Hayes Kent 179 [very faint and obscured by bleeding] enc. cheque for St Mary the Virgin.
S COHEN & Co 295 enc. cheque
Mrs COOK 247 re. replacement of wreaths [for TJ Barnado]
Thos COOK & Sons 42, 72, 92, 103, 350. 42-103 re. damaged goods sent from Paris to 'Sans Walk'; 3540 enc. cheque.
Herbert CUMMINS 153 re. propagation of Carica Papaya
CURTIS PUBLISHING Co, Philadelaphia 32 ordered copy of newspaper.
James CURRIE, Director of Education, Sudan 55 re. termination of Neave's contract.
WE CURTIS 119 thanked for help with procuring the Philippine Census.

DAILY TELEGRAPH 267 re. order for additional copies of paper.
DARTFORD COUNCIL W Kay 17 re. Col. CN Kidd (CNK donated local recreation ground).
DARTFORD FOOTBALL CLUB GW Sarel 192 enc. donation and became vice-president.
DARTFORD GRAMMER SCHOOL, to C Jodrell Mansford 57, 161, 313 Mainly re invitations to events; also 155 to Charles P Hines enc. cheque re. Sports Fund.
DARTFORD RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB, to CG Riden 259 enc. donation
DARTFORD ROYAL WEST KENT REGIMENT, Major G Morphew 165, 332 enc. donations
DARTFORD YWCA, Miss SEAGER 392 enc. donation
Mrs J Lumley DAVIES 271 enc. wedding present
DEAN & TYLER 362 re. mantles for Mrs HSW.
MF DENT 96, 125, 202, 285. repair of HSW's 'Empire Clock'.
DIEUDONNE HOTEL, London 183 re. parcel.
Arthur DIOSY 393 re. HSW's Formosa Hats.
DIRECTOR OF STORES, Cairo 292 re. goods being sent to WRL, Sudan.
Dr W DOWSON 30, 107, 236, 244. 30 re. WD's illness; 236 HSW enc. historical items for sterilisation; re. gift for the gardener - Archibald Frederick Ward.
JW DRYSDALE 100 re. meeting.
Dr Peter J DUNCAN 233 enc. cheque for attending Thomas Clark
Mr DUFAYEL, Paris 164, 191, 214, 278, 302 re. purchase of cloth [all letters in English and French].
Dr Charles W DULLER, Dept of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 64, 89. 64 enc. WRL report; 89 HSW knew CD's 2 brothers, mainly re HSW's historical exhibition.

WH EBBITT (Junr), & WH EBBITT (Senr) 14 New York, HSW turned down his application to be a 'Traveller' as WHE (Jr) did not have 'technical training' as a pharmacist.
EDINBURGH MEDICAL MISSIONARY SOCIETY, C Sargood Fry 274, 287 enc. 7 Medicine Cases for 'Zenana Medical Missionary Exhibition, Edinburgh' inc. cases used by Harrington, Nansen, Decle, Gratton and 3 Antarctic teams.
EMPRESS CHAPTER 140 unable to attend meeting.
EMULATION LODGE OF IMPROVEMENT, JH Jenks 389 enc. donation to Russell presentation.
DH EVANS & CO 215 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW

FAIRCHILD BROS & FOSTER, New York 195 ack. receipt of cases.
Ellis FAREBROTHER & CO 159 ordered furniture sale catalogue
AH FARROW & CO 37 requested quote for hire of horse and carriage.
J FERREIRA, Madeira 345, 365 re. account.
FIDELITY LODGE to Dr Sandberg 289 351, 388 re. voting papers, meetings, subscriptions.
WJ FISHER 304 invited to Imperial Industries Club.
A Chune FLETCHER 19, 28, 34, 238, 301. 19 HSW offered ACF a place to watch the King of Spain's procession Jun 1905; 28 & 34 re. Dowson 'severely ill' with influenza; 238 re. meeting at Hayes.
FUNK BROS SEED CO Illinois, 374 ack. letter
Mrs Frances E FURNIVALL 200 HSW referred her to Messrs. Maw or Carter.

Madame GARENNE 378 ack. letter.
Mr GARNHAM 178 re. roofing at The Nest
GENERAL SERVICE CO 46 re. missing items from St. Louis Exhibition
GERARD & CO 36, 247 enc. cheque; 247 re. wreath [for TJ Barnado].
Mr GILCHRIST 199 re. specimens of native Congo medicine
AH GIRDLESTONE 'The Daily News' 264, 279 re. meeting.
Messrs GOODYER 83, 99 ordered cloth [for Maypole dresses].
GOULDSMITH & SON 57, 98, 257, 266 mainly re. purchase of lace, also re. cleaning a bird skin rug and Mandarin's robe.
GRANDS MAGASINS DU LOUVRE 154, 169, 182 enc. cheques
Sir James A GRANT 147 enc. pamphlets re 25th WC&I fete
GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY 135 train reservation for Henley
AJ GREEN 373 ack. letter
Harold GRIFFITHS 263, 287, 290 re legal advice, also fees re. Tautz & Co.
F GUTEKUNEST, Philadelphia 56 enc. cheque
Oscar GUTTMAN 268 ordered book on history of gunpowder.

HALL'S HOTEL, London 240 room reservation
CSN HALLBERG, Chicago 370 ack. 'Bulletin of the American Pharmaceutical Association'.
CE HARRIS 111 HSW unable to assist with 'production of a secret remedy' as BW products ingredients were 'published to the medical profession'.
Traer HARRIS 349 enc. cheque
Colonel HARRISON 200, 347 ordered copy of pamphlet on Central African Pygmies
Reginald HARRISON 111 ack. receipt of 'The Ambulance in Civil Life', by RH.
HARRISON BROS & HOWSON 95, 144, 152 re. silver tea service;
HARRODS Ltd 371 re. account.
AS & BS HARVEY 329, 331, 341, re. Gordon Memorial College and 2nd WRL report.
HAYES PARISH CHURCH, J Arnold, enc. cheque for church rates.
Mrs HEWAT 246 re. train journey.
Mrs F HEYMAN 297 enc. wedding gift of sideboard.

Aubrey T HILL, Phoenix Mills, Dartford 6, 23, 27, 33, 43, 52, 85, 95, 114, 122, 137, 145, 207, 227, 241, 243, 248, 261, 269, 271, 300, 310, 328, 330, 338, 339, 376, 402. Wide range of BW&Co and personal business -
* 6 & 23 re. Indian corn to be dried and sent to Egypt, whilst 300 enc. 'American cereals';
* 27, 43 & 227 re BW&Co employee wedding gifts [43 mentions Percy Day] 227 HSW ordered that where employees were marrying each other only one present would be sent [Miss EB Armstrong and Mr R Cunningham were luckily still sent their 2 gifts!];
* WC&I - 33 oak table provided for the dining room, 85 & 122 details 25th fete, inc. costumes for Maypole Queen and train bearers; 95 re items from St Louis Exhibition; 114 visit to Dartford and WC&I; 50 & 145 visit of Royal Society of Public Health members;
207 re. United Cigarette Machine Co.; 338 HSW loaned bedroom furniture to WC&I; several enc. cuttings and articles on subjects from 'Stamping out consumption: what the Post Office has done', 'A Useful Label Clip', 'Maisin' pill coating and pill machines.
* local donations to 269 Dartford Athletic Football Club; 376 YWCA, Misss Seager; 402 Rev. Percy Smith Parish Fund;
Also 248 tickets for Olympia Electrical Exhibition;
Lord HILLINGDON 61 HSW accepted membership of the Gordon Memorial College Committee

Mrs L HISCOCK 7 re TH Clark.
Wm HOFFMAN 8, 201 re. meeting, 201 re. personal advice [vague].
HOME SECRETARY 15 re. reference for Miss Wade's application as a female factory inspector (qualified chemist).
HOOK, KNOWLES & CO 212, 216, 327 re. shoes for HSW, enc. cheques.
Rev H HOOLE, Dartford 152 HSW unable to attend meeting.
A HORSCH, Vereinighte Chemische Werke 254 ack. sympathy letter
FM HOYT, Milwaukee, 348 ack. letters
HUNTLEY & PALMERS Ltd, To H Pretty 240 re. meeting.

Mrs Masatoma IDOSA, Formosa, China 158 re.HSW's hat ordered at St Louis Exhibition.
IMPERIAL INDUSTRIES CLUB 58, 315, 331 also to JE Evans-Jackson 167, 257, 305. re. dinners, activities, enc. cheques.
IMPERIAL VACCINATION LEAGUE Miss Margaret Shaby 192 enc. donation
C IRISH, Kentish Town 41, 157, 171. 41 re. meeting at 'The Nest'; 157 re illness enc complimentary Eucalyptia and Hazeline, also WC&I 25th fete souvenirs, 171 re. Harding.

JAPAN PRESS 138 enc. subscription 'Anglo-Japanese Gazette'
JAPAN SOCIETY 38, 80 re. JS meetings.
AJ Mounteney JEPHSON 107, 352, enc. complimentary 'Lanoline' soap and 'Cymric Medicine' pamphlet.
Mr JESURUM 206 re. meeting
Arthur JOHNSON, Cellular Clothing Co 223 ack. receipt of 'Drapers Record' cutting
Edward JONES, Carpenter & builder 16, 68, 84, 105, 162, 256, 272, 290, 296. re works in garden, bathroom, coal shed, fitting blinds etc. [16 'cancelled'] Loose in 282-283 on 'The Nest' headed notepaper, a sworn affidavit by Jones that he would abstain from alcohol / be teetotal for 2 years, statement written by HSW - witnessed by HSW and GMS Wellcome.

KEITH PROWSE & CO 231 enc. cheque
A Andrew KELLY 156 re. meeting
KEMYS TYNTE & TEMPLE CRESSING, J Percy Fitzgerald 82 re. meeting.
Imre KIRALFY 29, 63, 163, 213, 351, mainly re. the Liege Exhibition; also re. proposed Shepherds Bush exhibition.
KIRBY LODGE OF INSTRUCTION FW Ward 288 re. annual dinner
KNIGHT, FRANK & RUTLEY 81 HSW placed antiques in sale.
John KNIGHT & SONS, to J Baillie Knight 177, 181 re. meeting
KNOTT & SONS, Florists, Bromley 272 enc. cheque
W KRIS, Vienna 27, 329 re. purchase of items - cushion and holdall.

JB LAMB 21 re. Epsom College Election.
Messrs LAMBERT 295 enc. cheque
GF LAWRENCE, Wandsworth 39, 53 purchase of antique delft jars and bottles.
W&J LAWRENCE, Coal & Coke Merchants, Kent 270, 315 enc. cheques.
Messrs LEE & WIGFULL 396 re. silver dish.
LESLEY & ROBERTS 368 enc. cheque
LEVENS SON & HOARE 18, 38, 210-211, 279 re. rental of 'The Nest', also re. Stramshall Lodge
John LEWIS 298 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
LIBERTY & CO 213 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW
LINKENHEIL & CO, Berlin 175 re. purchase of porcelain items at St. Louis Exhibition.
LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE, Leyton, to CF Harford 109, 128 re. donation to fund.
F LLEWELLYN 40 re. good sent to 'Sans Walk'.
LLOYDS ORIENTAL CAFÉ 188 ordered Cadena New American Blend Coffee [very faint with bleeding]
LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, to Kenric B Murray 20, 58, 226, 280, 356, 364. enc. cheques, also, 20 ordered copies of LCC publication; 58 re. Canadian reception; 356 & 364 re. dinner 'Anglo-American relations'.
LONDON SCHOOL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE 59 enc. donation to funds.
LORD MAYOR 123 HSW accepted invitation to LM's Conference on the Prevention of Epidemic Smallpox.
LOTUS CLUB 93, 361 requested list of members, enc. subscription.

Madame MARCELLE 83, 337 enc. cheques for Mrs HSW
JC MARSHALL 362 ack letter
MARSHALL & SNELGROVE 166, 172 re. goods for Mrs HSW
Sully MATTERN, Bilbao 40 HSW requested return of money.
Mrs MCDOWELL 250 re. meeting.
METROPOLITAN WATER BOARD, to Alfred Smith & JG Gill 19, 232, 234, 286, 381. enc. cheques re. The Nest.
FB MEYER, Meyer Bros Drug Co., St Louis 45, 130 asked FM to locate BW&Co items missing after the exhibition.
MINISTER OF WAR, Egyptian Army Alexandria 293 re. goods being sent to WRL, Sudan.
MITCHELLS 75, 241. enc. cheques re automobile and theatre tickets.
B MOORE 34, 36, 51, 56, 76, 151, 172, 193, 198, 208, 309, 332, re. purchase and renovation of furniture, enc. cheques. [205 cancelled letter]
HAYES CURATE FUND, Huson Morris 207 enc. cheque
Mr Richard MUIR, Pathology Dept., Edinburgh 231, 283, 319, 339, 343, re. drawings of flies for WRL's 2nd report.

NATIONAL PRESS INTELLIGENCE, New York 94, 98 re. press cuttings.
A Sheffield NEAVE 67, 150, 174, 186, 345, 359, 363, 375, 378, 384, 393. re. development of photographs, for WRL report; inc. 186 technical details re. failure to develop; also re. microscope slides.
Lionel NEWBURY 203 re. book on John Newbery
George NEWNES Ltd 266 ordered copy of 'The King' article on BMA meeting.
Dr Wm H NICHOLS, New York 176 enc. items from 25th WC&I fete
SNV NORTH, Director, Dept Commerce & Labor, Washington 120 thanked for copies of the Philippine Census.

Mrs JP O'CONNOR 397 enc. complimentary bottle of Saxin.
OCCUPER OF 2 St Leonard's Rd Surbiton 245 collected items of clothing
OLIVER TYPEWRITER CO 327 enc. cheque
Madame OSTERBERG 75 declined invitation to Gymnasium Demonstration.

W Booth PEARSALL 43 re. meeting.
PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY of GREAT BRITAIN, R Bremridge, 65 enc. cheque re. dinner.
PICKFORD & CO 82, 93 re. damaged hose reels.
Rev PITMAN, Seasalter, Kent 335 enc. donation to Parish Hall Fund
PITMAN'S METROPOLITAN SCHOOL, B De Bear 218 re annual meeting.
PLYMOUTH ETC CHEMIST'S ASSOCIATION to FA Spear 318, 320 re. annual meeting, enc. cheque.
Willis H POST, The Grape-Nuts Co, 324 HSW invited WHP to Savage Club dinner

QUATUOR CORONATI LODGE, to WH Rylands 51, 360 enc. subscription, also re. meetings.

RED LION HOTEL, HENLEY 136 reserved rooms for regatta.
Thos REEVES 33 confirmed meeting [very faint, added best wishes for TR's family].
Whitelaw REID, American Ambassador to England 87, 168. [both very faint] HSW had a letter of introduction from General John Foster of Washington, and had met WR at the Lotus Club in New York and later in London - wished to arrange a suitable time to call on WR; 168 re. historical medical items for sale of interest to 'Lafayette, Washington etc.', mentions the late BF Stevens.
Prof DP REMINGTON 160, 400. 160 re. 1905 publication 'Remington's Pharmacy', JB Lippincott & Co.'s decision to terminate BW&CO as agents of RP in Europe, HSW's note that medics in the British Empire loath to pay for such works, note that BW&Co trade Mark names should be noted as trade marks in the new publication; 400 ack. letter.
John Morgan RICHARDS 11 re. lack of position for Mr Shore.
W Barrett RIDGELY 163 re. picture for Mrs Cullom
RA ROBINSON 144, 164 re. gold locket lost at Dartford
FA ROGERS 299 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
LH ROGERS 228 enc. copy of 1905 Trade Marks Act
CH ROSS, Associate Banks Minneapolis 262 re. son's London visit.
ROYAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, J Scott Keltie 59, 358 re Natural History Museum receptions and annual report.
ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Thos H Sedgwick 225 re. venue for HSW's historical exhibition.
ROYAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH, Dr James Cantlie 106, 116, 140, 141, 148, 189. re. meetings and dinners; also visit by 50 members to Dartford and the WC&I; [111 cancelled letter to JC]
ROYAL LONDON YACHT CLUB, Walter Earles 317, 365 enc. cheque
ROYAL MEDICAL BENEVOLENT COLLEGE, 391 re. Epsom College Election
ROYAL SOCIETY 110 re. reception.
Mrs WA RUFFELL 230 (nee Miss Millware) enc. wedding gift of cutlery and table silver

A Gordon SALAMON 31 re. Nichols' invitation.
SALVATION ARMY Wm Turner 338, 387 enc. donations
Mons A SAMBON, Paris 68 ack. receipt of 'casts of old medical coins' for HSW's medical exhibition.
MM SAVAGE 125 re British Pharmaceutical Society.
SAVAGE CLUB EC Peacock 235, 321, 325, 342, 367; to Hartley Watson 309. Mainly re. dinners, enc. subscriptions; 309 enc. donation to Miss Bond Andrews fund.
SAVAGE CLUB CHAPTER Gerald Maxwell 268, 387; to CH Green 297; Walter J Ebbetts 335; AE Young 387; re. meetings, subscriptions etc.
SCOTTS Ltd 138 enc. cheque
Mrs May French SHELDON 386 George E Pearson to visit
GH SHEPHERD 74 denied GHS's request for invitation to Society of Chemical Industry Garden Party at WC&I.
SHOOLBRED & CO 12, 35, 132, 229, 242, 340, 355, 370 re. boxes in storage, enc. cheques.
W Teignmouth SHORE 12 unable to offer WTS a job.
SKINNERS & GRANT 226 enc. cheque
WH SMITH & SON 307, 349 enc. cheques
SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE 48 ack. receipt of 'Census of The Phillipine Islands'
W SNELL, Taggs Island 181 enc. cheque re. Henley Regatta
SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF INEBRIATION, Dr TN Kelynack 129 HSW became an associate member.
SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, to JL Baker 6, 10, 60, 101, 104, to S Hall 350. Mainly re dinners, and receptions, inc. some receptions for overseas visitors. 10 HSW accepted a position of the Ladies Committee to receive American & colonial members' wives on July visit.
SOUTH EASTERN & CHATHAM RAILWAY 5, 308 ordered monthly copy of the London-Dartford timetable, enc. cheque
STATION MASTER, BROMLEY 21 ordered London-Bromley monthly timetable.
STATION MASTER, HAYES 22 ordered London-Hayes monthly timetable.
A STEPHENS & CO 298 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
Clement STEPHENSON, Newcastle 190 ack. item for HSW's historical exhibition.
Edward STETSON, Maine 30, 35 enc. Balfour report and other company literature.
Charles STEWART 24, 67. 24 ms letter Mr & Mrs HSW accepted invitation to stay with Mr & Mrs CS [at Hildeclare]; 67 enc. 'Letters from a Self Made Merchant to His Son'.
Mrs EK STOREY, Dressmaker 78, 79, 86, 90, 121, 123, 173, 337. details re. 15 white empire dresses for Maypole Queen, trainbearers and pageboy [Mrs HSW & BW employees?] at WC&I 25th fete, enc cheques; also enc. cheques for Mrs HSW.
Mrs H SWADLING 31, 41 booked rooms for Henley Regatta, enc. cheque.

Tom TAGG & SONS to George J Tagg, 65 136, 215 re. Canadian canoe and electric launch for HSW at Henley.
TARRIFF REFORM LEAGUE, to Henry Thompson & FW Davis 60, 70, 165, 333. 60 accepted position as Vice-President for Kent Branch; re. meetings; 333 ordered diary.
G&P TAUTZ 62, 108, 133, 137, 209, 212, 217, 220. re. work on furniture and at The Nest, enc. cheques; 108 complaint re. work at The Nest.
Mr TAYLOR, Brunner Mond & Co 341 re Fowler -v- Cripps case.
HJ TERRY, [desc. as 'Fly Proprietor' and 'Jobmaster'] 301, 374, 380, 389 re. work for HSW enc. cheques.
FV THEOBALD 303, 306, 313, 319, 324, 343, 359. FVT to write report for Balfour on mosquitoes, human and animal parasites, crop pests etc. for inclusion in WRL's 2nd report. [360 cancelled letter]
WH THEW, Devonshire Club 325 re. meeting.
FB THOMAS & CO 391 ack. letter
CJS THOMPSON 194, 197, 199, 366, 371, 373, 381, 385, 394, 401. 194 re. Dr MacDonald and artificial limbs; 371-401 forwarded letters and articles whilst CJST was in Spain.
FJW THOMPSON 1, 9, 25-26, 26, 50, 55, 71, 73, 162, 183, 196, 311. Mainly re. details of BW&Co's stand at the Liege Exhibition; 183 re. Hupeh Bronzes bought at St. Louis; 196 enc. items re WC&I 25th fete; 311 re missing porcelain from St Louis.
Frederick THORNLEY 248 re. meeting.
Karl J TRUBNER, Germany 66 enc. WPRL pamphlet.
TUCKEY BROS 283 re. items purchased by the late Mr. Beresford.
TUSCAN ROSE CROIX CHAPTER AE Young 392 re. meeting.
Thos TYRER 352 ack gifts for the WC&I - picture and key.

Drs UNDERHILL & COMPTON 233 enc. cheque for attending Thomas Clark
UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 23 accepted lecture invitation.

CP VAN SCHAACK, Chicago 142 ack. note re. 'Hasoline' Hazeline infringement.
H VOIGT, Liege 281, 282 re. missing porcelain items bought at St Louis Exhibition [in English and French

Miss MC WADE (nee) 17 re. reference (see Home Secretary).
J WALKER 314 enc. cheque
Dr Jane WALKER, Harley Street 88, 118, 124, 198. re. Charles Irish to stay at 'Maltings Farm Sanatorium, Nayland'.
P WALSH 288 ack. letters.
WALTON & LEE 193 ordered catalogue re. house sale.
Miss Genevieve WARD 133 re. invitation [to 25th fete?].
WARINGS Ltd 185, 187, 208, 238 re. repairs to Buhl table and cabinet.
WAYGOOD BROS, Mr Day 42 re. meeting
WEEKES & SON, Gas Fitters 275, 276 re. The Nest
Dr FH WELLCOME, Hotel Russell, Russell Square 159, 174, 206 re. umbrellas and parcel for brother Jake.
Rev GT WELLCOME 47, 48, 158, 250, 379, 398. enc. cheques for $200; also 47-48 re BW&Co items missing after St Louis Exhibition;
Henry S WELLCOME, Letters for HSW from the firm, 77, 78, 113. 77 re. details of Edgington tents, also list of enclosed items; 78 & 113 re 25th WC&I garden party guest list - esp. 'SCI' members.
Mrs WELLCOME 246 re. address of Stuart Barnado in Trinidad.

* ARTS & CRAFTS EXHIBITION, WC&I, Dartford 221 enc. Japanese wood carving article
* DARTFORD WORKS 267 re. Indian Corn.
* DARTFORD WORKS Mr Cunningham 185 re. tents
* DARTFORD WORKS Mr Phillips 202 re. electric lighting at The Nest
* DARTFORD WORKS Mr Schibl 239, 333, 361 create / repair wooden and leather items inc, pocket cases, HSW's money purse and shield.
* DARTFORD WORKS Mr Webb 189, 209, 229, 291, 321 enc. leather and wooden items for repair and binding.
* WC&I 188 re book of signatories for WC&I 25th fete [very faint with bleeding]
* WC&I PHOTOGRAPHIC CLUB, F Stanley Clarke 184 ack. letter
* WPRL 262, 265, 277, enc. 'British Journal of Inebriety'; re German Chemist's book
* WPRL to A Gordon Cowen 10, 18, 69, 115, 170, 180, 197, 230. 10 re TH Clark; 18 re. work on sheds; 69 re. items returned from St Louis exhibition; enc. clock for Mr. Swine's wedding present; 170, 180, 197 re. spare marble & slate; 230 re. Mrs WA Ruffell's wedding present;
* WPRL to AF Ward 263 enc. wedding gift of a clock.

WHITEFRIARS CLUB, to FJ Cross, WN Shansfield & GH Perkins 3, 284, 286, 354, 357. re. dinners, subscriptions etc. to AG Browning 354 enc. donation to newsboys Christmas fund.
BJ WHITMORE, New York 224 re BW&CO agents in the USA.
Charles WIGHTMAN, London 176 enc. items from WC&I 25th fete
WIGWAM CLUB 52, 135, 269, 306, 310 to Sir John Smalman Smith Re. dinners and subscription.
WILLIAMS & JAMES 119, 277 enc. cheque re The Nest
J WINGROVE 204 re. copy of legal report on Spratt's Patent
Thos WOLFE & SONS Ltd 2, 9, 49, 369 re. hire of horse and carriage
Miss EM WOOD 299 enc. cheque for Mrs HSW.
E Stanley WOOD 376 ack. letter
John WYETH & BROS, Philadelphia 146 re. price of Lithia Carbonate in France.
G WYNN, Gardener at 'The Nest' 3, 22, 44, 53, 72, 73, 99, 117, 129, 143, 147, 190, 203, 216, 235, 244, 251, 265, 273, 285, 300, 316, 328, 340, 355, 366, 390, 399. Work instructions, enc. cheques (esp. for wages for up to 8 named staff); 53 GW to grow 'Coboca Scandens'

Mr Charles YOUNG, Auctioneer 150 ordered catalogue


May 1905 - Feb 1906

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